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Gay Tory Nick Herbert attends EuroPride in Warsaw

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Nick for attending and showing support , it would be interesting to know if there were any other EU reps. With very little pressure and agreement from the EU itself to remove discrimination in these countries it’s really up to countries like the UK to bring pressure on them and also support rallies like this…

    Good to see that pinknews is continuing to ask them about gay marriage… at least pinknews seem to think that the issue is important…. when are the other parties ie greens / labour going to up the pressure on this subject as well….

  2. Pft. If a Tory told me my own name I’d check my birth certificate. Forgive me for being suspicious of a political party that has wherever it can hindered or actively set back the equality agenda. By ‘being suspicious of’, I mean revile and despise. Section 28 ruined lives. Never forgive, never forget.

  3. Yeah because everyone in the Cabinet when Labour were in power in for 13 years always went to other countries to show their support in such Prides….

    Oh no, nope they didn’t!

    At least we got some trying going on here.

    BebB and the like… whinge if they do, whinge if they don’t!

  4. Correction:

    BenB and the like….

    Bitterness is a bad thing to hold on to in life. It solves nothing but instead makes you lonely.

  5. Prat.
    He hasn’t a clue what he is talking about.
    Go and hold your PRIDE in Lublin in the S.E. of Poland and see what you get.
    And make sure your ‘accident’ insurance is adequate and that you have an air-ambulance standing by.

  6. I agree wuth BenB, I’ll never forgive or forget the vile tories that passed section 28 into law – but they are nearly all dead now. And I won’t forgive the tory politicians who recently voted to keep section 28, Teresa May and David Cameron being two of those MP’s. But as far as I have researched Nick Herbert is on our side. So I agree with squigly too that at least this guy is trying. However squigly, labour did great things for the LGB community in th UK. I hope the tories do similar great things in this next parliament, but they haven’t done anything yet.

  7. Keith .. ditto a few parts in the UK as well! whatever great things labour did in the last 13 yrs homophobic violence , like Poland, is not unknown here as well!Poland aren’t as advanced as us but they will get there that’s why the UK presence at the pride there was a great thing… at the moment lab/tory are head to head aren’t they!

  8. #7

    Your comment is valued and I thank you for it.
    But please go to Lublin.

    It is like stepping back in time; to 1450.

    Gangs….and I mean gangs … of Franciscan (trainee) friars along the Krakowskie Przedmiescie, in the full monty, from the KUL (Catholic University of Lublin) changing classes; and nuns at every turn.

    All of these people in the full religious habit; the full monty; beards and beads a-go-go….well perhaps not bearded nuns..!

    It is like an Andy Warhol of Marilyn, only it is with St. Francis of Assisi or Soeur Therese de l’Enfant Jesus.
    Dozens of ’em, each one a clone of the next, like penquins on a rock; all on a mission; like lemmings, leaping.

    Lublin is the foremost Catholic Teaching Univerity (KUL) in Poland, arguably in that part of the world; Wojtyla (John Paul II) taught there.

    I lived in Lublin and taught there for many years.
    I was told that in Poland, “there are no homosexuals”
    Poland is virtually 100% Roman Catholic.

    Britain is not.
    Britain is almost 100% Could Not Care Less.
    And that is the difference.

    Anyone going to Poland with any message about ‘gay rights’ or ‘gay this’ or ‘gay that’ will be met with short shrift and abuse.

    Warsaw is not Poland.

    The Christians in Roman times were not put into the arenas with sedated lions.
    Mr. Herbert has stepped into the arena with just such; the sedated lions of Warsaw.
    Go to Lublin and step into the lion’s patch there and see what you get … and take plenty of Elastoplast.
    Here you have the wishy-washy Church of England which never knew whether it was daylight, Fanny-by-Gaslight or Terry’s Ferkin Moonlight.
    There, unlike here, you have the full weight of the Roman Catholic Church; its priests and hierarchy, in spite of recent scandals, revered to the tips of their mitres; Karol Wojtyla already canonised in the hearts and minds of the people and Ratzinger applauded with every syllable he utters, especially in ‘our’ regard.


  9. And Poland will not “get there”….as you put it.
    Not never.
    Not no-how.
    Numquam … umquam.

  10. Keith – but other catholic countries have got there – Ireland has got there, Northern Ireland no longer (well not much) has fighting between caths and prots ….I don’t know Poland or what influence the caths have on govt but surely you must see that there is hope and tht perhaps lublin is not Poland as well…Anyway what’s the point of being defeatist that really isn’t going to bring an end to discrimination..

  11. Well done Nick

  12. And which representative of the Law and Justice Party did Nick Herbert march with?

    The Tories are in alliance with the sickeningly homophobic Law and Justice Party (the party whose leader has stated that tolerance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation).

    Or did the Law and Justice Party refuse to attend the parade?

    Anothering interesting comment from Herbert:

    ” David Cameron and George Osborne said just before the election was that gay marriage is something that we should look at, in time”

    The time is NOW Herbert. When are gay people to be given equal access to marriage as straight people.

    Please give a specific timetable as this constant postponement (couples with the Tory alliance with bigotted Polish extremists) indicates that you are lying.

  13. But what other EU reps attended and who did they march with?

    And for heavens sake why, apart from a few guys on these comments, aren’t the labour mps, greens Mp (Caroline Lucas) and all the major gay orgs trying to get an answer to the above question from StephenC? What are we waiting for and what/who are these shadowy people/orgs that have to be consulted first (I think Featherstone referred to them) before any move on gay marriage can be done.

  14. because Europride was in Warsaw.

    And the Tories are in alliance with the sickeningly homophobic, extremist Law and Justice Party whom the Tories have repeatedly claimed to be non-homophobic.

    Labour or the LibDems are not in alliance with an extremely important neo-fascist party like the Tories are.

    If Nick Herbert attended the Warsaw Pride and was not accompanied by a senior party member of his neo-fascist allies then he may as well have spared his party the cost of his flight ticket.

    I do not want to hear the Tories claiming that the Law and Justice Party are not homophobic, anti-semites.

    We ALL know that the party leader in recent times has claimed that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation.

    I want to see Nick Herbert offer concrete examples of how the Law and Justice Party have improved.

    if the Law and Justice Party didn’t bother sending a rep to march with their important ally, then it’s fair to assume that their hatred of homosexuality runs very, very deep.

  15. I quite like the article/comment in the guardian on this one , it’s positive and yet critical
    Warsaw’s gay pride reveals the face of modern PolandThousands of Poles turned out to watch the parade on Saturday. Few outsiders realise how fast the country is changing

  16. Some of the above comments indicate that people would prefer to remain within the comfort of homophobia rather than giving people the opportunity to change. Nick Herbert was challenged (privately) to live up to his and his party’s comments about the Polish PiS party, which is right wing, traditional Catholic and odious but cannot be described as neo-fascist. Nick Herbert said in my presence that the alliance was due to attitudes about the nation state within the EU but that there were efforts by the Tories to engage (and encourage change) with colleagues within the PiS party about social issues. Nick Herbert cannot help but be with us he is, like it or not one of us. He is persuaded and fair play to the man he took up the challenge to go to Warsaw EuroPRIDE and gave a good speech (I was about 3metres from him. There is no doubt in my mind that allies in PiS have noticed (Nick Herbert is mentioned in many of today’s newspapers in Poland with a ful page article in one newspaper explaining that it is possible to be gay and conservative. If people in PiS do not change their attitude, the situation in Poland will continue as it is: Warsaw and some majot cities being relatively tolerant but no legal protections. The point is there is another party the PO (in government) who also need to change so for them it will be strange to see someone who is allied to PiS attending the parade.

    Nick Herbert’s action in attending and addressing the parade was to make good on the Tories words during the election and he took a political risk with PiS to do that. The Polish LGBT I have spoken to see in this the sign of hope that things can change, if the Tories in the UK then why not the PO in Poland (a more moderate party who are also homophobic).

    People need to ask themselves do they want change or dont they and are they going to allow people to change and adjust their rhetoric when that happens. If people are attacked when they change their positions, they might just wonder why they bothered! I suffered badly at the chalkface under Section 28, I am as fearful and suspicious as anyone BUT I am absolutely determined to hold the Tories to their words and not squander the possibility that they might actually be genuine which is in fact exactly what we need to happen. It is insane to work so hard for change and then act against that change when it happens.

    btw: what would Britian be like after dismemberment by Hitler and Stalin, WW2, the Holocaust, the loss of 6 million people, a shift of territory several hundred kilometres to the west and associated re-location of people and subsequent 40 years of Soviet occupation? Why wouldn’t people cling to the Catholic Church? I would venture to suggest that Poland is making rapid progress and that the UK didnt exactly change overnight and Ian Baynham was killed last October. Poland started later and from a different starting point, this change cant happen overnight (I wish) but the coverage in the Polish equivalent of the Times (PiS orientated) is BETTER than what we had in the UK in the Guardian in 1993. That represents *amazing* progress. The friendly observers far outweighed the hooligan or so called “religious” element (and I was directly impeded by one of these women and she ripped one of my placards).

  17. As If the tories haven´t been given/ haven´t had pleeeeennnty of opportunities to change. Hot Air …

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