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Father hit girl, 15, with baseball bat after she ‘taunted gay son’

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Reader comments

  1. Well… its one way to combat homophobia. All fear the bat of justice!

  2. paulawilmott 14 Jul 2010, 6:47pm

    Strike 1 to Batman.. teh crap crusader rides again :)

  3. Well done on the father standing by his gay son – sorry about the girl though – certainly one way of tackling homophobia.

  4. three years is a bit harsh, considering the story about the transexual who wasn’t jailed for downloading child porn. If all fathers were as protective of their gay kids as this guy was homophobia and bullying wouldn’t be so common.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 14 Jul 2010, 9:20pm

    Good on the guy for caring so much about his son. Shame about the temporary insanity, of course. As for the girl, so long as there was no permanent damage, I couldn’t care less what happens to feral thugs who think it’s OK to bully innocent people (pro-tip: if you’re part of the mob, but not actively participating, you’re still an accessory to the crime). If I was to give this man a sentence, it would be in months, not years.

    Come on, we’re talking about a committed family man who had a moment of berserk insanity. 3 years in jail will make everything worse. What was once a man who only fell afoul of the law under the effects of extreme stress will now be severely tested by a terrible system that breeds more criminals than it punishes. What he needed was a short, sharp punishment, along with therapy in order to make sure that he never does anything like this again.

  6. 3 years is far too much.

  7. Strangely, all the ‘political-correctness-gone-mad-parents-have-a-right-to-discipline-their-children-spare-the-rod-spoil-the-child’ tabloids are, however, this time, curiously silent on this one.

  8. I don’t want to condone violent rage (even if highly understandable), but I wonder if the 15-year-old girl would have be handed 3 years by a court if she had beaten Mr Canham (or, indeed, his 8-year-old son) unconscious with a baseball bat? And wasn’t there a case, recently, of a teacher who beat a boy with a dumbell screaming: ‘die, die, die…’ being let off a prison sentence because it was ruled that he snapped under extreme provocation? Doesn’t homophobic bullying by a 15-year-old (nearly an adult) against an 8-year-old (a much smaller child) equal ‘extreme provocation’?

  9. It’s bad that he smashed her head in with a baseball bat, but sounds to me like he thought a gang was going to do something bad to his son. I don’t know, but I reckon if you see your children in danger a primal instinct trips in. 3 years seems a long time for defending his son from a homophobic gang, when as others mention the teacher that smashed a pupils head in a while ago, who was not in any danger gets off with no punishment.

  10. Honestly, I despair at some of the comments on here. You do NOT take the law into your own hands, whatever the provocation. Disgusting. He deserves the prison sentence, and shame on all of you for supporting him. Absolutely disgusting.

  11. Pumpkin Pie 14 Jul 2010, 10:59pm

    Honestly, I despair at some of the comments on here. You do NOT take the law into your own hands, whatever the provocation. Disgusting. He deserves the prison sentence, and shame on all of you for supporting him. Absolutely disgusting.

    Disagree entirely, based purely on the fact that the attack was not pre-meditated and was the result of temporary loss of sanity triggered by the panic of seeing his son in danger.

    If this man was some thuggish malcontent out on a vigilante rampage (like that scumbag, Raoul Moat), I’d totally agree with you. However, I don’t believe in black and white cases in law, and I believe very strongly in mitigating factors. Given that he wasn’t in his right mind and was reacting to some rather stressful stimuli, I’d say that should have been a bigger factor in his sentencing.

    I don’t think teenagers should really be bashed about with baseball bats, but I don’t think this particular teen-basher should have recieved 3 years, either.

  12. We live in a civilised society governed by the rule of law. There is simply no excuse for summary justice of the type given out by this man. He is a thug. His son was not in danger, and anyone who actually drove to the scene of the incident would have had enough sense to calm down and gain a sense of proportion. Anybody with the inclination to put a baseball bat (like, who of us actually owns one of those for goodness sake?) in the back of the car and drive to the scene to attack a child (for that is what she is) deserves to go to prison.

    The rule of law is paramount. Assault is assault, and that is a crime.

  13. Pumpkin Pie 14 Jul 2010, 11:15pm

    That’s some nice use of leading language to make it sound like this man was a cool-minded arbiter of his own brand of vigilante justice, who made his list, checked it twice, and went out to deliver some “coal” to specially designated undesirables. You know, as opposed to some regular dude who loves his son and just flipped out that one time.

    I’ve said my piece. We’ll just go around in circles if I keep trying to argue.

  14. Stewart Lawson 14 Jul 2010, 11:56pm

    Don’t know what to make of this. It’s so outragously over the top it’s comical. I’m all for restorative justice but knocking out (with a baseball bat of all things!) a 15yo girl who’s attempting to run away is bad enough, I’m wondering why the charges relating to her 8yo sister (battery I assume is some level of violence) were only mentioned in passing. Go dad!!

  15. brilliant if more peope stood up and let these kids realise that actions have consequences the might start having some respect. I’m gonna send him a card

  16. Old ladys gin 15 Jul 2010, 10:00am

    Someone said this attack was not premeditated, but it was. The man went hunting for the girl in his car, in which there was a baseball bat.
    If that is not premeditated I don’t know what is. Plus, he must have had some time to consider his actions. This is probably what lies behind the sentence.
    However if all of us had hit back against the bullies over the years then I doubt it would be happening now.
    You can’t reason with the unreasonable.

  17. Well done that man. I wish him all the best. Good on him.

  18. I would guess the father got the shock of his life when he realised that the girl was unconscious and possibly dead as far as he would have known at that moment.

    Still, The group of teenagers taunting his son probably were thinking “there’s nothing his dad can do about it, he’ll be in trouble if he lays a finger on us”, only to then get the shock of their lives. I bet the girl and her pals there at the time will now think twice before bullying someone again, especially if they now know that legal or not, they could get a baseball bat to the face for their behaviour.

  19. Three years is too much. Would he have got three years if he was defending his family from a racist attack?

  20. Robyn Griffiths 15 Jul 2010, 11:25am

    I find the comments here supporting the thug disgusting. A baseball bat to the head can cause peramant injury or death. a friend of mine was subject to an attack with a baseball bat. As a result of the injuries he received he has lost his driving licence, his job (he was a racing driver) and is disabled. he has regukar black outs as direct result to the injuries he received.

    The thug in this case should have been locked up for longer. he is very lucky not to have killed the girl or have left her in the same state as my friend.

  21. Becky No 8. The boy was 18, not 8.

  22. Newspaniard 15 Jul 2010, 1:51pm

    Imagine this: 15 YO gay boy surrounded by 10 teenage boys and girls all taunting and threatening him. Dad comes on the scene and rushes to the rescue wielding a baseball bat. Lynch mob breaks up; baseball accidentally strikes a girl who has turned away from her previous jeering to goad a male member of the mob. Loads of witnesses to this ‘unprovoked’ assault. Dad gets 3 years. Lynch mob, including girl accidentally hit, laugh a lot, particularly about the gaol sentence. Traumatized son ignored by the justice system. Cowardly police only go for the easy targets.

  23. “There is simply no excuse for summary justice of the type given out by this man. He is a thug. His son was not in danger”
    -1st point id like to make is that you can’t predict the future and you have no idea what would happen if batman hadn’t shown up.
    My 2nd is that gangs of kids are usually travelling in packs and causing trouble like this because they’re too scared to do it on their own

    So i completely 100% condone this vigilante protecting his family and i would do the same in his position, although i would have probably hit all the kids causing trouble and not just the first one i saw

  24. Jay:
    > It’s bad that he smashed her head in with a baseball bat

    He didn’t. He knocked her out but caused no permanent damage, fortunately. There’s a big difference.

    Of course the father over-reacted. Three years sounds too long a sentence though. The bullies really won. How much danger did his son tell him he was in when he summonsed his help by phone? What was going on when he made that call? How much was the man accustomed to his son being in danger like that? These reports are always incomplete.

    When I was a child my father was of the type that would defend me. Thats after the first week when he bought me (very tiny) boxing gloves but I refused to hit anyone. If I had let him, I know his weapon would have been his old cricket bat. I very soon realised that it was best to keep stuff to myself and keep him calm, even though he was terrified for me. Steaming down to school and demanding they stop the bullying (which was constant, in every lesson and every break, on every journey home) didn’t do any good. The problem was when stuff happened that I couldn’t hide, like torn clothing, or stolen items. Eventually I got him balanced. Like when the vicar’s son, out of the blue, head-butted me and I couldn’t hide the damage. His phone call to the vicarage was very effective (Vicar: “We were wondering why he was head-butting the wall”). It stopped us having to go to church too.

  25. As families become understanding, and children come out earlier, and hate remains unabated, it become necessary to build a consensus on how much children need protecting. And that includes the police and the courts.

    Of course it needs to be individual, but, generally, parents tend to think in terms of boys looking after themselves and girls needing protecting. If a 15-year-old girl was being picked on by a group on the sea-front (perhaps with being thrown from the sea wall, with injury or drowning as realistic danger), what would be a reasonable paternal reaction? Should it be different for a gay boy or a trans girl?

    No one has gone there yet. And it looks like maybe parents are starting to pay the price for that neglect of an important issue.

  26. grandmother 16 Jul 2010, 4:09pm

    I am the grandmother of the 15 year old girl that was very badly hurt in this attact first of all to set the record straight my Grandaughter is not and has never been homophobic as my son her uncle is gay so she has been brought up with her uncle who she loves very much so I dont know where this rubbish has started mabe that monster was trying to get people on his side after hitting a young girl with a bat I really dont know but my grandaughter has suffered enough and now with all these people writing in about her being homophobic she is once more suffering so mabe people should get the right story before they make their minds up my son cant get his head around all of this as he loves my grandaughter very much and he would know if she felt that way anyway I just had to put the story straight
    from a loveing grandmother

  27. grandmother 16 Jul 2010, 4:18pm

    and as it was said it was just my 2 grandaughters one is just 8 years old and the other is 15 and her friend so I dont even know where the GANG came from as by my count thats 3 thank you for taking the time to read my comment

  28. I know the whole story a front row seat i had to this whole attack. The only gang at this scene was the fathers son which included 2 boys one his son and 2 girls. the victim included the teenage girl her younger sister and a friend of hers. The 15 year old girl was hit unconcious leavin her with two scars and a shocking recovery due to a father ” family great man” as you sick people agree by hitting this girl with a baseball bat more than once, even after she was unconcious. His son was the person who started the arguement by bullying her 8 year old sister. No one mentioned anyone being gay apart from on of the girls who was with the son of this sad father! one of the tow girls hit the 8 year old and when this 15 year old girl decided to face them as she was a distance away from the GROUP of 4 said for the 15 year old to leave her girlfriend alone as the 15 year old emotional teenager was making her sister safe and telling the girl to leave her alone! then the boy the son again offered to fight another boy who ws a friend of the teenager so they would stay around for the SICK FATHER to come along and make the two young kids lifes missery!! Also this girl is not against gay/ bi-sexuals nor lesbians i know because her family has a homosexual and has been brought up along different homosexual races.So you people thinking this girl is homophobic should always think theres two sides to a story this girl deserves a chance of speaking but due to this attack has made her scared of facing outdoors and is currently facing sessions to make her confident!!!

  29. she is such a liar, she was so drunk as were her family, she knows what happened and if she had any idea of what life really is she would tell the truth to get an inisent man out of jail.

  30. as far as i am concerned my dad is inisent and i know that for a fact and grandmother u wasnt there so how can u know what happened apart from what your lying little grandaughter has told u, and i am suprised they could all get there lies straight with each other when they were all in such a state the 15 year old and her parents were so drunk. i really think that the family that was “assolted” really need to tell the truth about what happened so that another inisent man isnt in prison for something that he DIDNT do. and i have also noticed that it doesnt say anything in the article about the fact that all of the family was attacking my dad with planks of wood with nails in them and the facts that the family was being homopobic towards my brother.

  31. grandmother 16 Jul 2010, 6:29pm

    I have to dissagree with you that man plead guilty and innocent people do NOT plead to an attack unless they did it well thats what I think anyway and this man only plead because there were 25 people who saw this and a lot of them were holiday makers so much for being innnocent and as for my family being drunk I dont think so as my grandaughter was as you well know taken to hospital and I,m more than sure the hospital would have told the police but we all have our own comments to make but at least I know as you said the truth again thank you for taking time to read my comment

  32. and the fact about hitting your dad one person did and that was it your dad was drugged up and acting like a loonie tik! your dads deserves everything he gets. Hope he enjoys time in prison!

  33. Blank!?!?!? 17 Jul 2010, 12:33am

    Hmmm @ grandmother. I think maybe you should learn not to trust your ScUm family! Obviously he pleaded guilty as he was protecting his son. His son was being charged with affray and the court said they would realeaze him if the father pleaded guilty. His son is in the IT industry and could not afford a criminal conviction. SO that means the bad people here are the LIAR family who clanked that the man hit the girl (which is not true).

    The GANG where just homophobic liars who need to sort out there lives! Simples :))))

  34. i am the wife of the so called thug u are talking about, the girl has got to live with the guilt of lieing and sending a innocent man to jail, he was the one phoneing the police and ammulance that night, not her drunken parents , her grandmother didn,t see anything , just ear say from her drunken family, we are willing to take lie detecter test are you ,then you find out your family are liers, you carry on and i will order theses thing to be done,be i think i will do it to save my innocent husband

  35. the important people know 18 Jul 2010, 10:28pm

    25 people witnessed the event? as if! when i went to the police station with one of the people involvled it was said that apart from the 2 familys involved there was only ONE other witness and that was a person rideing past on their bike! so where you get your information from i dont know =/
    honestly if that girl has so much as a decent bone in her body she will go to the police and tell them the truth! the only reason dean went and pleaded guilty is because he was protecting his son from going to prison, how many ‘thugs’ would do that rather then save their own skin? … as far as i know there is NONE, no thug would do time inside just so somebody else didnt have to, honestly people you call him a thug and a mad man, but have you ever met him? i’ll tell you now Dean Canham is a great man who looks out for everyone, and i feel proud to call him a friend! if you people took the time to get to know him you would not be calling him a thug, but a proud family man who works hard for his family and friends! anyone who thinks differently is a fool


  37. sara (daughter) 19 Jul 2010, 5:54pm

    a note to the people who leave there name blank, you havent met my dad u dont know him so as far as i am concerened your coments dont count and if u really think that bad about my dad then at least have the balls to write ur name

  38. Both sides have to be heard... 19 Jul 2010, 5:55pm

    So you people thinking this girl is homophobic should always think theres two sides to a story

    Presisely. It only shows Dean in a bad light and doesn’t show the hell your family have put his through over the last year and a bit. It doesn’t say how your parents came running down after Michael with a PLANK OF WOOD WITH NAILS in it, wielding it at Michael. And it doesn’t say the truth that the girl TRIPPED over a curb. An INNOCENT man has now been jailed for coming out to protect his son and bring his son to safety. Shows that you shouldn’t believe what you read in the paper…

    ALSO, to you that say “no innocent man would plead guilty” and the like. Put yourself in this position… The judges want to hurry up the case so offer you a chance to stop your ALSO INNOCENT son getting convicted, so long as you plead guilty. What would any LOVING father do? Plead guilty of course.

    There was only ONE other witness who was riding past on a bike. NO GRANDMOTHER and NO ONE ELSE. Just the people INVOLVED. Anyone who doesn’t LISTEN to both sides of the story (such as the court who just took the easy option of following stereotypes) SHOULD NOT be forming an opinion. I have seen everything that the papers have said and it just doesn’t match up…why would someone just come running in and whack a small child with a baseball bat. Get a reality check, yeah?

    I’d also like to add that IF Michael wasn’t out to the public, he would have been outed to alot of people and that could have put him in DANGER. I’d like to THANK the media for that…great job there. (Y) (Note: I’m being sarcastic there…)

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