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Stonewall sponsors Black Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Justin Hinchcliffe 13 Jul 2010, 1:57pm

    Talk about boxing people….

  2. I don’t have a issue with black pride can someone please explain why there is a need for a black pride? Surely we should all be together otherwise you then go down the route of Jewish pride, Muslim pride etc.

    Why are Stonewall funding this surely black pride is able to find a commercial outfit to fund it’s pride?


  3. Completely baffled by this event.

    “Black Pride, to be held on Saturday August 14th, is the UK’s biggest celebration of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American LGBT people and their friends.”

    Since when did Asians, people from the middle east and Latinos consider themselves black?

    Something like this would of been a nice addition to London Pride, even if it is a little silly to being having a Pride based on race.

  4. Well suck m’ teeth! Lets see how vociferous the black community is in its support towards people of their colour who happen to also be dreaded batty bois.

  5. I find the comments from phylisis Opoku-Gyimah very offensive.

    Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah, UK Black Pride director, said: “I’m thrilled that Stonewall has formalised its long standing support for our community-led initiative. The help they have gifted us will help to ensure that we put on a strong event that gives space to non-white LGBT people to showcase the best of who we are, as we see ourselves, rather than how others choose to portray us.

    If the pride held in London said it was going to have a white only area there would an outcry –and righty so. I would be interested to know if there are paid workers for Black pride and if yes what have they done to try and gain financial backing rather than expecting a hand out from Stonewall.

  6. Justin Hinchcliffe 13 Jul 2010, 4:30pm

    I wonder how much money this organisation gets from the tax-payer? I, too, think his comments are offensive. S’wall should distance themselves from these sorts of events, not financially backing them. S’wall had ceased to represent (if they ever did) the LGBT community. Summerskill’s comment on David Laws was outrageous.

    I don’t always agree with him, but Peter Tatchell is far more representative of our views than S’wall. And Peter doesn’t take a penny from the public purse.

  7. me in total boderation that me bredren akin batty boys alike all ya whiteys. It brindle me inna mad fury. Me box faces of all ye maama mans. Dem streets be chaka wi filth afer dey finish dey parading round all like bumbo clot and chi chi men, dey need be cold i up proper. Me never ease up on yo batties fo as long as ye be craven ras and be dancin renk on de streets. Filth batty boys. God be vex and strike all ye down with de disease.

  8. Lawrence, could you say that again in English?

  9. oh Lawrence a racist and homophobe – anyway why are you looking at Pink News with such views.

    I really do hope the ip address is captured and Pink News and they pass this over to the police for investigation, your comments are racist and homophobic.

    Do you not have a girlfriend to go and visit instead of visiting batty sites?

    In fact Black pride should be reaching out to you Lawrence with such hateful views- how sad to be walking around with such vile and hatred views.


  10. For heaven sake Jay, it probably took him all afternoon to type that pile of crap I don’ think his brian can be pushed into translation :)

    Poor old Lawrence – I think he may be gay bless him

  11. Why don’t they call it ‘Apartheid Pride’. What started out as a black lesbian thing has now become more inclusive to get some funding. It may be non profit making but I’m sure Phylis earns a living out of it.

    btw. lawrence is’t really speaking black slang. He’s a wanna be, or retarded, or a comedian? His slang is kinda like a 12 year old who translates an english love song into french for a valentines day card to sound romantic, then a french person reads the tranlslation and says, is this supposed to be french?

    lawrence – Some guys find that kind of talk sexy, you should go for an audition at the link below.

  12. For those who remember – the women’s movement of the 70’s got weaker and weaker because it splintered into various factions.
    Women’s rights, black women’s rights, disabled women’s rights, lesbian rights etc. All LGBT people are in this together.

  13. guys yu have to remember there is still a lot of racism
    on the scene on gayday(no blacks or Asians) these guys just want one day without discimination is that too much to ask?

  14. I agree with your comment and lets not forget racism is also there on the Black and Asians side as well. from the way Black pride is set up and sold I feel as a white person Im not really welcome at the event how can that be a good thing

  15. gav I think it’s more self defence rather than supremecy. White racists think they’re better than anyone else. I don’t get that vibe from black
    or Asian people

  16. I live in South London I along with many friend have been abused by young black lads not only homophobic comments but racist comments. There are black and Asians out there that equally think like the white racist, and stir trouble up.


  17. I’ll fill you in gav. in the 70’s and 80’s Brixton was full of gay men and lesbians cause jamaicans saw us a rebels therefore cool. as more black men came on to the scene the dirty little secret came out and gay men who were once thought to be above racism were seen differently. I’m not defending it and remember Brixton has more gay
    bars clubs and gay friendly spaces than most of London. while homophobia is always challenged no one is bothering to address the problem
    of gay racism hence he need for black pride I may not be welcome either but I rescpect their descisions to have the event. one day a year where the double descrimination that black gay men have to deal with daily can be forgotten. try a bit of comapssiom gav

  18. Nice that Stonewall supports Black Pride.

    I’m not sure Black Pride will benefit from being linked to Stonewall however.

    Stonewall believet that same sex couples should be satisfied with civil partnership apartheid.

    It’s time Pink News called Stonewall UK for a 1 question interview.

    The question to be asked should be:

    “Does Stonewall, in principle, suppport the right of same sex couples to enter the legal contract of civil marriage on the exact same basis as opposite sex couples?”

    If the answer is ‘No’ then Stonewall are officially a homophobic organisation which deserves condemnation and contempt.

    If their answer is ‘Yes’ then we can start applying pressure to them to begin performing the job they are claiming to do ie supporting equality.

  19. Why in Hell is Stonewall getting together with Black Pride? What has being gay and being black got in common?

    “People in the black community suffer homophobia” comes the cry. Just as in every other so-called community. Are these the same dopes who thought having Bob Crow at Gay Pride was a good idea?

    A further example of so-called experts and self appointed “progressive” community leaders having nothing better to do with public money and their time than to flock together.

    I find this modern linking of gay “civil rights” with the Civil Rights movement in America mildly nausiating. Are we really comparing ourselves to slaves and those denied the vote, university and being made to sit on the back of the bus?

    Does this mean you will be making introductions to White Supremacist movement as well, Stonewall? You can’t discriminate you know!!!!!

  20. So who’s going to do a white English pride?
    No, Thought not.
    All the Lefties would choke on their skinny Mocha Lattes.
    I love this “multicultural” bollocks. In the same breath they want to produce divisive and racist crap like this.

  21. Stonewall doesn’t get public money Julian

  22. I am from the provinces…who knew that there was so much prejudice and ignorance in London, the so-called cosmopolitan capital! Firstly, whenever the word Black is capitalised it has always included all people of colour, hence the term Black Pride used to include several races/cultures. For the really ignorant, when capitalised it is a proper noun, do check the dictionary, if you possess such a thing. Secondly, Black Pride is a Gay celebration, it has as much to do with the Black Civil Rights Movement, as the Gay Rights Movement has. As for inclusiveness, well for two years now I have been making the journey from Derby where I live, to London with my partner who is white and my white lesbian couple friends to Black Pride..their verdict, it is the best Pride. Do you want to know why? It’s because of its inclusiveness, you feel safe and, black, white, brown, pink or blue everyone is friendly. We dance we laugh, we eat and make merry and for some that can’t attend the main London Pride because they are not ‘out’, they may fear that someone just passing by might spot them and then they become outcasts in their own communities. Anyone who comes to Black Pride can’t say they were happening by, if you are there, you are there intentionally, Please allow them that! The moron, probably West Indian and black (do note the small b!) judging from his choice of patois (West Indian/Caribbean Slang) is calling black gay men filth and vermin….does that give you some clue as to why we need Black Pride? Where is the humanity in the world, the human spirit? The love? Black people often face double the prejudice, from their own communities and from some white people in the gay community. London pride does not represent everyone. In fact how is this for a statistic, women make up approximately 50% of the total population in the UK, of the 13 people on London Pride Committee, none are women… 16 on the Board of Trustees of which only 3 are women….representative? Hardly!
    Many Prides throughout the UK obtain funding from other organisations, in our case in Derby local government and our local LGBT organisation often provides funding to our local Pride. People instead of being ignorant why don’t you go onto the black Pride site and look at the diversity of the images of people who go, read about the organisation and be ignorant no more. For the bigots out there, asking when will we have an English Pride etc, there is, St George’s Day and several other’s besides. I find this shocking from the capital and I am ashamed, deeply ashamed and embarrassed for those of you who display such bigotry and ignorance. I am even more ashamed because some of you are gay! How quickly we have forgotten and are discussions are reduced to the issues of entitlement, money and race. If you really want to know why we have Black Pride and why it means so much to us, then read your comments. Yes I am black, my partner is white in my interactions with the Gay World I am often the only Black person…going to Black Pride is an empowering experience for me and people like me. We are not alone!

    PS Re the Apatheid comment, the system was instituted on black South Africans by White non-Africans….There is no parralel situation in history where black people have moved into a white country and set about excluding and disempowering them in the way it happened in that situation…try to use examples that illustrate the point you are making more succintly in the future!
    Peace, Love and Happy Pride wherever you go and whatever you are celebrating!

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