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Football study finds 93% of fans disapprove of anti-gay abuse

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Reader comments

  1. Football fans are no more homophobic than rugby or hurling fans.

    The problem with homophobia in football is almost entirely related to the institutional homophobia of the FA themselves.

    Notice how the RFL fined a rugby club £40,000 for their fans’ homophobic abuse.

    There will be no repeat of that homophobia as the rugby clubs will step hard on their small number of homophobic fans.

    The FA will do nothing of the sort as the homophobia of a minority of football fans is a mirror for the homophobia of the FA.

    Remember the pathetic withdrawal by the FA from the anti-homoophobia campaign.

    I’ve not noticed them coming up with an alternative campaign.

    Why not?

  2. Yes – the FA tarnishes football. It is a homophobic organisation.

  3. what rubbish – is the author of this report on medication?

  4. I’m afraid that ‘self-selected’ is the killer phrase. It casts a lot of doubt on the value of these stats. It is highly likely that people with an axe to grind against homophobia in the sport in the first place are the ones who were motivated to respond. Many others are likely to be homophobic or just plain indifferent.
    It is a bit of a side-show to just getting on with tackling homophobia in football.

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