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General Election 2010

Conservatives filmed racy advert featuring naked gay couple coming out as Tories

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think they’ll help themselves by resorting to tired stereotypes to gain LGBT support. If anything, it seems rather patronising and condescending.

  2. @George: I thought the same thing as I read it.

  3. Maybe thats why they weren’t used!

    Though Big step for the Tories. Hardly a sign of people that want to take all our rights away.

    Mmmm now whats happened to all those who swore blind that is what would happen after the first week?

  4. “If a gay man is tired of seeing two hunky gay men in a shower then he is indeed tired of life” [Samuel J updated and reworked]. Gay men spend half their lives in showers at the gym – this scenario is no stereotype, it is real life! I think it would have worked well in an election campaign.

  5. I guess they only wanted to appeal to gay men. Lesbians don’t exist, after all.

  6. @eleanargh . . . exactly – LGBT to the Tores appears only to be the “G” with out the LBT.

  7. Sister Mary Clarance 19 Jul 2010, 5:40am

    How exactly does anyone know there weren’t any lesbian ones pray tell?

  8. I think I rest my case when I say with the Tories some will whinge if they do and whinge if they don’t. They’ll always find something to whinge about even if its positive. It seems most of the negative reactions actually come from a ‘tiny’ number of gay people who are only happy when they’re whinging.

    I bet If (and thats a mighty big If) the Tories ever did grant us full rights to marriage, some of you will still find something about it to whinge about, Just because it was the Tories that did it.

  9. Jennifer Hynes 19 Jul 2010, 9:23am

    Hope they end up on YouTube!

  10. Paul Halsall 19 Jul 2010, 10:20am

    I think we really need to question the Tories’ use of pro-gay policies asa cover for their really regressive social policies.
    As a gay person with AIDS, I now live in fear because of this government and its attacks on the NHS and the benefit system.

    Voting Tory has basically meant for many people having to explain once again (since all the tests have to be take first), exactly why various embarrassing symptoms make one unemployable.

  11. @ Paul Halshall

    Sorry but you’re just scaremongering. I’ve lived with HIV for several years and have to say that you seem to have selective memory. Labour are the ones that caused many problems with people living HIV and benefits. Many lost DLA and it was due to Labour that it has become more difficult. Lets not forget that Labour wanted to Scrap DLA and AA until a large petition was handed in and a U-turn had to take place.

    They also changed Incapacity Benefit so that some people who were dying were told to get back to work. Don’t be a hypocrite. There are too many people making false claims for benefits and this needs to be addressed but your comments are blaming the wrong party.

    As for the attacks on the NHS, what a load of crap. We don’t need 200,000 hospital managers. We don’t need a massive amount of money paying for glossy magazines, adverts and plasma screen just to show appointments etc. The money would be better channelled into giving the patiences what treatment they need. Labour failed in it’s waste. Someone has to sort it out.

    I won’t lie, what the Tories have to do frightens me but please don’t loose sight or be a hypocrite with your selective memory.

  12. Paul Halsall 19 Jul 2010, 11:30am

    I did not defend Labour. I think the actions of Hutton and Purnell were a disaster.

    But the Tories are much much worse.

  13. “Coming out” as conservative?! Oh they did not go there. They did not seriously make a comparison between being closeted and facing homophobia to being a TORY?!

    And it’s amazing how many people fawn over the Tories and completely ignore what they’ve done – but are so happy to praise them for the little things they say. Are you so easily bought? Are we really this cheap? This desperate?

  14. @ Sparky

    I guess most LGBT don’t wish to live in the past, we move on and stay with the now. Seems just a selected few can’t. They are also usually the ones who want to be centre of all the attention. It’s pretty sad really.

    @ Paul

    “But the Tories are much much worse.”

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You seem to have judged before anythings have even happened.

  15. Squidgy:

    The past ios relevent today. Past records matter when the same people are still the ones calling the shots. Don’t pretend that what they did had no cost and don’t pretend that these people here and now weren’t part of so much bigotry. Nor is it accurate to pretend this was some kind of distant past people were living in – it isn’t. Tory bigotry is very much a part of the 21st century

    But we’re apparently bought by words and gestures, a pat on the head and we’ll lick the wrist of the hand that slapped us?

  16. de Villiers 19 Jul 2010, 2:33pm

    I would have thought that these sketches were made by an advertising agency rather than the Party itself. Any complaints as to there being a lack of lesbians or that the message was shallow is better directed to the agency itself.

    Insofar as there are such complaints, the Conservatives chose, perhaps for the same reasons, not to run the advertisement.

  17. Galadriel1010 19 Jul 2010, 3:05pm

    The teenage pregnancy one made me snigger, and that one and the one with the teenage boy were, I thought, quite clever. Not sure about the gay one, though, although it’s different for them to try it. I see what they’re trying to do, but I don’t think it quite worked; not as well as it did with the others, at least.

  18. @ Sparky

    I think the words you use ie “had” and “weren’t” are where they belong.

    I will give this government a chance now before I start making judgements on what they may or may not do.

  19. I bow to you my king Squidgy… F-OFF.

  20. Wot next? Dave and Nick Naked in the shower?…..;-)

  21. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Jul 2010, 7:39pm


    I thought that is who it was in the picture…..;-)

    A late night parliamentary “session”..

  22. Can someone take that green squiggle off the picture? It is blocking the view

  23. Mike (not my real name) 10 Dec 2010, 5:12am

    I just only today came out as a Liberal Democrat [“centrist”] voter and supporter!!!!!!

    I wish our UK prime minister was Nick Clegg – he is hot and cool!!!!!!

    London for someone my age of 44 is a wonderful place to live

    By the way, I myself have just last month come out to myself and except myself as a single “closeted” gay man – but I will only come out to the world as a gay man until we have full equal or equality in 100 percent of 3 areas of the law, such as:
    a) full access to blood donation;
    b) civil marriage; and
    c) the recent Tory promise to repeal all criminal records of gay men from past sexual offences that prevent employment.

    Marriage is not for everyone remember – But civil marriage for same sex couples deserve the choice to marry on the exact same lines as straight heterosexual people!!!!!

    It is called equality in 2010!!!!

  24. Mike (not my real name) 10 Dec 2010, 5:15am

    Dave and Nick look like Twins!!!!!

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