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Parliament report: Two small victories for trans activists

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Reader comments

  1. Brenda Lana Smith R af D 13 Jul 2010, 5:58pm

    The Clegeron government needs to get its act together and quit dilly-dallying as previous governments did over extending the legal recognition of GRA 2004 certificated gender beyond the borders of United Kingdom & Northern Ireland. Particularly, and without further ado on Britain’s own homo- trans-phobic British Overseas Territories…

  2. Patrick James 13 Jul 2010, 6:11pm

    In the article it states:

    It is unclear whether this could become official coalition policy – or was just a bit of creative thinking by a new member of parliament.

    While someone in government might be thinking nice thoughts about doing something good it is difficult to see this as being heralded as a victory of some sort albeit a small one.

  3. oh man – this would be great!

  4. Actually…Patick/Brenda… i would saythat the seed sown in his debate is of enormous importance and it is up to trans activists to follow thru.

    First, because the whole framework put in place by the GRA is flawed. For most purposes in the UK you don’t need any sort of certification to amend your gender. Therefor, although Labour’s legislation looked progressive, arguably it was very retrograde, creating a process for recognition whre none existed before, setting up rules and putting in place an official body that was able not only to recognise, but to refuse to recognise.

    In other words, yet again, trans individuals were being subject to being defined by others.

    And Patrick: trust me. This is how parliament works. Today’s bright idea sparks debate, leads to white paper, leads to policy. The fact that a member of the governing coalition has had such a thought is very positive and one to be lauded and pushed for all its worth.


  5. Hodge Podge 13 Jul 2010, 10:52pm

    Today’s bright idea sparks debate, leads to white paper, leads to policy. The fact that a member of the governing coalition has had such a thought is very positive and one to be lauded and pushed for all its worth.

    Lets do it then, squeeze this god forsaken coalition for all the identity politics goodness it has. Its not everyday you have Lib Dems in government.

  6. Paula Thomas 14 Jul 2010, 5:53am

    Removal of gender information from official documents ? Are they going to remove the name? No? Then, since most names are gender specific they aren’t removing the gender information.

    In addition we have long and hard ti get new birth certificates in our correct gender (and that includes name). It seems to me that this Government may be preparing to take that away by removing gender from official documents they could say there is ‘no need’ for change of birth certificate any longer.


  7. Paula,

    Talk to me again when it is published…but i am putting together a paper on name change. One thing the trans community really needs to get its head around is: name is what you are called. You DON’T need deed polls or statutory declarations in order to change it – and if organisations tell you that “this is the law”, they are simply wrong. In fact, the government departments i have spoken to about this have all said they will change name on documents without the need for either of those legal forms.

    The ONLY exception i have encountered to date is – surprise, surprise! – the Gender Identity Clinic. They appear to be at loggerheads even with rules produced by the NHS.

    I am known as Jane Fae…there is scarcely a single person of my acquaintance, at work or in my friendship circles, who would still use my former name. To all legal intents and purposes, I am therefore now Jane…although some (commercial) organisations are taking a bit longer to recognise that than others. One or two are possibly acting unlawfully along the way.

    So I am not sure what the issue is, Paula: that you believe you can’t change your name on official documents (you can) or that you are still betwixt and between when it comes to passing – but in that case, whatever name you use, you will draw attention whenever you tell people your name.

    As for the birth certificate thing, that feels a bit like old thinking – and i am not entirely convinced it did us massive favours anyway. Personally, i would rather live in a world in which officialdom was not bothered by my gender, than have to subject myself to some committee of cis officials to beg for recognition: and to be honest, the real danger is that instead of the current legal position being perpetuated (whereby you can opt to describe yourself by whatever gender you wish for most purposes), the GRC apparatus could get rolled out so that you’d have to face a committee for MORE aspects of your life, not fewer.


  8. “The simple solution to many of these circumstances is just not to have gender information on any of these identity documents.”

    Wow, radicle. How did they come up with that gem of an idear? It’s not like we’ve been sugesting it for decades or anything!

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