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Charges dropped against gay US soldier Dan Choi

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  1. I applaud Lt Choi and the others for standing up for gay rights and am glad the charges against them were dropped. However, to say that President Obama is incompetent in dealing with human rights and doesn’t have much on his plate is both a dumb and shortsighted remark. I proves that even brave people can be unintelligent and uninformed.

  2. Bill (Scotland) 16 Jul 2010, 8:55pm

    I think the reason the charges were dropped, welcome as this is, is because the government desperately wished to avoid the case being tested in court so a suitably obscure interpretation of the law was found to justify their action. Had the government wished to ‘make an example’ of the two then I don’t think the fact they were standing on a ledge rather than the sidewalk (pavement) would have been allowed to stand in the way of prosecuting them.

  3. the charges were dropped on a technicality. he needs to shut up his obama bashig. you can’t have everything overnight!

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