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Republican gay group challenges military gay ban in court

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Reader comments

  1. The U.S is a horrid place.

  2. True, it is horridly backwards compared to other first world countries, but it’s not all horrid when there are good people like this pushing for equality. Good luck to them- it might speed things up.

  3. paulawilmott 17 Jul 2010, 11:40am

    Does anybody else see the headline and immediately equate “gay republican” with “gay tory” .. surely an oxymoron, rather like “military intelligence”

  4. @AndyQ

    I don’t know whether I’d call them good people – this seems like a move to embarrass the Obama administration, forcing the government to defend DADT in court at the same time as it is trying to convince Congress to repeal the legislation.

    Typical Republicans (gay or otherwise), they seem happy to play politics for party advantage.

  5. I would like to apologise. My comment was harsh. I use to love the U.S but it is just a mess and it seems the masses are not as developed as they believe.

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