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Argentina becomes first country in Latin America to legalise gay marriage

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  1. Excellent news. However this should be the top news article on pinknews. At the moment it is down the list a bit?

    Country number 10 done then. We are into double figures now. 3 countries in 3 months.

  2. Well done Argentina..

    Another country leading the way to Equality

    Now then Britain…

  3. Congratulations! When will the UK step into the 21st century and follow suit?

  4. Well done Argentina – thank heavens not all countries want to balance relgious views with equality and human rights.. If Argentina can do then why not the UK? LEt hope those labour votes get a pro gay marriage leader this time around and start a little bit of opposition going, oh yes, stonewall what about pullinh your finger out and giving us a little bit of help on this issue?

  5. This is such brilliant news! I am really delighted. Congratulations to Argentina. This will help to push forward the equality agenda. Marriage quality now in double figures and on four continents, with a fifth continent to follow soon.

  6. The Netherlands
    South Africa

    10 countries now have marriage equality, yet the British government still refuses to seriously contemplate equality.

    Has Pink News contacted Bem Summerskill of Stonewall for a 1 question interview.

    The question would be:

    “Does Stonewall support, in principle, the right of same sex couples to enter the legal contract of civil marriage on the exact same basis as opposite sex couples?”

    If the answer is no then Stonewall will have confirmed their homophobia and we can then start demanding their dissolution on the grounds of their bigotry.

    If the answer is ‘yes’ then we can start asking them why they are no campaigning for equality.

    We must remember that successive governments think that Stonewall speak for us.

    They clearly do not!

  7. @StephenC

    Yes, ten countries have legalised gay marriage, but we shouldn’t forget non-state entities that have legalised gay marriage. In the United States, for instance, marriage equality exists in five states.

    Anyway, this is great news from Argentina. Hopefully we hear some good news from Brazil soon as well.

  8. and it gets more and more embaressing.

  9. peterinSydney 15 Jul 2010, 12:03pm

    Well done and congratulations to Argentina. And I love the President’s response to the views of the stuffy old Cardinal. Now for some justice for gay couples in Australia please Miss Guillard.

  10. Argentine
    Mexico City

    All are conservative catholic societies (unliken Britain) and all are committed to equality for gay people (unlike Britain).

    What is it going to take to get British political parties to realise that civil partnership apartheid is inadequate.

  11. Good news. It seems the conservative government are going to have to legalise gay marriage within the next parliament, or they will look like the homophobic party they used to be, and will reveal that all the current gay equality talk is just talk.

  12. Har Davids 15 Jul 2010, 1:39pm

    In your face, Joe Ratzinger! Another country, once a bulwark of the RC, lost to Satan (at least according to one of his local henchmen).

  13. Lisa, Squidgy, StephenC….forget about our government legalising it. They’re of the mindset of that hypocritical, bigoted old cardinal in Argentina. Now lets see how Cameron et al can come up with one rational reason to justify the ban on our marrying. That old chestnut civil partnerships are just as good doesn’t hold water any more, now that 10 countries, and the fifth Catholic country have entered the 21st century on FULL equality. Both Tory and Labour parties can no longer use that feeble excuse about civil marriage having a religious connotation, the one man one woman nonsense to justify discrimination against gay couple who should have the right to marry. To all of our gay opponents, tell us why Argentina and not the UK reached a logical conclusion that any other form of legal union is not EQUAL to marriage. Why didn’t it keep civil unions. So now we have 10 countries with full marriage equality and two paltry countries with only civil partnerships. The writing is on the wall. Civil Partnerships are never going to be the standard across the EU or anywhere else. Well done, Argentina, you put us to shame!

    Jay, the very reason behind the ban on our marrying is exactly what you said, “homophobia”. Its rife in both major parties, both kow tow to the C of E and others in deference to their beliefs which trump our rights on this one issue. Talk is cheap. If Cameron were truly for full equality, he wouldn’t hesitate to follow Argentina’s example, but he won’t, nor will his successors.

  14. Question is, what country is next?

    In Luxembourg the cabinet has approved the legislation for same sex marriage – but it still has to go through the parliamentary process which will take a number of months. Passage in parliament, with support from all parties, is assured.

    So are any countries going to beat Luxembourg to number 11?

    Slovenia? Brazil? Uruguay?

  15. Tim Hopkins 15 Jul 2010, 2:07pm

    Next week, the Equality Network is launching a new mailing list for updates on the equal marriage campaign in Scotland, and related news. If you’d like to join it, one way is to email me on tim at (it may have a presence elsewhere on the web soon too).

  16. what happened with ireland?

  17. Excellent news! Well done, Argentina! President Kirchner sounds enlightened. How I wish the UK would hurry up and stop discriminating against people because of their sexuality by blocking our access to civil marriage.

  18. George Earl 15 Jul 2010, 2:49pm

    As a gay, tax-paying American citizen, I can’t help wonder why this so-called “free” nation is taking so much time to okay gay marriage. Maybe the problem is that we have 50 very separate and apart states, all with their own interpretations of “right” and “wrong.” Say “yes” in one of our states, and it’s a “no-no” in most others. I’ve been with my partner for 32 years, and we’ve probably contributed far more to this nation’s economy, racial equality and education than quite a large majority of “straight” people. Yet we love ’em all. Now, Mr. President, let’s see that the USA is at least beginning to look a bit more like the twenty-first century.

  19. Luke:
    > what happened with ireland?

    It went with a copy of the discriminatory, second-class, UK civil partnerships.

    May I point out that Argentina is not on the list until the law is signed and its a done deal. Just because Pink News likes to jump the gun on serious matters (like declaring the Mayor of London a supporter of equal marriage when he was having a senior moment and thought he was talking about civil partnerships) doesn’t make it real.

    And, please, gay marriage would be unequal marriage, and discrimination. It tends to go with nasty reservations like forbidding adoption and stuff. We need equal access to the same marriage as everyone else, by opening up the existing marriage law, as Argentina is doing, to any sex.

    Would people please write to PinkNews and tell them that, since they clearly don’t read their own comments pages. Ask them to report on equal marriage.

  20. on a point of correction – South Africa does not permit same sex marriage – we have to make do (like Britain) with second best – civil partnerships.
    Time the RC went back to the darkness whence it came. Too bad about the few spiritually functioning people in its ranks – what are they thinking ? OY VEY.

  21. Many Brits go to the states , how does it deal with British CPs? How does Argentina deal with the CP, I guess it will equate it to their ld civil union and won’t upgrade it to their marriage. Luxembourg has a PACS, justn like the French PACs , it is bringing in gay marriage but at the same time it is changing its PACS law to recognise foreign CPs (taking the same change that the French did in May 2009 to recognise foreign ones). Both countries recognise and will recognise British CPs as their inferior PACS, even if gay marriage is brought into Lux , the CP won’t be equated to it, it will still be a PACS ie an inferior vers of a marriage!!. What’s it in a name, a lot internationally!!.

  22. I firmly believe the UK will grant full marriage to all. It’s just a question of when.

  23. It is unacceptable for the ConDem coalition to expect us to be satisfied with CP apartheid.

    The British government should be utterly ashamed that yet again a conservative, catholic country is now more advanced than Britain in terms of gay rights.

    As for Stonewall – those idiots cannot even bring themselves to support the PRINCIPLE of marriage equality.

    I believe Stonewall’s homophobia is the reason that successive British governments refuse to abolish CP apartheid in favour of marriage equality.

    When Britain’s self-proclaimed leading LGB charity supports homophobic discrimination it allows the government to think that we are happy being treated as 2nd class citizens.

  24. oatc, President Kirchner of Argentina actually introduced same-sex civil marriage to the nation and since she supported it all along, she’s going to sign it into law. So it is already a done deal!

    GORY, in your country, South Africa, civil unions for same-sex couples are recognised as legal same-sex marriages, decreed by your Supreme Court. Ours in the UK are not and the UK also does not recognise same-sex marriages performed outside of the UK but what it does do is downgrade them to civil partnerhips which means they cannot be equal while the law on same sex marriage bans us from having access to it. So you do have same-sex marriage in South Africa under a diferrent name, more than we’ll ever have in the UK, be thankful for that. You’re far ahead of us.

    Tim Hopkins, I applaud Scotland’s Equality Network, we have no such thing in England, shamefully so. However, as much as I support and defend your movement, Scotland may not be able to get full marriage quality because London would have to legislate it in Parliament first where Scottish MPs are in a very small minority. They won’t do it because it would mean they’d have to approve civil marriage equality for the entire UK. Cameron is well aware of that and he’s not going to go near it. Religion based homophobia is at the root of it all as far as the UK is concerned. I don’t expect that to change any time soon. We’ll be like America, left behind in the dust and on the wrong side of history.

  25. @ StephenC

    With things Sooo bad for you I have to question why it is you haven’t set up your own LGBT group to respond to such demands?!

  26. President de Kirchner on gay marriage and its opponents:-

  27. To Squidgy: Things aren’t bad for me.

    I just think homophobic discrimination (ie denying gay couples access to a contract solely because they are gay) is wrong.

    Don’t you?

    What are YOU doing to convince the Tories (whom you support) that civil partnerships are inadequate and unacceptable?

  28. It would be nice if there was some official parliamentary question posed by some mp or lord on the issue of gay/equal marriage and have some official response – it’s nice having interviews ad comments by mps/party leaders but there is nothing better than an official response from the govy to the question to work on. perhaps there is one? What is marriage privitisation??

  29. @ StephenC

    Blah Blah Blah, god your a bore.

    Neither my partner nor I feel “inadequate nor unacceptable” nor I have to add Victims by being happily Civil Partnered. However we both fully support equal marriage to those who want it. Also happily support those who ask for our support for such actions.

    I repeat What do you do?

    To constantly repeat your Homophobia against Stonewall because of 1 issue no matter how important is non productive and just wrong when Stonewall itself do so much for Gay people. With you continuing hatred of them I just feel justified in saying if it Sooo bad, do something and stop you boring repetitive rants.

  30. Secondly to throw it back at you…

    What are YOU doing to convince the Labour (whom you support) that civil partnerships are inadequate and unacceptable?

  31. If you feel strongly about this, write to your MP! If we are ever going to get movement on same sex marriage in this country we need to raise awareness. Write to your MP and convince everyone to do the same

  32. Tim Hopkins 15 Jul 2010, 5:13pm

    Robert (24) you raise an important point, and the answer is quite complicated. Marriage law is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, which means that the Scottish Parliament can introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland without any bill in the UK Parliament. So it would be up to MSPs, not MPs.

    However, to be fully effective, same-sex marriage in Scotland needs to be recognised by the UK Govt for tax and immigration purposes. If the UK Govt and Westminster Parliament introduced same-sex marriage for the rest of the UK at the same time, that would be ideal. But if they didn’t, then the alternative would be for the rest of the UK to treat Scottish same-sex marriages the same as they treat all other same-sex marriages (eg Spanish, Canadian, etc) – that is to treat them as if they were civil partnerships.

    That would mean that Scottish same-sex marriages would be treated as marriages in Scotland (and abroad where same-sex marriage is recognised) but as civil partnerships in the rest of the UK, and for UK tax and immigration purposes. Not ideal, but the only solution if the UK Govt or Parliament are not ready to introduce equal marriage across the UK, when Scotland does it.

    For that option to work all thet is needed at UK level is a “statutory instrument” done by the UK Govt.

    All of that means that Scotland could go ahead on equal marriage first (I’m not saying it will – that depends on the success of the campaign and will take several years at least), and it would be a bill passed in the Scottish Parliament not at Westminster. But if the UK Govt stubbornly refused to introduce the statutory instrument extending the UK recognition of foreign same-sex marriages as civil partnerships, to cover Scottish same-sex marriages as well, then that would cause real problems.

    So an important question is whether the UK Govt would deliberately block the Scottish Parliament’s decision to introduce same-sex marriage in let’s say 3 or 4 years time. I would hope not, given the stated position of the LibDems and Tories on this issue – the LibDems in favour and the Tory leadership at least not completely opposed.

    But you can see why it’s important to us in Scotland that there is also an equal marriage campaign across the UK putting pressure on the UK Govt.

  33. Tim, thank you so very much for clarifing the situation in Scotland, very interesting indeed. Right now, if marriage equality were approved in Scotland, I don’t see Cameron sticking his neck out and giving the nod for tax, immigration and other reasons because he would have to allow the rest of the UK to follow suit. He’s not that brave or courageous. He was quite emphatic before the election that he had no intention of allowing the ban on marriage to be lifted.

    I think Argentina’s outstanding decision to approve full marriage equality will be catalyst for the entire Latin American continent and elsewhere. If Cuba gets on board, the implications of that for the U.S. in particular will be huge in terms of political and commercial interests (international trade). We’re going to see more EU countries follow suit, but….unless there is a huge ground swell of support in the UK, I don’t think we’ll be among them. The Tories aren’t that progressive any more than Labour were. As for the Liberal Democrats who I voted for, we’ve yet to see Nick Clegg back up his support for full marriage equality by pushing Cameron on it, though I’ll hold my breath on that one.

  34. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Jul 2010, 6:48pm


    This is fantastic

    Luxembourg, Nepal and Uruguay will be next on the SSM in this year!!!!

    Denmark and Finland in 2011 (if left-wing parties win Government)!!!!

    Germany and France in 2012 (if left-wing parties win Government)!!!

    UK and Ireland in 2014.

    All states of America and Australia in 2050!!!!!

  35. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Jul 2010, 7:13pm

    10 nations is a big achievement. I am proud of the tremendous progress in these 10 nations, I still can not expain why politicians and lawmakers are so slow and still “stuck in the past” in both America and Australia as to why to keep maintaining a religious and bigoted definition of marriage???????

    The pope and the Hillsong religious Taliban must have an tremdous influence in lawmaking decisions in America, Australia and Italy perhaps?????

    I mentioned Italy because is the only western Europe country not to implement same sex unions in some form.

  36. Paul, the UK government is also very much stuck in the past too. The government’s mantra that civil partnership are all that’s needed is more about denial and the fact that Argentina, the fourth catholic conservative country to go further than the UK debunks that lame excuse once and for all. 10 governments can’t be wrong. We’re outnumbered and that will continue.

    Squidgy, No. 29, I commend your comment when you said that even though you are happily ensconced in a Civil Partnership, that you also support those of us who would rather marry. If only every anti marriage foe were like you in our community. Just because some don’t want it, shouldn’t mean that they should not support it for those who want that right, just as those of us who want to marry wouldn’t want to ban anyone from forming a civil partnership. Each should be available to same-sex and opposite sex couples. Well said. I’ve already contacted my MPs and sent a reminder to Nick Clegg to make good on his support of full marriage equality. Everyone should do the same, no matter if they themselves don’t want to get married.

  37. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Jul 2010, 9:21pm

    New Zealand will also have marriage equality in 2014 – along side Ireland and the UK!!!!!

    Slovenia (along side with Albania) I bet has gotten rid of the proposal to allow marriage and adoption equality, because they are taking so long on the bill. The gay marriage and adoption law passed the first reading way back in March 2010 – it is now July 2010, and they still have not done anything, so I will assume that this is another hoax – just like saying last year Albania will have gay marriage. I think the proposed law is called the FAMILY LAW BILL 2010.

    Lets face it Eastern Europe will NOT have gay marriage/adoption for a while yet!!!!!

  38. @ Paul Mitchell – where do you get your 2014 date for New Zealand from? We have Civil Unions here, open to all, which are esentially marriage without any religious connections. I’m not aware of any move to have SSM here by 2014.

  39. Meanwhile, in the UK … … … zzzzzzz

  40. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 15 Jul 2010, 11:55pm

    Up yours, Benedict!

  41. I like watching Argentina play football but getting same-sex marriage is even better! Gracias Argentina!

  42. I’m from Argentina, and I have to say I’m proud of my country today! Ojalá se legalice en el resto del mundo y termine la marginación… (I hope it legalizes in the rest of the world and marginalisation ends…)

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  45. Jarvis, standby for great disappointment!!!!! One by one, your Christian nastiness and abuse of human rights will be obliterated from the face of the earth! Wait till Hawaii gets a Democratic Governor, you bigot!!!!!

  46. “Chosen Country”

    OMG I do love a good laugh in the morning.

    How ignorant is that, typical though. Clearly so far up their own butt they can’t see whats going on around them. How Very sad.

    Two pieces of advise:-

    1) Get Real

    2) Get a life!

  47. Jarvis – with nutty/wind up comments like that and they will defintely bring in gay marriage, who wants to be associated with loonies!

  48. “President de Kirchner on gay marriage and its opponents:-

    Thank you for that, Dave. Wow! That’s one impressive defence of equal marriage rights.

    I’m waiting for the day that Cameron or Clegg gives a speech like that. Maybe they should watch that video and hopefully then cringe in shame at their own attitude.

  49. Just read the Guardian and it was interesting that other countries were being encourged to do the same thing over there, shame they didn’t add that the UK’schances of gay marriage hadn’t improved as well!

    “Gay activists in neighbouring Chile hope Argentina’s milestone will improve chances for a gay marriage law now in committee in their own congress.

    “Argentina’s political class has provided a lesson to the rest of Latin America,” said Rolando Jimenez in Santiago. “We hope our own countries and political parties will learn that the human rights of sexual minorities are undeniable.”

    Activists in Paraguay plan to propose a similar law to the senate in October, said Martin Viveros of the group Somosgay. And in Uruguay, gay people unsatisfied with the partial rights that come through civil unions are preparing legislation that would replace references to “man and woman” with “spouse” throughout the civil code.

    Again what is Stonewall intend to do about the sitution in the UK, are they now going to start lobbying for gay marriage, we’re told by Milliband in his interview than Stonewall’s Angela Mason and Ben Summerskill are people who he thinks have had the most impact on gay equality – if this is the case, then why aren’t these people fighting for gay equality and fighting for gay marriage in the UK

  50. George Broadhead, PTT 16 Jul 2010, 9:36am

    What is so welcome about this is that, like the Spanish, the Argentine government has cocked a snook at the dominant Catholic Church and no doubt enraged that frighful homophobe in the Vatican.

  51. Yes, and what is so surprising is that WE don’t have a dominant church in the UK and we CAN’T bring in gay marriage. What exactly is the percenatage that goes to Church and what percentage of those that do go to chruch give a damn about gay marriage? Perhpas Stonewall go do a more useful research on this instead and stop messing about with silly reports on what is the most gay friendly uni or sport!!

  52. George Broadhead, PTT 16 Jul 2010, 12:21pm

    The Government’s “British Social Attitudes 2009-2010” reveals that just 23% of the UK population claim to be Anglican, and 9% Roman Catholic. 43% have no religion (up from 31% in 1983) and a large proportion of these are atheist or agnostic. This is clearly a sizeable minority exceeding those who adhere to any religion at all.

  53. Mark, South Africa definitely allows same-sex marriages and I have the certificate to prove it. Unfortunately not recognised here in the UK… although they do recognise the marriage of the heterosexual guy in my team who has the exact same piece of paper. Go figure.

  54. George – since relgiion seems to be the argument for not bringing in gay marriage why doesn’t Stonewall produce a more useful report showing why gay marriage shouldn’t be produced. If so few people in the UK are relgious and of those relgions many don’t care whether there is gay marriage or not, then what exavctly is the barrier…. after all the quakers and other relgious supporters are at pride and probably out number the religious fanatics…It’s frustrating that such a small number can stop bring in equality. After all the times produvced a survey recently saying 61% voted for gay marriage,I have no idea why the others said no and what type of person was saying no? There really isn’t a proper survey is there why gay marriage shouldn’t be introduced … times have moved on since CPs were introduced without any hassle or neg press, why aren’t Stonewall pushing for the next stage?

  55. trimegisto 18 Jul 2010, 1:10pm

    I wonder… if a country approves gay marriage, shouldn`t we think that these countries are progressive? It bores me to death the stereotypical “spain catholic conservative”.

    Spain was the THIRD country in the world to approve LGTB marriage. The conservative countries are EEUU and UK, not us, and thats of no debate: facts are stubborn. Besides, Spain (or Argentina) are NOT catholic countries. They are non confessional countries, as defined by their constitutions.

    Please, try to learn from countries like Belgium, Holland, Canada, Spain or Portugal, not use them to reinforce your prejudices. Spain its more Sweden like of the south than the France of the south and if you look to history you will surprise yourselves for how many times spain was the first to recognice civil liberties, including banning slavery, divorce, or in this case, LGTB marriage.

  56. But the UK isn’t relgious as well, so what’s stopping us…and are we really that conservative anymore, no-one really cared that gay people were given the CP with more or less the same rights as married couples… I don’t understand what is stopping us, I don’t understand what Featherstone means when she says consult various people before moving forward… who are they supposed to be consulting? Isn’t relgiion the reason that Brown et now others said and are still saying we can’t have it, it doesn’t make sense!

    Lisa – out of interest how does SA treat Spanish gay marriages and how does it treat the British CP?

  57. I wonder what Jarvis (44) is doing reading a gay news website in the first place? Best ignored… well done Argentina! After Portugal and Iceland this is great news!

  58. Hi Iris

    Thanks for the video link

    Very encouraging overtures of freethinking from La Presidenta Christina Fernandez.

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