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Washington DC’s highest court rejects challenge to gay marriage

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  1. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Jul 2010, 8:47pm

    Equality for ALL 1, the bigoted redneck christian Taliban 0!!!!!!

    10 nations and 6 jurisdictions in the US and 1 jurisdiction in Mexico have marriage equality for all now!!!!!

  2. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Jul 2010, 8:56pm

    Add – “Argentina” to the marriage equality countries of 10 in 2010 list:

    * Iceland
    * Belgium
    * South Africa
    * The Netherlands/Holland
    * Spain
    * Portugal (but without adoption equality)
    * Norway
    * Sweden
    * Canada
    * Nepal (yet to implement the marriage equality law that the Nepalese Supreme Court ordered back in 2008)

    List of the 1 jurisdiction that has marriage equality in Mexico:

    * Mexico City

    List of the 6 jurisdictions that have marriage equality in the US:

    * Vermont
    * New Hampshire
    * Massachusetts
    * Connecticut
    * Iowa
    * District of Columbia

  3. Dr Robin Guthrie 15 Jul 2010, 9:04pm

    Every day just gets better and better.

    Those great haters of equality, the religious, making bigger fools of themselves each day.

    The Vatican warbling on that ordaining Women priests is as great a crime as child Sex abuse.

    I take it they approve of Woman priests then given their cover up of child abuse.

    Both are equal in the Vaticans eyes.

    Keep warbling , Herr Pope. It get’s more ridiculous by the second.

    An Iranian Ayatollah decrying to their president, MujaMaDinnerJacket that neck ties are Western
    Decadence whilst standing in front of a Microphone and wearing Glasses.

    I’m pretty sure the old bugger would be off to a Parisian Hospital, as one of his predecessors did if he got ill.

    Both horrific examples of us filthy Westerners.

    And now these American idiots getting a kick up the @rse on this subject via their own perceived definition of their constitution. and their own perceived “CONCEPT” of marriage which as far as they think is borne of the “Good Book”.

    They will be the architects of their own downfall.


    Bring it on, you idiotic fools.

    For 2 millennial this lot have ruined everything they touched.

    Humanity not in the grip of religion is being educated and no longer needs the fire and brimstone fear mongering of these abusers of reason, logic, children, disabled, women and gays and as a result their like should not be part of humanities future.

    Have you noticed that those poor countries still in the hands of these religious idiots are the most objective to any rights for anything other than those in control.

    Perhaps it’s time, they were all sent off to their own wee island whereby they could argue as to who’s God is best and kill each other accordingly and leave the rest of us to live our lives in peace.

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  6. Jarvis, you’re a bit slow this morning aren’t you? But being a bigot and a moron are par for the course with you religious idiots. Let me put it in caps for you: THE US ALREADY ALLOWS SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Unless those 6 states (list to grow of course, hehe) are by your definition part of another country?

  7. Just ignore ‘Jarvis’, everyone. Sooner or later most relgious folks’ God ends up sharing their obsessions to a suspicious degree, though he/she/it is silent and invisible. One wishes that his/her/its devotees would follow suit.

  8. Dr Robin Guthrie 16 Jul 2010, 11:12am


    I never new God was a rootin tootin gum chewin apple pie munchin yeeha redneck hick.

    You learn something new every day.

    I suppose he is white too..

    Does he have a Boston accent or a Texas accent.

    Just curious….

  9. GayAmerican 16 Jul 2010, 8:25pm

    I didn’t know that insulting all Americans was a way to combat homophobia. It more or less just pisses me off and makes me want to flip you off, when I should in truth be on your side against homophobia.

    The USA has states with gay marriage. The UK does not.
    The USA has states that recognize gay marriage performed in other states and countries. The UK doesn’t and demeans them.
    The USA separates religion and state from one another. The UK has official Sharia courts.
    The USA has political parties that tell us upfront if they support or hate gay rights, the UK has parties that bite their lips and “forget” to say their stance on an issue.
    The USA has marriage, which will get recognized in other gay marriage countries, while UK civil partnerships are not recognized without one having to fight for it.

    Good luck with trying to feel good about yourself via insinuating the entire country is homophobes, when in fact it is chock full of gayness.
    We must be, since there seems to be quite a few gay organizations in the UK that named themselves after gay events that happened in AMERICA. Stonewall is an example, even if the organization there sounds useless, where we rioted for like 7 days and more police ended up hurt than those in the riot. It got the ball rolling for our gay rights in which a way the UK seems rather meek and quiet, happy to be second class citizens that demean themselves while the religious parties love you for it.

    Get out and teach change. Don’t waste your time on homophobic people like this that are looking for a weakness, such as xenophobic stereotypes, to use against ALL gay people as a reason to not listen to any of us.

  10. Dr Robin Guthrie 16 Jul 2010, 9:31pm

    Hi, Gay American.

    I was being flippant at Jarvis.

    I read the Good as You (G.A.Y) blog daily and this Jarvis idiot typifies the zero thought process that we tend to see in the UK emanating from the USA and its religious indigenous.

    Obviously, by only reading Gay specific US news stories attitudes become skewed.

    My issues with people like Jarvis, is that they tend to represent a large school of thought in your country. ( NOM, GOP Mormons ) etc.

    We in the EU are still waiting for Obama to kick out that DADT crap.

    Your senators and Generals waft over it constantly but nothing comes out of it.

    In the UK we read the stories of the Phelps and their like and cannot understand why they are not imprisoned as a result of their clearly open hatred.

    They would be imprisoned or at the least sectioned in the UK.

    Yada Yada, US Constitution ratified 1788 states etc. etc.

    No it stated that if you were an educated heterosexual white male, then the worlds your oyster.

    Here in the UK, GOD is white, has tea and crumpets of a Sunday, enjoys cricket and blesses old ladies with blue rinsed hair.

    I’m pretty sure that in other countries, the social and traditional mores of the religious populous believe that their
    God as brainwashed into them is indeed of their skin colour and

    Back again to Jarvis.


    Apologies if I insulted your country. But this man cam into this UK based forum advertising the USA as his Gods Kingdom.

    Again. I was being flippant.

  11. You see Robin? God made you recognize you are sooo flippant!

  12. Jarvis… ‘sooo’ flippant? Sooo? You’ll be saying ‘fabulous’ next and choosing accessories that match your outfit. And we all know what that makes you!

    And, by the by, Jesus chose to hang around with 12 men and never married. God still loved him. Time to re-interpret your Bible I think.

  13. Jarvis: Sorry mate, soon you’re gonna have the wake up call of your life. USA has no other option than approving same sex marriage on a federal level. Trust me. It’s coming… Actually, it’s just behind the corner!

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