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Stephen Fry reportedly splits with partner

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Reader comments

  1. Oh please, Stephen Fry getting his ex to sign a confidentiality agreement? The same Stephen Fry who divulges the most inane personal drivel on his Twitter? A self indulgent pompous twat who thinks his most trivial movements should be detailed. Still hats off to him for bagging a twentysomething. According to the Mail they worked together a number of years ago when they were doing an audio book of Winnie the Pooh. Fry being the narrator and his new twentysomething boyfriend who was much younger at the time voicing Christopher Robin!! Freud would have a field-day analysing that.

  2. “Fry is said to have begun a new relationship with 26-year-old actor Steven Webb”

    What is it that 26-year-old Steven sees in this man? Perhaps it’s his iPad?!

  3. The iPad, the money, the name. They all add up to a tasty package. Musta been like Christmas morning round at Steven Webb’s bedsit when he got the call to say a household name was interested in being his sugar daddy. The things a 26 year old has to do for love and their fledglng acting career. *Vom*

  4. “What is it that 26-year-old Steven sees in this man? Perhaps it’s his iPad?!”

    Money perhaops.

    I wonder what attracts the 52 year old Stephen Fry to 26 year old Webb. His intellect and life experience no doubt.

  5. A “friend” of Stephen Fry told “The Daily Mail”???? What on earth is Stephen Fry doing with friends who have anything to do with the vile tripe that is The Mail? Maybe he should consider dumping them too….or perhaps this is just a stunt to prove how delighted the Daily Fail is at justifying Jan Moirs comments on gay relationships….

  6. Why don’t you all get lives – So what if the man has a younger new man in his life – what’s it to you – you’ve all probably had young trade at some point – the only difference is none of you had to deal with it in the public eye – or you haven’t had any and you’re just a bunch of sad bitter queens – You all bitch about bigotry – how about agism!

  7. Mihangel apYrs 14 Jul 2010, 5:07pm

    Careful Stevie:

    A man old enough to be your father who dumps an existing long-term partner for younger model is likely to do it again!

    But I really don’t need to know how Fry is screwing up his life, personal tragedy or farce is just that

    Good luck Stevie

  8. I think that Steven Fry has every right to make whatever decisions he feels are right for him. Sour grapes at his successful life is not very becoming of us now is it?

  9. It’d be odd going out with someone with the same name as you, though, wouldn’t it?

  10. To paraphrase Mrs Merton;
    “What first attrected you to millionaire Stephen Fry?”

  11. ‘It’d be odd going out with someone with the same name as you, though, wouldn’t it? ‘

    Much as I totally enjoyed his novel ‘Making History’, I also found it a little odd that he called one of the main heroes after himself.

    If I was putting money on it at William Hill, I’d say it’ll be a series of much younger boyfriends every few years, dumped when out of their first youth. I don’t dislike Stephen Fry and don’t think I’m being bitter – I just sense that it’s quite likely.

  12. All so predictable! Stephen’s real life school teacher who he wrote about in ‘Latin Tobacco and Boys’ moved on from old broilers to spring chickens.

  13. Paul Halsall 14 Jul 2010, 10:16pm

    Nothing wrong with age dissonant relationships when both are adults.

  14. Stephen Fry: ‘It doesn’t matter what you call marriage’

    Speaking from California, he said: “If people want to reserve marriage for a man-woman thing then fine, call it something else.”

  15. “According to the Daily Mail, Fry has promised Cohen the proceeds of the sale of the house if he signs a confidentiality agreement.”

    Sounds like he’s quite ruthless and not a person I would like and respect. I wouldn’t treat a dog like that, let alone someone you was close to.

  16. @ ursus262:

    He’s ruthless because of the confidentiality agreement?!

    Would you really like your ex partner running to the mags and spilling everything? 14 years is a long time. I’m sure it must’ve gotten pretty nasty during his depression as well…

    I’ve googled Steven Webb and he is delicious. Good luck to Mr. Fry!

  17. Mihangel apYrs 15 Jul 2010, 7:52am

    Fry’s ex-partner is in line for a nice payout and alimony if the divorce law works for CP as it does for marriage. And he will deserve it after living with Fry’s narcissism.

    A payout from a confidentiality agreement would bring him nothing extra

  18. Oh dear, would this be the slippery slope of dealing very badly with your mid-life crisis, Mr Fry? Still, for most of us (with the obvious exceptions of Steven Webb and Daniel Cohen, who are the poor sods who will be hurt in all of this) it will be infinitely more entertaining to observe than the interminable stream of raw effluent that Stephen Fry foists upon us in order to earn his undeserved crust.

  19. I love the delicious irony to be found in the fact that this story broke at the same time that Stephen Fry was publicly urging graduates at Cardiff University to “stay young” .. something which he himself seems to be trying to achieve in the classic desperately sad old man fashion of striking up a relationship with someone half his age. How utterly pathetic!

  20. He learnt his trade from his Latin Tutor at Uppingham school whose motto was “Pleasure lies between the thighs of a young boy” Stephen you have 5-7 years assuming the old duffer lasts out.

  21. JohnD:
    > Why don’t you all get lives – So what if the man has a
    > younger new man in his life – what’s it to you – you’ve all
    > probably had young trade at some point – the only difference is
    > none of you had to deal with it in the public eye – or you
    > haven’t had any and you’re just a bunch of sad bitter queens –
    > You all bitch about bigotry – how about agism!

    I rather think ageism is trading in a long term partner, who has shared so much, good and bad, for a much younger model.

    Also in IgnacioD’s “Still hats off to him for bagging a twentysomething.”

  22. Yeah oatc, ‘cept I was actually being facetious. I’m in my twenties and think its pretty sad that Steven Webb would consider it a viable relationship opportunity to shack up with someone twice his age who’s dumped a long term partner for him and has effectively bribed said ex-long term partner for his silence. That coupled with the fact Stephen Fry just isn’t attractive either on visual terms or his personality, he’s a bore. Still if it keeps him off Twitter for a while then we’re all winners.

  23. I’m pretty close in age to Steven Webb and I just can’t understand this sort of relationship at all – that sort of age gap – I met my boyfriend when I was 20 and he was 28, and that seemed like a big difference at the time! But if they’re happy then good luck to them. I do find it rather strange that they’ve known each other (presumably, since they worked together) since Webb was a child, though.

    It’s always impossible to guess the circumstances and how people must be feeling, but I do think this must be awful for Fry’s ex. :(

  24. Who knows what really happens when a couple breaks up? No one’s business really. It’s between them. It doesn’t sound like anyone’s been beaten up or hit over the head or subject to crazy Mel Gibsonesque moments. They’re all adults. Jog on!

  25. Also, hats off to @ian – ageism is pretty silly. Even if an age gap is unappealing to you personally, it doesn’t matter to heaps of other people. If this was a 52 year old man with a 26 year old woman, no one would care.

  26. (Whoops, sorry! That should’ve been @JohnD)

  27. at leat Syephen didnt do what my partner of ten years did and keep it in the family,she went off with her Male cousin!

  28. what’s the big deal? ever considered that they might just be in love?
    relationships fall apart for lots of reasons. no one but Mr Fry and Mr Cohen know what happened to end theirs.
    Good luck to Stephen and Steven.
    there’s not enough love in this world.

  29. What on earth does a 20 something have in common with a 50 something?? – they’re a different freaking generation. This spks volumes about Fry – what next an 18 yr old? I mean, what is acceptable ? Oh and I disagree that no-one would bat an eyelid if it was man of 52 and a woman of 26. Plenty of ppl do just that when an ageing celeb dates a much younger woman – look at peter stringfellow (i know)..Johnathan Dimbleby left his misses and took up with a woman half his age who he immediately got up the duff. I dont think her family were pleased and the papers were pretty scathing too! Its all in keeping with Fry’s later mid life crisis along with the gym and his incessant twitter bollox.

  30. 13. “Nothing wrong with age dissonant relationships when both are adults.”

    Age dissonant?
    Gave me the best laugh I’ve had for ages.

    More like a middle aged, wealthy man finds a younger man attractive.

  31. Whoever said no one would care if it were old dude/young chickie, was wrong.

    This demonstrates more important things. Like, Mr.Fry has built an entire career off the back of Oscar Wilde since making ‘Wilde’. ( will the real stephen fry please stand up? ). Also that unlike Oscar, he’s unoriginal, uncreative, and essentially as ‘normal’ as the next aging queen with money ( rent boys for all! ). And Mr.Free Expression sure is censoring holy heck out of Daniel.

    If he’s made any mistake in judgement, it’s that one. That little mystery will only remain under the surface for so long.

    Also, for a bipolar man he sure does drink a lot. Pretty sure those meds and booze are not supposed to mix. How much of this Oscar Wilde falls in love with Christopher Robin is going to be blamed, if it blows up in his face, on a prelaid path of being ‘mentally ill’?

  32. Paul - England 14 Apr 2011, 2:04pm

    I like Stephen Fry, but I’m not sure what to make of this. We don’t know the reasons that he broke up with his ex.

    It could be that he went off with a young guy, or that his ex turned out to be with someone else. He should consider releasing a statement, because with a confidentiality agreement request being public news, it portrays him badly.

    If Stephen innitiated the split up to be with this young lad, I kinda feel for his ex, Daniel Cohen. If Cohen however initiated the split up, then perhaps well done to Stephen for moving on. I trust Mr Fry won’t let the brain in his penis completely subdue the brain in his head.

    1. Paul - England 14 Apr 2011, 2:06pm

      How does this italic thing work anyway. [/i] [b]Bold?[/b]

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