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John Barrowman to host charity gala West End Bares

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Reader comments

  1. Yay, love John xD

    Would love to see the show. If he gets a regular spot in glee I’d actually put up with annoying music to see him

  2. Sweet-‘effing-jesus!Barrowman’s never off the fricking telly and now he’s hosting some bleeding west end show!Just WHAT is it with this smug,self-satisfied non-entity that has people almost creaming their pants?!Surely there’s enough untapped talent out there just begging to be given the chance!Why do we have to endure the likes of Barryman,KLass and Willoughby time and time again?!Ok,rant over,just waiting for the valium to kick in,lol!

  3. Sounds like he’s not a regular Glee watcher. We’ve seen photos of Rachel’s fathers and he doesn’t look like either of them. I liked Barrowman on Torchwood and Desperate Housewives but I’m not sure about Glee. Maybe he could be a wannabe Broadway producer or con artist?

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