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Castleford rugby club bans three fans for Gareth Thomas abuse

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Reader comments

  1. This is welcome, but checking Castleford’s own website, they’re not exactly upfront about the reason for the ban:

    Right at the end of article is the line: The Club do not condone homophobic chanting in any situation but feel that the fine is disproportionate to the charges put forward at the Tribunal.

    So, the only mention of homophobia in the entire article is in the same sentence where they’re saying they’ll appeal against the ‘disproportionate’ fine. It doesn’t really feel like full and frank recognition of the problem.

  2. Sister Mary Clarance 13 Jul 2010, 12:32am

    “Castleford chief executive Richard Wright said that more people could be barred from the stadium and asked fans to report any instances of abusive chanting.”

    Does sound like a bit of an about face from his last comments on the subject, which were decidedly lacking in any remorse for the incident.

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