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Judge in rent boy scandal resigns before he was expected to be sacked

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Reader comments

  1. Silly man.

  2. stupid gold digging fukced up lazy bitch rent boy.

  3. sorry i just dislike the scum that run off and sell their stories


  4. We should feel sorry for this judge if he was not a active homophobes. Here in the states it looks like at least 10% of all divorces are because gay people are forced by society into hetero marriages that mostly all fall apart.

    And in manay cases the gay helps their ex find a new mate, and remains friends with the new family, and a good father or mother to the children.

  5. instinctively felt for the judge in this – he’s 60, grew up in a era when men got sent down for “buggery” and were considered mentally ill for liking their own sex. there was no such thing as being openly gay as now; it was inconceivable. he’s a product of that time and no doubt the weight of the shame forced on him is acute right now.

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