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Warning to gay and bisexual men over ‘nasty’ new strain of chlamydia

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Reader comments

  1. Truly amazing when you think they ignore the fact that there are some straight males who practice unprotected anal sex with women so I would deduce that the warning doesn’t apply to them.

    This is the same mindset I hear from ignorant straight men who think that anal sex with a woman is ok but not with a man, simply because its a woman they’re doing it with. The medical community is just as ignorant.

  2. in a central London pub I was asked to fcuk a stranger in the toilet bareback. I only went for a piss! now this was no sleaze pit with dark rooms. is that common?

  3. no it’s not common, you must just look like a good fukc dean.

  4. It’s not clear to me. In what way does LGV infection make one more suceptible to HIV? Does the mere acquisition of LGV cause HIV, or does an LGV infection mean that one is more suceptible, in any sexual activity one engages in after, to acquiring HIV?

  5. jay you charmer my point is guys who barebacked in my day would be shunned now it’s acceptable online saunas clubs and pubs. it’s shocking and needs to be addressed.

  6. To Luke:
    Because of the bleeding and skin damage LGV causes it
    makes it easier to pick up or pass on HIV. It also means you’re
    more likely to get or pass on hepatitis C (a serious viral liver
    disease), syphilis and other STIs. (lifted from the THT leaflet)

  7. Robert – it’s not about ignoring heterosexual people. LGV is a sexually transmitted infection that has so far only appeared in the UK among men who have sex with men. There very well may be heterosexual women who have become infected with it, but so far there have been no recorded cases of it.

    You will not find a healthcare professional telling heterosexual men that anal sex with women is “less risky” for the transmission of STIs.

  8. Dont have promiscuous sex and then you dont have to worry! Same-sex marriage rights now!

  9. Brenton “nailed it” on the head ;-) Dont have promiscuous sex and the problem is solved! Agreed, the time is long over due for equal rights for ALL people. End of story.

  10. The majority of men diagnosed with LGV in the UK have had HIV for a long time. The majority of the infections have been rectal, and rather than being associated with incident HIV infections, LGV appears to accompany the acquisition of hepatitis C amongst men who already have HIV.

    This is probably related to sexual networks and practices.

    There are very limited data showing that men are acquiring LGV and HIV at the same time.

    Put this into some context, please, otherwise rather than being useful health information, it becomes scaremongering, and doesn’t reach the people who need the information.

  11. An arse is an arse lol.

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