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Tennis is ‘most gay-friendly sport’

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Reader comments

  1. Come on Tim!

  2. Words fail me.

    Gay people are still denied access to the legal contract of civil marriage because of their homosexuality, and Stonewall are wastimg time and money on deciding which sports are seen as gay friendly.

    Has Pink News requested an interview with Ben Summerskill where they will ask him the following question:

    “Does Stonewall support, in principle, the right of same sex couples to enter the legal contract of civil marriage on the exact same basis as opposite sex couples?”

    If the answer is ‘no’ then it is proof beyond all reasonable doubt that Stonewall is a homophobic organisation which must be condemned and opposed for their bigotry.

    If the answer is ‘yes’ then we can start pressuring them to stop making fools of themselves with this absurd ‘research’ and to start doing their professed job ie fighting for equality.

  3. And how many male teniis players are Gay?

  4. I love tennis :)

  5. Well, I’d love to believe it …but the fact is no gay tennis player has ever come out. The very few we know about were “outed”, much to their despair, and that definetily damaged their carreers. How could someone or something be considered be gay-friendly when not ONE gay is to be seen (or presumed so) on the circuit? Strange…

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