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Catholic cardinal says gay marriage in Argentina is the work of the devil

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Reader comments

  1. “……..that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God..”


    Come again..!

    ‘………………and say not a word of this, child. You will simply not be believed’


  2. How much longer can we listen to these religious men and women who imagine people in their heads then tell us that their imaginary friends are controlling the world. How can anyone who is religious have any power in the world? they have severe mental problems and should be given meidcation to help them.

  3. I’m getting sick to the stomach about hearing what is allegedly God’s plan. Anyone would think they have a white phone to this God. Since this type of person is negative and causing hatred they should be rounded up and institutionalised away from the general public.

    How people choose to live their lives is certainly not his concern.

  4. The Christian Taliban! The worst kind of dictatorships are religeon led. Thanks to God! that south america hasnt gone the way of Africa.

  5. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Jul 2010, 7:33pm


    That’s rich.

    “Seek to confuse and and deceive the children of god”.

    At least we aren’t raping them and covering it up.

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Jul 2010, 8:01pm

    The real Father of Lies has been invited to the UK.

    Join the protest:

  7. Another headline grabbing religious whatever – to be ignored.

    1. A bit difficult now that he’s pope.


    1. Doctrine of Death
    The pope sentences millions of people to HIV infection and an early death in African and developing countries with his refusal to allow the promotion of condom use.

    2. Doctrine of Homophobic hatred
    The pope continues to incite homophobic hatred by refusing to with draw his statement that LGBT people are an intrinsically disordered and moral evil.

    3. Doctrine of Misogyny
    The pope continues to perpetuate sexism and gender a partite by refusing to allow women to ascend to the priesthood.

    4. Doctrine of Child Abuse
    The pope continues to sanction the sexual abuse of children by refusing to challenge organised and institutional child rape.

  9. The sooner the Pope is tried in his absence by the BBC the better.

  10. Peter Baird 13 Jul 2010, 10:54pm

    Extreme Right Wing Christian Taliban!

    So Herr Goglio knows Gods plan for his Children.

    As last we have someone on earth who can tell us the status of this unmarried God. This is the only God of thousands of Gods who has never married. Always obsessed with making Toy-Boys, Lucifer, Michael, Adam, drove Eternal Lillith off in a huff.
    Lillith was so pi@@ed off….Never did like this grumpy old bugger anyway…shot through with Lucifer down to the mysterious delights of the Underworld. She Meddles with the Moon and Womens things to this day. Lucifer goes around like a roaring Lion seeking to devour Men and Gay’s.
    Why is know-it-all Goggle and his pals so silent about the history of Eternal Lillith? Maybe he can tell us her whereabouts?
    Meanwhile, activists world wide, continue to search for ways of Soepeona this Daity to appear before a magistrate, stating full name, age and address, and why he seeks to humiliate and persecute minorities that he created.
    Some day and activist will succeed in this endeavor and that will be the end of this problem.

    Men will no longer have to hide their Bi-sexuality behind the frocks of Women and Priests.

  11. Dear Cardinal, you want to be celibate and preach hatred. We want to love our partners and celebrate our lives together. When Argentina enacts the proposed laws, it will be Argentina 1, Vatican City 0.

  12. “So Herr Goglio knows Gods plan for his Children.”

    Maybe, but we sure know what the Catholic Church and their bishops have in mind for children… maybe he should be looking under his own roof for “evil” before assigning blame to fictitious creatures becuase two people being fall in love.

    Its so tiresome the same old hypocritical rhetoric from this bunch of paedophiles…. how anyone can, in good conscience, wish remain a member of this organisation and consider themselves even remotely intelligent is truly beyond me.

  13. Another Over-inflated male ego who clearly believes humanity should Never progress.

    It’s time to wave Goodbye to Religion…

    Goodbye Religion!!

  14. The vote on this will be later today. The Senate’s judicial committee has recommended rejection of the bill although I suppose that doesn’t mean it will fail.

  15. The only “devils” and their machinations that exist reside in the walls of the Vatican and in the other parts of the world where their minions perpetuate this hate filled, evil irrational nonsense.

  16. Isn’t Argentina the country where about 30.000 disappeared after a military coup, with the blessings of the church? I wonder what job this cardinal had during that period. The work of the devil. indeed!

  17. No Cardinal, the sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Church is the work of the devil.

  18. No Peter, the abuse of children in the catholic church is not the work of a non existing entity, but the work of clergy

  19. Hail Satan – Well really – how ridiculous these simpletons are – Their greatest fear is not the baddemon But an intelligent and evolved Human – Like the Dinos, the Faithful are nearing extinction as they grasp at holy straws

  20. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Jul 2010, 9:11pm

    The Hillsong Christian Taliban and all religions in general is the devil!!!!

  21. Now this bigoted asshole is pope :(

  22. Oh. nothing changes does it? New Pope gets in and and within hours he’s at it, lambasting the gays. Different Pope. Same old drivel.

  23. You know, I’m from Argentina- grew up in a catholic belief, but I’m a lesbian. And I’m sick-tired-sad of hearing such a big debate on whether it’s ok being this way, also about the possibility of me and my girlfriend getting married some day. I don’t wanna consider myself or anyone from the LGBT community “a destructive pretension against the plan of God”. I just don’t get how such a religious person would think and speak up against people who happen to be consider “different”.

    And he’s from my own country!…F*ck!

    Sorry. Don’t even know where I’m going with this, I’m just sad. Maybe I thought that for once, We wouldn’t we “the evil” for a Pope.

  24. Funny that. That’s exactly how I view organised religion – especially the sort that thinks its paedophile priests can mollest kids with impunity and milk the vulnerable and guilable out of billions of dollars.

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