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Gay Tory minister Nick Herbert to challenge party allies’ homophobia at Europride

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see. Lets hope we see some positive results from this.

  2. Maybe he should look at his own party as well, while he’s at it.

    And maybe this should have happened before the Tories decided to ally with these people. More gestures from the Tories, but no amount of rainbowwash and judas’ covers their hatred

  3. And I see Pink News reporting remains very pro Tory

    What conversion? We have WORDS. Words and Theresa May as Equalities Minister! Words and a voting record that is beyond horrific

    Is Pink News for GBLT people or just part of the Tories’ PR wing?

  4. Has PinkNews missed gay related stories from other parties then this week Sparky?

  5. Stuart Neyton 16 Jul 2010, 4:42pm

    Wow, well good luck to him, but if he thinks he can change the opinions of some of the most vile homophobes in Europe then he’s seriously delusional. The tories should never have left the EPP in the first place.

  6. “In the last year, the Conservative Party has undergone a a conversion in favour of gay rights.”

    Rather a bold statement.

    What have they actually DONE? (as opposed to mere rhetoric – and the decision to allow gay asylum seekers to remain in Britain ia court decision – not a Tory one)

    When is marriage equality to be legalised?
    Are religious groups going to be bound by equality legislation?

    Pinknews really needs to work on their impartiality. A reputable news organisation would not have made the above statement as a statement of fact.

    It remains to be seen what catholic extramist Iain Duncan Smith (helped by his not so glamourous assistance Philippa Stroud); Chris Grayling and their ilk, have in store for us.

    I suppose we should be thankful that the LibDems are there to prevent anything too vile.

    By the way – will the Law and Justice Party be engaging in Warsaw Pride with Nick Herbert?

    Have they reversed their former leader’s view that tolerance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation?

  7. de Villiers 16 Jul 2010, 6:22pm

    > When is marriage equality to be legalised?

    It is unlikely that the right will do this when the left rejected it.

  8. Oh wonderful, we send a man who doesn’t support marriage equality (see Pink News’ chat with him at Pride) to tell other countries how to deal with LGBT rights? Irony?

  9. silly billy 16 Jul 2010, 7:11pm

    Yes, but it will feel nice to feel “tolerated”…….(as opposed to hated and taunted and wrongly imprisoned and tortured and labelled as paedophiles etc, I guess)

  10. Mumbo Jumbo 16 Jul 2010, 7:29pm

    So this is the homophobia that David Cameron and William Hague claimed did not exist?

  11. Sister Mary Clarance 16 Jul 2010, 7:54pm

    I see, so its a bad thing then that the government is sending a senior member of the party to attend Europride in Warsaw then?

    Or are some people just bitter than Labour got kicked out of government and will find anything whatsoever to moan about now?

  12. Any labour MPs/MEPS attending? Probably not, they struggle to attend the london one ,don’t they?

    Good to see that Warsaw is having a Europride and that a rep from the coalition govt is attending

    – de villiers didn’t you realise there was a coalition govt ,the tories didn’t make it there by their own so we don’t quite have a right wing party so why not marriage equality for the UK… even the lefties , Balls and Abbot are saying pos things… not sure what the milliband are saying though, they don’t seem to have got the script right yet.

  13. you should see what is in poland now. it’s a bomb of homophobia. politicians call as perverts, deviants etc. i’m happy that somone from uk can watch how it looks.

  14. Some of the readers who leave comments on this webiste are more bitter than a shower of denatonium. Sometimes it’s like listening to a load of bitchy old queens arguing in a home. Please, stop with the hate and disrespect for one another. It’s embarrassing.

    So some of you vote tory and some of you vote labour? get over it.

    This is good news, the Con Dem coalition is sending someone to warsaw pride. Not perfect for some because he doesn’t agree with marriage equality. But it’s a step. Twenty years ago the same party would have supported the homophobes, now they are not, that’s good isn’t it?

    Now, I’m no fan of right wing politics, but bitch about the tories when they do something homophobic, not when they try to do something that isn’t.

  15. While this is good, no one will believe that the tories are genuinely pushing forward the equalities agenda until we see them pushing for marriage equality.

  16. Paul Halsall 16 Jul 2010, 10:16pm

    Pink News is disgustingly pro-Tory.

    You clearly don’t give a damn that the healthcare and welfare of those living with HIV are now under major attack from the government.

    Let’s just wait and see when the Tories need some new people to blame, and start attacking gays as they did in the recent past.

    When they close you down, don’t expect any support from the community you fail to represent.

  17. Sister Mary Clarance 16 Jul 2010, 11:16pm

    Paul Halsall, ‘welfare of those living with HIV ‘, are you having a laugh mate.

    The rationing of HIV meds that has taken place under Labour has been a complete disgrace. Cheap older drug options given when everyone knows damn well they have terrible side effects and the option of combination treatment offered so late in the day that significant irreversible damage to the immune system is well under way before medicating is even considered, resulting in hundreds of people suffering life threatening illnesses before they can access drug treatment.

    Labour might have invented the NHS, but that didn’t given them the right to destroy it. The billions now being paid in interest on public private finance initiatives will cripple the NHS for decades, and its all very well assuring us they have been investing more in the NHS than ever before, but they omitted to mention its been going out the door as fast as its been coming in to line the pockets of Labour’s banking chums.

  18. @Jacek – I agree with you and the Polish politicians from the Law and Justice party claim immunity and say what they like –
    ‘The Diversity Association (in Poland) put forward a notion to the public prosecutor’s office in Warsaw, regarding Mr Pięta’s (member of Parliament Law and Justice party) comments. It stated that he had commited a crime of defamation through the use of the media. The public prosecutor’s office Warsaw came to the conclusion that it was not in the public interest to take the allegations any further.
    Mr Pięta stated that homosexuality is similar to necrophilia, pedophilia and zoophilia, and called it sexual deviation. He also stated that the “Ars Homo Erotica” exhibition will turn the National Museum in Warsaw into a toilet, and will be a tool to demoralise society by the hands of a marginal and isolated group.
    Moreover, he called people organising EuroPride 2010 sexual deviants, and described the Equality Parade (Europride parade) as well as other public events with homosexuals as deviant marches.
    Mr Pięta also said that public spaces are being taken by homosexual lobby.’
    I really wonder why the Tories are still in with this bunch (Polish Law and Order party)

  19. Not sure about poland and its mps but the French UMP party (their previous allies) have fairly nasty homophobes in them as well so staying in that group wasn’t ideal as well if you dislike homophobes, yes they have a PACS but it is pretty inferior thing – Vanneste who is part of Sarkozy’s party stated that “homosexual behaviour endangers the survival of humanity” and that “heterosexuality is morally superior to homosexuality” … and its not just gays some of these UMP MPs appear to hate…. I’m not sure what bunch they could go in with – there some pretty nasty parties out there in Europe and you don’t have to go as far as Poland..why the hell does the EU allow them in!

  20. Paul Halsall 17 Jul 2010, 10:10am

    @Sister MC.

    I live as an HIV+ person every day.

    You clearly do not know what you are talking about. Currently “new” patients beginning meds usually go on Atripla – just about as modern as you can get.

    Some people on older regimes *which work for them* choose to stay on them so that they can keep the more recent meds as a back up.

    Meanwhile, the modern meds also have side effects (See for example ). And new side-effects are becoming clear – for example it is now the case that Viread (in Truvada and Atripla) can cause bone density loss after a few years.

    These side effects, while clearly better than the actual disease, make many people with HIV disabled and unemployable.

    Not only a people now facing another pointless NHS reorganisation (in which 130+ PCTS are supposed to be more “efficently” run as 600 GP consortia), but PWAs are being terrified by being denied already held benefits. [They usually win them back on appeal – but the sheer panic induced is awful.]

    Frankly, when people who voted Tory and Lib Dem get sick themselves, and find there is no support, they will entirely be reaping what they have sown.]

  21. Europride in Warsaw update please see this

  22. Sister Mary Clarance 17 Jul 2010, 4:36pm

    I’m sorry you’re positive Paul, but just because you are don’y necessarily mean that no one else here knows anything about HIV, and of course you are making an assumption that other people haven’t based on …. well, seemingly based on them having a different opinion to yours..

    Why is it now common to wait for a patient to have a T Cell count of only 200 before beginning treatment, when it is know to drastically increase vulnerability to opportunistic infections.

    Why are many doctors still prescribing Combivir with its component AZT, when the problems it has been shown to cause are so well known how?

    Why is there so much concern that the new drugs coming online will be vetoed by the large drug buying consortiums.

    This has got noting to do with Tory policy, this is your good old Labour. Stick your head in the sand if you will mate, but Aidsmap and THT have been banging on about the negative consequences of cost based prescribing for years now.

    The reason the NHS needs to be reorganised is that billions are flowing out the door to pay off PPF schemes instead of being directed at patient care.

    If life was so good under Labour why did they sink us into crippling debt to build hospitals. The sh1t has hit the fan now, we’re skint and we’ve still got to pay for the bloody things.

  23. Paul Halsall 17 Jul 2010, 5:37pm


    I certainly don’t defend all New Labour did.

    Obviously it did not teach you how to read. Some people continue to take Combivir, for example, *because it works for them*. I happen to have been in a hospital pharmacy on an occasion a few months, registered some surprise on my own part that this med was still being used, and to have got the answer I just stated.

    The NHS should certainly pay for the best meds, but there is no need to give people the most expensive drugs just for the sake of it.

    Issues around when to begin meds remain complicated. [Viread is a very good and very modern drug, but as I indicated in an earlier post, seems to create bone density issues after a few years use.] The exact time to begin meds is a medical decision that, as far as I can see when talking to other people with HIV in NW England, is based entirely on clinical issues and the personal issues of each patient.

    Public-Private Finance Initiatives were, I agree, a scam.

    None of that justifies what the Tories are doing, which is nothing other than a way to privatise large parts of the NHS. I once lived in the United States for a number of years. There is no comparison – the system here is much better, much less stressful when you are ill, etc. etc.

    You entirely ignore the other issue wrt People with HIV. Around half those diagnosed with HIV are on benefits. The reasons for this vary from HIV illness, medicine side-effects, very high rates of depression, or some combination of these.

    Tory actions are making the lives of people with HIV much harder. I agree that Hutton and Purnell began this, but even they did not act with the sheer vindictive glee of the Tories.

    There is plenty on wealth in the UK. GDP rose by over 30% during 1997-2010. The problem as ever (well at least since the 1930s) is not wealth but wealth distribution. Labour failed to do much about that, but the Tories are actually planning to translate wealth from the many to the few (i.e. their friends.)

    I am highly critical of aspects of Labour government (let’s not even get into the war), but the Tories are much worse.

  24. Sister Mary Clarance 18 Jul 2010, 2:19am

    Paul, clearly the NHS shouldn’t be giving the most expensive drugs for the sake of it, but its easy to say that if people are on it they should be able to stay on it. Of course they should, if when they have been fully appraised of the risks, they are able to take an informed decision on it. How often do you seriously think that conversation takes place, “The drug you are taking has some very nasty side effects that will likely disfigure you, and once disfigured it will be all but impossible to reverse. Would you like to take a change or would you prefer another drug that is unlikely to have those same effects, although I have to be honest and say that it will cost the NHS a bit more money”

    The use of Combivir should be nothing like the level it is in this country if patient well being was the primary driver for its prescribing.

    Similarly we wouldn’t be flouting WHO advice on when to start treatment.

    I don’t buy all this worse under the Tories cr@p .It will be different, but change is needed

    And its just one of many.

    Re the Conservatives, how long ddi yuou

  25. Paul Halsall 18 Jul 2010, 9:57am


    [This is a bit far from the subject of the article]

    I don’t know the figures for Combivir usage, but I have directly raised this with one of the consultants at North Manchester General Hospital. His opinion was that AZT was very toxic at the initial high levels but less toxic at current levels; that side-effects vary by person and AZT was well tolerated by many patients even as it was not by others; and that many patients simply prefer to keep on a regime that is working. The waiting room at NMGH is fully furnished with editions of HIV Treatment Update, so all in all I do not see any conspiracy here.

    I like many other patients resisted taking meds as long as possible, WHO be damned.

    The last part of your message seems to have been eaten up in some way.

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