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Thousands celebrate EuroPride as anti-gay protesters line the route

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  1. Well done on all who took part in the Europride in Warsaw and thank you too to the police for their role in protecting the marchers from the gay haters. And thank you Nick Herbet for being there. This all means a lot to the hundreds of thousands of gays who are still too frightened to be openly gay in Polish Society. But today history was made and now Poland’s gay haters will start the painful road of change to acceptance and understanding.

  2. Love the quote about “gay” not going going anywhere. Course it wont, you will either accept it, or you’re die and be replaced by someone who will.

  3. What a shame about the mental anti-gay protesters, are they trying to prove to someone or other that they are straight or something?…very bizarre behaviour indeed.

  4. George Broadhead, PTT 18 Jul 2010, 2:21pm

    What splendid news and, following the gay marriage legislation in Argentina, yet another blow for the Roman Catholic Church which is so dominant in both countries.

    That ghastly homophobe in the Vatican must be seething with rage.

    1. stanJames 7 Mar 2011, 5:40am

      I keep hearing in many ways that the pope is secretly gay. Today someone told me of a friend in a seminary. the pope came there when a cardinal. the part of the visit included him seeing and smiling at a number of the seminarians who took off their top clothing as he came by.

      He isn’t seething, he’s smiling. Our hope lies in his breaking off his thing and dying from loss of blood.

      the pix would rival the paintings in the chaple in the vatican.

      Every school boy should be required to paint a copy from memory.

      And there would be two gravestoens for razinger – his body and his stubby that broke off

  5. I am straight and I hate it when you get straights whining that ‘why do they need to go marching down the street saying they are gay, we don’t march and say we’re straight’.

    Duh, you don’t need to love, you GET everything such as legal, fiscal and civil rights, where gays don’t. The day gays are given equal rights as TAX-PAYING, INSURANCE-PAYING, LAW ABIDING working citizens like straights, then there will be no need for protest or other marches. I don’t understand how one lot of people paying into the system have full rights and another lot paying exactly the same, don’t. But hell, the Pride floats sure are fun! I’d miss that if they went.

  6. I was in Warsaw with a group from the London Gay Men’s Chorus. We all felt truly privileged and humbled to be invited to sing in the council chamber of the Palace of Culture and Science (a “gift” to Poland from Stalin and a very conspicuous building in the Warsaw skyline) the night before taking part in the parade.

    We were performing at as part of an award ceremony for local activists. Also singing, was the Stockholm Gaykor.

    Despite a higly-visible police presence, a main group of about 300 right-wingers tried to block the parade. They were quickly surrounded by the riot police.

    A big butch lesbian who normally does security at events in London told me that in the morning of the parade, “Pride House”, a meeting and information point, had been fire-bombed (she added that she had nearly shat her pants). Later in the day several of our members felt intimidated by random hostile groups.

    Seeing the Polish branch of Dykes on Bikes (only half a dozen of them) finally breakthrough and kick-start the parade was an emotional moment. The protestors however started hurling insults, half-full plastic bottles, bibles, eggs and stones at the floats (a member of the Chorus was indeed hurt).

    Other smaller groups (also under close police surveillance. it was clear that they had been told to behave) were protesting along the route of the parade. Someone was throwing holy water at us. It seems that 7 people were arrested and the parade had to be re-routed and cut short to avoid further protests.

    On the whole however, the usual party spirit pervaded the day. Interestingly, the people taking part in the parade were mostly “every-day-looking” people, rather than the more flamboyant kind we are used to in London. Even so, many onlookers seemed genuinely nonplussed by what they were seeing, a sign that LGBT visibility is probably not as high as it could and should be in the country.

    The parade ended in joyous mayhem in the former communist ceremonial square of the city where one of the floats turned into a stage for a rally.

    Comments from marchers about our performance the night before and our presence on the parade show how our polish brothers and sisters welcomed and need out support in this long struggle they have to fight. We all got home elated and proud to have been part of this event. For some of us it was also a wake up call to the fact that things are probably not as rosy as they thougth they were.

    1. stanJames 7 Mar 2011, 5:48am

      Another revolution is needed in Poland

      reminds me of the person who during the french revolution said that mankind will be free only when the last king has been strangled with the guts of the last priest.

      the kings and their commie pals are largely gone. time for the priests to be strangled with each others head in in the others anus horribilius.

      For IL papa, I’l come up with something better. Like a hole filled with hungry maggots

      or better yet some arabs who remember the stories of the christian (read catholic) crusades that murdred 40 million of the muslim people.

      the enemy of the world’s enemy is my friend.

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