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Germany’s World Cup team ‘a bunch of gays’, says captain’s agent

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Reader comments

  1. So – do we take that as a compliment then?

  2. So its not just confined to the UK. Its the same in most sports in any country. Homophobia will never be eradicated, its unrealistic to think otherwise.

  3. How exciting!

    And this makes the England team?…..

  4. I hope Poldolski is

  5. Start naming some names then?

    I don’t remember EVER reading a ‘kiss and tell’ by a male partner of a football player.

    Meanwhile the female sex partners of football players seem to have the tabloids on speed-dial.

    If it’s acceptable to do kiss and tell on a straight player then equally it is acceptable to do them on gay players (gay people expect equal treatment).

    So I’m waiting to start reading these stories in the tabloids.

    Why are they not appearing.

    Is there in fact no gay football players in the top league of football?

  6. I’ll put money on Ronaldo being gay. Fathering a child via surrogate mother? Because he of course could never get a girl looking like that, could he? Friend of Paris Hilton? Never had a serious girlfriend? Suffered a kiss-and-tell sting by some girls no-one ever saw and whose claims were completely discredited? The evidence stacks up.

    In a few years, long after he has retired, he will come out. I might pop up the bookies now.

  7. A bunch of gays and “half gays” (what a half gay anyway)? Yeah, he wishes!

  8. A ‘half gay’ must be a bi, me thinks. Well so what if the German team is gay, about bloody time to and ……….

  9. Peter Fuchs 14 Jul 2010, 6:04pm

    Oh, they are so fabulous! Lightly prancing around like ballerinas with muscles rippling out of their short shorts! Aren’t Gay guys something!

  10. Wow, so we’ve gone from no gays in football to an entire European team which made it to the world cup quarter finals! Now that’s got to be the ultimate locker room fantasy… shame there’s no evidence to back the claim.

  11. I just want to say that although I know nothing about football, I have seen the German team, and they can hands knees and bump my daisies anytime they like.

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  13. Wil this Sophia troll stop infesting the coments with these off point advertisments?

  14. Scott Grundy 16 Jul 2010, 12:11am

    Well that explains how well they played. Germany did very well just compare them to England for example. Not winning the world cup probably has more to do with the coaching than the skills of the player. I know that is the case with Australia as the world saw in its match against Germany.
    As noted by others these comments say more about Michael Ballack than the team.

  15. HOpefully this statement is true. You have to get these people, who are heros to so many to come out of the closet ,and thank them for doing so.

    I think the rest of this story is obvious. All the cultural celebrations in our nations need a big gay presence.

    And in time the good people will see the hypocrisy and lies of the churchs, eg CAtholic, and to a lesser extent Anglican.

    And they will end up preaching to the dust in the pews and the dust of their departed. Theri churche will become museums to teach future generations about hatred in the name of God.

    And man / woman kind will be free. Hallelujah on that one big time

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