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Peter Mandelson says he’s a ‘good role model’ for gay politicians

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Reader comments

  1. I can’t believe Anybody would really be that sad as to be interested in reading this mans drivel!?!

  2. With him as one, we might as well dispense with role models…

  3. Graham Anderson 15 Jul 2010, 11:53am

    Dear Mandy: I think out gay Tories like Alan Duncan are better gay role models than you. And that’s not saying much.

    Mandy hasn’t so much as “come” out, as slithered from under his stone.

  4. Mandy was outed by Matthew Parris on Question Time (or was it Newsnight?).

    until that point he had stayed firmly in the closet.

    Closet cases are not good role models (and that’s irrespective of whether or not the closet cases is both sinister and ruthless like Mandy was)

  5. I don’t think politicians who lie on their mortgage application forms are a good role model for anyone regardless of their sexuality.

  6. I don’t know Peter Mandelson, I just know the homophobic tabloids rendition of him, so it would be brainless to comment on him as a person. And as far as I know he has never voted against gay rights issues. I find any gay man who has succeeded in their respective field an inspiration, whatever political party they are from.

  7. The Halcyon 15 Jul 2010, 12:48pm

    “Mandy was outed by Matthew Parris on Newsnight.”

    He was outed by the Sun.

    In 1987

  8. One basket case example of a bad role model who was outed by another basket case of a bad role model.

  9. Har Davids 15 Jul 2010, 1:21pm

    I don’t know much about the man, but he seems to be a bit full of himself, there were some scandals et cetera. It seems to me that he could be a role model for anyone looking for one.

  10. Mandy is a lousey role model (or rather a model of how not to be a succesful or happy homosexual) because he was secretive about his sexuality, because he has never shown any public solidarity with LGBT people facing oppression or prejudice and because he does nothing but lie and spin. Worst of all, as he demonstrates in the quotes in this article, he doesn`t even understand what oppression is all about. He says “I would hate to think that I take a stand because I have one sexuality…… its your ability that counts… can be who you are…and still get tto the top in Britain”. Right Peter, how does that apply to those who are murdered by homophobes, or gay vicar Jeffrey John who wants to be a bishop, or countless young men and women bullied at school or people subject to queer bashing this weekend in all our major cities?? We don`t need you making any claims for leadership in the gay communities and I hope you will shut up about things you so patently don`t understand and return to your ermine lined closet.

  11. I think Peter Mandelson is a perfect role model for gay men.
    He is devious, selfish and has an ego the size of a planet.

    Unfortunately, that seems to be de rigeur for all politicians these days as well. The man is a corrupt slimeball of monumental proportions, and shouldn’t be allowed to run a pub, let alone a government.

  12. May all gay politicians aspire to be such a prick.
    – I very much doubt it, retire Mandelson!

  13. He’s a good example alright.. a good example of slimy rich corrupt greasy backhander taking tory scum.. he’s only in the public eye now becayse the self respecting good honest pondscum on the swamp threw him out… He reminds me of those horrid thatcherites from the 90’s.. sackville and vermin of his ilk. The sooner we get this horrid excuse for a human being strung up from a lamp post the better for everybody… hahaha.. the captcha says “libelled also” .. don’t think it’s possible with filth like this.. he’s a liar and a bribe taking cheat. we have photo evidence of him having nice junkets then coming back to force through laws already thrown out by parliament…

  14. It’s amazing how much some of you hate gay people, and therefore yourselves, and resort to the sterotypes written for you by homophobic newspapers when describing a gay man. Who needs homophobic enemies with a gay community like the people who comment on pink news. If anyone seriously thinks that mandelson is any more corrupt than any other politician with power, or in fact anyone with any power, you are very naive.

  15. Jay: “It’s amazing how much some of you hate gay people, and therefore yourselves.”
    You are SUCH a tosser. Being gay is a minor facet in most people’s lives. That’s like saying, “I’m male, so if I slag off another man, I am slagging off myself”

    I have no loyalty with anyone based on such criteria. I base everyone individually on their own merits.

    What a complete and utter pile of DOGSH!T!!
    There are good and bad in all walks of life. There are decent, honest understanding gay men, and equally there are total wankers like you and Mandelson.

  16. Patrick James 16 Jul 2010, 12:04am

    Politically there are many things I disagree with about Peter Mandleson personally however he was and is I feel a very good role model for LGBT people.

    He understood the requirement in UK politics for a political party more like the Democrats in the United States and for him the best model for the Labour party was to change it into that party.

    His influence on British politics is absolutely massive, he is one of a group of people who really changed the functioning of British society into one that could more easily deal with its post-industrial nature.

    On the subject of Mandelson’s mortgage, in the light of the expenses scandal it is I think rather amusing to think that such an issue was made of Mandelson’s mortgage. He did lie about his ability to pay his mortgage but at least he was planning on paying his mortgage!

    The Murdoch press turned the Mandelson mortgage issue into something that lasted for weeks.

    If we look at the Cameron mortgage scandal, that was reported by the Murdoch press at the time and then buried about two days later.

    Cameron did not break any law, but he was and is a vastly wealthy man, his wife being even more wealthy, and yet he manipulated the system so that the tax payer was to pay £22,000 of his mortgage payments. So while Cameron didn’t actually break any laws, he was, if you like, interpreting them in a way that suited him really rather well. Cameron is someone who clearly felt that taxpayers money was something that should have access to.

    If Mandleson had done what Cameron had done, then you would have never heard the end of it. The press campaign from Murdoch against Mandleson would have been relentless over an issue like that.

    On the issue of Mandleson being “closeted” and then “outed” by Matthew Paris.

    Well Mandleson was never in any way closeted in the Labour party and there really wasn’t a secret in the UK knew he was gay however Matthew Paris was the first person to actually voice this in the media. So describing it as a “closeted person outed by Matthew Paris” is a bit odd.

    It reminds me of Freddie Mercury being “outed” as a gay man by the Sun. The joke was that the Sun actually believed it was an “outing” and some big revelation, but Freddie Mercury I don’t think anyone in the UK actually thought Freddie Mercury was straight.

  17. Patrick James 16 Jul 2010, 1:01am

    Jay writes:

    It’s amazing how much some of you hate gay people, and therefore yourselves, and resort to the sterotypes written for you by homophobic newspapers when describing a gay man.

    I think this is very true.

    I will not be participating in these comments discussion for some time because in a few weeks I will be in Romania where I am working on a project with is important to me.

    I sort of doubt I’ll return to these comments when my project is finished because they really are very boring now I think.

    This phenomenon of self-hating LGBT people is very sad.

    I do feel sorry for people who are so obviously deeply very bitter but equally I know very well that this small group who use the forums as a sounding board for their unhappiness are actually representative of a what is these days quite a rare phenomenon in the LGBT community.

    In summary:

    I think I’ve spent enough time with these sad LGBT people here, and now I am to spend that time with the happy LGBT people of whom there are so many.

  18. @ Patrick James

    I’m sorry love but didn’t Murdock support Labour in those years you were talking about. It was only a while after Unelected Brown took over that Murdock changed who he supported. Something he was perfectly entitled to do, why back a loser?

    Murdock clearly suited you lot when he was needed but my god man stop being so bitter!!

    @ Jay

    Oooooooh, put your handbag down love!!

    Mandleson is/was one of the worst and hardly a role-model. Some of you are hypocrites after your ramblings over the David Laws business yet here a vile creature who had to be outed himself. He’s done nothing for gay people. He’s one of the most corrupt, disgraced MP’s to ever walk the planet. Now back (yawn) with his bitchy book just to milk the money out of the public he couldn’t get his hands on when he was in power..

    With friends like him who needs enemies?

    Peter Mandleson… Enough Already!!

  19. Right on Squidgy. The man has not only resigned in disgrace once, but TWICE and STILL managed to wheedle and crawl his way back into being a Lord! And the likes of Jay complain that Hereditary peers are undemocratic!

  20. Mandelson is certainly not a good role-model but he is perversely beneficial to public perceptions about gays and lesbians – his calculating tough ruthlessness is in sharp contrast to the wimpery that gay men are often stereotyped with. He is certainly not a nice guy, but not many high-ranking and successful politicians are. You don’t usually acquire real power and influence over others by being cuddly. The point of democracy is to direct the energies of the ambitious to do something beneficial for everyone and hold them to account for it – not to expect them to be angels.

  21. Patrick James #17 – “I think I’ve spent enough time with these sad LGBT people here, and now I am to spend that time with the happy LGBT people of whom there are so many. ”

    I think you are right. I only came onto this site to find out and get involved with gay rights. I know I have purged some anger in these comments over the last 6 months. Thankfully I’m only young and have grown up a little bit and seen beyond some of that anger. But it’s quite sad that some older ‘queens’ can’t seem to move beyond that bitterness and anger. I just hope I never end up like the people I think you are talking about.

  22. “The publication of the memoirs confirms in my view that he was, is and always will be a complete sh!t.”
    Ian Davidson, Labour MP

    It seems Mandelson’s biggest critics are his own party,
    read it for yourself:

  23. I find the statement that ‘Mandy’ could ever be a ‘public’ gay role model laughable, what public comment has he ever made, only now as the book comes out does he see fit to mention the topic… role model not so…

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