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Protests as Argentina votes on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Yet again religion gets in the way of equality.
    Why can’t these awful people live by the guidelines set out by the namesake of their religion – namely Christ.

  2. I agree, it’s always the religious fruitloops who seem to have a big issue with it. Can’t he just go and molest some children like most other priests?

  3. I think this may well go the same way as the same sex legislation in Spain and Portugal and Argentina will approve it. Argentina is like Spain and Portugal in one very importantr aspect. All have a history where the catholic church gave strong support to the dictatorships that they lived under. People have memories and the Argentinian politicians will be like those in Spain and Portugal. They may well think why should the church now rule on freedom issues when they supported dicytatorships that denied us freedom.

  4. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Jul 2010, 4:19pm

    Argentina has always been ahead of Australia in terms of gay rights!!!!!

    I am very sure the Argentina Senate will pass the marriage and adoption equality bill – only by a wisker!!!!!

    Why because Argentina has “imperial laws” that come from Spain and Portugal – and we all know what that means [gay marriage].

    Portugal should work on their adoption reform now in 2010, since adoption was not included in the Portugese Civil Code (Equal Marriage Amendment) Act 2010!!!!

  5. Ian Bower and Danny I agree with you both

  6. I have finally realised that Christianity is used in a similar way to how dictatorships are used. That is by individuals who want to control others. Some Bishops are the dictators in the church system. They are surrogate dictators using God as their power base. They are brainwashed individuals with too much power.
    Down with the papal system. It stinks!

  7. Peter Baird 15 Jul 2010, 1:03am

    The Roman Catholic Churches greatest achievement is SEXUAL GUILT!

    Catholics have created God in their own mean-spirited, frightened and humourless image. If there was a god, I think he would dislike Catholics as much as I do.

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