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Cristiano Ronaldo parties with gay singer Lance Bass

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Reader comments

  1. *****STOP THE PRESS*****

    ****NEWS ALERT******

    Hot on the news of the WORLD EXCLUSIVE that Ronaldo ate dinner with Lance Bass, comes the news that David Beckham once shook hands with a gay man.

    The scandals just never end here at Pink News.

  2. Ronaldo a “gay icon”? Any gay who idolise this gimp should really just book themselves in to a Swiss euthanasia clinic. Is someone going to tell me what it is exactly Ronaldo has done to earn our admiration? Plucking his eyebrows and mincing about with manbags? Has it come to this?

  3. I hadn’t realised that PinkNews was now entering the realms of mind numbing gutter press.

  4. I think it’s good that pinknews has stories about celebrities that homos are interested in. PINKNEWS – Maybe you should have different sections (like the BBC website), so those who are too deep and meaningful for these kinds of stories can evade them.
    I wish Ronaldo were gay, but just the fact that he’s cool with gay guys is a great role model for other kids who are into football, especially when you think of the homophobia in football.

    Inspire readers to do more for gay rights, or shut up.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 15 Jul 2010, 10:06pm

    I wish Ronaldo were gay, but just the fact that he’s cool with gay guys is a great role model for other kids who are into football, especially when you think of the homophobia in football.

    Haha, well said! I was pretty indifferent towards this story, and footballers in general, but put like that, it is nice to see kids having tolerant and respectful role models.

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo has done a lot to fight homophobia in football, especially by being more emotional and showing more sensitivity than the public would expect from a football “star”.

    He is an important role model by publicly supporting gay marriage!

    Here in Germany, he is often called “gaylord” or “fag” by homophobic people – so, obviously, he hits a nerve with them!

    And I certainly hope he continues to do so.

  7. ivyleaguer 16 Jul 2010, 1:09pm

    Tribeca is not a gay district and Lance and Ronaldo went to dinner. that’s not partying. I am not saying Ronaldo is or isn’t gay but as a gay male, most of my friends are straight and we have dinner all the time. Big deal.

  8. Ok, how is this news pertinent to the gay community? Because the singer he went out with is gay? Or because some gay men have a crush on Ronaldo? Either way – when did this site become a gossip site?

    Secondly, Tribeca is NOT a gay district of New york. I’m not usually this pedantic about things but by god, if you are going to report a stroy about a straight footballer and a gay non-entity then at least report it correctly.

  9. Tony Adams 16 Jul 2010, 2:58pm

    Dear Pink News,
    Tribeca is not “New York’s gay district” nor has it ever really been known as such. That said, every street in New York City is gay-charged, and perhaps your writer on a singular visit had great gay sex in Tribeca, but the commonly agreed upon “current” gay districts are Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea (and of course the West Village although that neighborhood is really more nostalgia-gay).
    Tony Adams
    editor, Queer New York (

  10. I think PinkNews should keep reporting the news rather than trying to compete with ‘Heat’ magazine.

    Someone had lunch with someone…. Woooo Big Deal…. Only its not really.

  11. Hahahahahahahah! Oh,lordy,so,let me get this right,a mincing,man-bag toting muppet,the footy-player,has dinner with an out gay man who used to be in a boy-band!Cripes,pass the smelling-salts I feel an attack of the vapours coming on!Forget all the crap about him being some kind of ‘role-model’ to young,aspiring footballers.I tell you,they aren’t in the least bit bothered who Ronaldho has his meals with.All they see is the obscenely huge salary he is paid and want ‘some of that’!Shame on the Pink for even considering reporting on this dross!

  12. I think ronaldo is gay and will slowly come out but he can’t now because he is a footballer and the sports world is still very homophobic

  13. If he’d sucked his dick, now that would be news.

  14. Who the hell are these people and why are you reporting on their gastronomic habits?

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