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Teacher who called pupil ‘fat gay boy’ suspended for a year

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Reader comments

  1. Fat and gay? Has Robbie Williams gone back to school?

  2. This teacher sounds like an awful person who shouldn’t have been allowed to teach in the first place.

  3. Rev C, aside from stating the obvious what else do you do?

  4. That’s disgusting. People should not be denigrated for their weight.
    The poor lad should should have just been advised “to get a salad, you little poof.”

    Grow some backbone. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

  5. A cock or a Krispy Kreme? Sounds like this kid was indulging in both. Kudos to him and his teacher for pointing out the error of his ways.

  6. Patrick James 9 Jul 2010, 6:18pm

    Spanner writes:

    Grow some backbone. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

    Some people think that demonstrating callous indifference to the interests of others makes them look in some way strong.

    I think the authors of posts like Spanners are very often very weak insignificant people for whom the Internet presents an opportunity to puff themselves up.

    Nietzsche of course famously said “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”, but Nietzsche himself developed a debilitating neurological illness which didn’t kill him but made him weaker.

  7. Outstanding post, Patrick James. These forums are fast becoming a haven for disempowered idiots – who, instead of rising above victimhood themselves, choose to attack and belittle others as a means to regain their own dignity. What an achievement that must be!

  8. Ian Bower 9 Jul 2010, 7:25pm

    What on earth are you talking about?

  9. Patrick James 9 Jul 2010, 9:39pm

    Thank you Paolo for your kind comments.

    In any Internet discussion forum, particularly those given to rights or politics issues there is nearly always quite a large number of posters who suffer from what I would like to call “Alf Garnett syndrome”.

    Alf Garnett syndrome is the desire to go to Internet forums and pour out a great deal of anger usually expressing extreme right wing ideas such as “bring back hanging” or racism or, of course homophobia.

    For those that don’t know Alf Garnett was a fictional character played by Warren Mitchell in the superb television series “Till Death Do Us Part”. The Wikipedia Alf Garnett article explains all.

    I think that those displaying Alf Garnett syndrome are usually suffering from anger that they don’t understand themselves, very like the anger of loneliness. This anger leads them to the Internet where they can presumably obtain some temporary catharsis through expressing it in a forum post.

  10. I find it bizarre that this man should be given a third chance. Is Liverpool that short of teachers?

  11. Patrick, your Nietzsche comment had me rolling around in stitches. Thanks ;-)

  12. Patrick James 9 Jul 2010, 11:02pm

    Thank you Philip :)

  13. Patrick James: It is quite obvious from your responses that you just sit in the comfort of your armchair delivering judicious nuggets of wisdom without any real knowledge of the outside world.

    Nietzsche, or for that matter, Johnny Speight may not have been spot on, but they captured the Zeitgeist, the ‘spirit of the times’ – and I actually think little has changed in those years, except we mollycoddle our children, we fear that being exposed to the harsh realities of the world will fry their fragile little minds.

    Sadly, those of us older folk know from experience this isn’t true, and that sooner or later, they will have to face those demons when the rather more Liberal, wet-behind-the-ears types are not around to protect them. It is only then that they receive the full force of that disapproval of others.

    People need to understand at an early age, they are never going to be all things to all men, and they are going to get knocks, critique and even the occasional fat lip. That’s the way life works. Trying to protect people from it only delays the inevitable. Better it comes naturally, than being held in an artificial bubble only for it to be released en masse at a later date. You and your attitude may appear beneficial, but in the long run, you are not doing anyone any favours. You cannot legislate against human nature.

  14. friday jones 10 Jul 2010, 1:13am

    I think that in the past few decades we’ve realized just how much young people have been held back by neuroses that hindered their success, and decided as a society to reduce the egregious nonsense that widens and deepens neuroses, such as childhood trauma and inappropriately-presented cultural symbols. If coddling children retards their development by failing to challenge them, imagine just how badly retarded a child’s development becomes when you literally drive them crazy. And yes, making a young person absolutely loathe themselves to the point of self-harm is “driving them crazy” in the most literal sense of the term.

  15. Spanner is obviously a fat gay boy/old man, and was picked on at school, and thinks everyone should receive the same sh1t treatment. Spanner thinks if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger – what a load of garbage, have you not seen the millions of people walking around England who have been bullied into a place of depression, if it doesn’t kill you it just makes you a miserable fukc, and if you become too miserable it kills you. This teacher should be sacked. But then he does work in liverpool, I’m surprised they can get anyone to teach in that hellhole.

    Patrick can be a bit full on, but he just cares about gay rights, good on him.

  16. Well done Patrick James. Teachers are meant to teach not bully students – if teachers have a problem teaching then leave teaching to those who can teach, to teach. Not all students are little angels and students spend at least a third of their early lives at school in the charge of teachers. Teachers are a bit like foster parents taking care of the children for the most part of the day. In fact school going young people spend more time with their teachers than they do with their own parents. Teachers therefore have a very big responsibility in a huge number of ways particularly with large unweildy classes and no means of discipline. Choosing the right teacher is difficulty and sometimes some teachers snap with the pressure or stress of the responsibility of teaching – they are after all human not machine. Making personal remarks about students is a form of adult bullying and verbally sharing ones personal sex life etc is not the function of teachers. Teachers have to be role models, psychologists, confessors, teachers, ‘parents’, crowd controllers, policmen, ‘judge, jury and executioner’ in matters of discipline, professors, friends, communication experts, and so on. Some students do provoke teachers to do and say things that fall outside the normal teaching remit. There are two ways of teaching – 1. the love way and 2. the hate way.
    The Love way is the non screaming way, gentle approach and is very effective for some classes. The hate way uses reverse psychology to stimulate the student – ‘fat and gay’ is one such example. Lazy, stupid, never going to get anywhere, will fail your exams etc are favourites of the majority of Polish teachers the list goes on.
    It is not easy being a teacher but then again it is not easy being a student trying to learn in a large, noisy, undisciplined class, with the teacher trying to make himself heard above the noise. Yes I know is a generalisation. In my opinion students are no lazy and bad student behaviour stems from the home environment manifesting itself at school (peer pressure also comes into play here). So the teacher has a lot to contend with. Every student has a different learning ability. Some are quicker than others, some students need individual teaching to help them understand the subject. It is all very well putting a teacher in with a group of young people and say ok now teach – teaching is far more than that. If parents were more interested in their child’s education and helped and worked teachers (at home obviously) as in the Finnish system then there would be less problems in schools.
    To sum up : I do not think that it was necessary for that teacher to name call the student and I think that the school should have been far more diligent in recognising the first stages of teacher stress and possible breakdown.

  17. @Spanner . . . and if the teacher had said

    You Fat Ni**er boy ?

    rather than

    You Fat Gay boy

  18. JohnK: If the teacher had been black, I bet nobody would have said a word. It’s all about context. Whatever happened to “sticks & stones”? I’ll tell you. The Politically correct lefties threw it out of the window along with banning competitive sports and not being able to fail someone in an exam, because they are too frightened of hurting the little lambs feelings when life kicks them in the nuts.

  19. Yeah, maybe Spanner’s right, just let teachers say what they want to pupils. “you stupid ugly waste of space spastic”, “you ginger haired muppet”, “you little nigger slave boy”, “greedy little jew boy”, would all be acceptable. Its just all sticks and stones, name calling, its just the context. It doesn’t hurt, well, it doesn’t hurt if you don’t feel anything anymore that is. If you’re dead inside, it just makes you stronger, if you’ve forgotten what it is to try and be a good human being, like those silly lefties think they are, you know, the same ones who fought for gay rights Spanner.

  20. Spanner – the guy’s an authority figure and in a position of respect so he shouldn’t be doing crap like this

  21. Patrick James 11 Jul 2010, 2:11am

    Spanner writes:

    Patrick James: It is quite obvious from your responses that you just sit in the comfort of your armchair delivering judicious nuggets of wisdom without any real knowledge of the outside world.

    As it happens I don’t have an armchair, but I’ll give you some of my personal history in a few sentences.

    I grew up in Northern Ireland. In fact my school years were in the 70s, I left school in 1979.

    At that time in Northern Ireland school teachers had a total carte blanche to hit children when they wished. There was absolutely no information at all about homosexuality except that some teachers chose to use “poof” “shirt-lifter” or other abuse terms of that time at children who were perhaps not that good at games.

    When I left school after a few years I started working in journalism, mostly radio and in Northern Ireland during the troubles this could mean reporting on the frequent acts of appalling brutality which were common in those years.

    I have witnessed terrible violence, lost friends to violence but most of all, like anyone who grew up in Northern Ireland at the time I have seen how violence is corrosive to society.

    I think that anyone that has been near the consequences of abuse and violence will immediately dismiss quotes like “if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger”.

  22. “The Politically correct lefties threw it out of the window along with banning competitive sports and not being able to fail someone in an exam, because they are too frightened of hurting the little lambs feelings when life kicks them in the nuts.”

    Read this agian, Spanner, and you’ll see this is a ridiculous example and analogy.

    The fact this man is a teacher, and by definition of his job, he is there to support and educate, not sling abuse at them like his a 5 year old. Its his JOB not be be abusive, and I’m sure you are not as unschooled yourself as to suggest that the kid should have just accepted the insult from him when the man is supposed to be an adult in an authoritative position.

    And “fat gay boy” as an insult? Someone should check this teacher for diminished capacity, not be worrying that some illusory “politically correct lefties” group are out to undermine society.

    Someone should give you a good kicking in the nuts Spanner, and then we’ll see if it thought you a thing or two about life, or improved your understanding of education.

  23. Will: I went to a tough public school where many of the teachers were ex-pupils themselves. If being called “fat gay boy” was the only trouble I ever got, I would be a happy chappy. As it happens, I got regular beatings, canings, buckets of cold water in bed at 6am, and a broken arm, and that was just the masters.

    These kids haven’t a damn clue, and if the teacher needs to kick the little bastards into touch to get some response and discipline, then so be it.

    I did work briefly as a teacher myself, and I always tried to be firm, but fair, the majority loved my classes and we all got on very well, but I would have playful jibes with boisterous kids, and they took it in the light it was intended. However, woe betide anyone who actually stepped out of line. They all knew the boundary, and the dire consequences should they overstep it.
    I fortunately rarely had to actually implement it. Children are like animals, you need to have a deterrent. One good slap on the legs of a three year old will leave a permanent reminder in their memories never to do that again. One should hopefully never have to repeat the lesson.

    One seems to imagine the ‘victim’ of this verbal assault was some poor little sensitive, slightly podgy boy that would have burst into tears, but we don’t actually know. He could have also been a 6’4″ 16 year old with a gob on him like a sewer and fists the size of dinner plates. If that had been the case, he would have got a damn sight worse from me than a few choice words.

  24. Dr Boycock 11 Jul 2010, 8:48pm

    Again we hear the old ´it didnt do ME any harm´ excuse for a policy that is supposed to be fit for everyone. Clearly from the teen suicide figures, that is not the case.

    We pay teachers to educate, not to abuse pupils.. (physically or emotionally) Simple.

    It also cannot be considered to be a good thing to (continue) to educate kids that ´gay boy´ is a valid and acceptable insult.

    With a bit of luck, this man will never be employed teaching again after such conduct… (Are we also forgetting his inappropriate conversations regarding his sexual exploits to his pupils? Are we also forgetting his use of a school laptop to look for sex-aids?) This guy is a disgrace and by the sound of it, should be allowed no-where near a classroom.

  25. “Again we hear the old ´it didnt do ME any harm´ excuse for a policy that is supposed to be fit for everyone. Clearly from the teen suicide figures, that is not the case.”

    Agreed. It’s the same nonsense as the “we had no cars in our day, we walked through 10 miles of snow barefooted, and we loved it.” – these same people never actually refuse a lift in a car, of course, but prefer you should somehow have guilt for humanities progress.

    Spanner is a classic case of violence repeating itself in a cycle of those who are abuse can often become the abuser, as he clearly is. He clearly doesn’t seem to have the will or the insight to see a way out of the cycle if he thinks abusing children because “children are like animals” as he eruditely puts it.

    Very disturbing post by Spanner. Lets just be thankful he’s not in charge of kids any more, and hope he be checked by social workers if he ever around kid again.

  26. spanner – “Children are like animals” – really? are they? you are one fukced up person. I suggest you take a listen to yourself and your vile ideas on what being a human being is before you leave any more comments. And please don’t go anywhere near children, or anyone else for that matter.

  27. Jay: Contrary to popular opinion, we are animals, just somewhat more advanced, one hopes. However, instilling basic primitive reflexes is identical in humans as it is say a dog. Most kids at some point will stick their fingers in a mains socket, even though they have been warned many times not to do it.
    Very few ever do it a second time. It is unlikely to permanently harm them, but getting jolt is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

    On the subject of that teacher, I am not condoning the man, and he does sound like a bit of a prat, but recently a mild-mannered teacher completely lost the plot and nearly killed a boy. It was later shown that the kids had stretched the poor man to his limits, and he had finally snapped. Until you have ever tried teaching, please don’t assume that all teachers are sadistic bastards, usually it is the kids. Teacher are now totally impotent to do anything, and there is no control or discipline any more. Unfortunately, the bleeding heart liberals have now just turned the classroom into complete anarchy.

    Violence is one thing, but a clip round the ear never hurt anyone.

  28. When people use generalised and meaningless phrases like “bleeding heart liberals” as an encyclopedic for their paranoid blame, you know they have their own deep internal issues to work through before one can expect anything intelligent by way of an argument from them.

  29. Spanner are you secretly Røb_X?

  30. Will: Whenever people claim that someone suffers “deep internal issues”, “internalised homophobia” or other pseudo-intellectual pyschobabble, I know they have no argument and have to resort to questioning the person’s own mental wellbeing in order to justify a flaky argrument that they cannot support.

    Beecham: Whatever made you say such a nasty, cruel and wicked thing as that? ;)

  31. “have to resort to questioning the person’s own mental wellbeing in order to justify a flaky argrument that they cannot support.”

    When someone reverts to treating children like animals, as you so eloquently put it, and beating them to “teach them a lesson they’re remember”, then I would certainly question their fitness to exist in civilised society without assistance and control, or to be a parent, or to be around kids, or to enrage in anything relating to children welfare to be honest.

    So, yes, your mental health IS in seriously in question…. idiotic references to it as “pseudo-intellectual pyschobabble” aside as irrelevant, of course.

  32. Actually spanner_b_n_p, I think Will is right. You do have deep internal issues, like everyone does. It’s just that intelligent people work through those issues, whereas stupid people like you don’t.

  33. A couple of questions. If people don’t stand up against abuse, if they just take it, if they just suck it up and ‘be a man’ (a sexist expression), how can you ever expect society to get *nicer*? Surely you don’t want people to have less pleasant lives than strictly necessary?

  34. BenB: It depends on what you define as “abuse”. If a child is persistently “naughty”, troublesome, antisocial or disruptive, should you ignore them? If not, then how do you punish them?

    It seems that any kind of physical deterrent nowadays is tantamount to “violent abuse”, including a slap on the legs, any chastisement is “verbal abuse”, and the only alternative is domestically, to send them to their room, or in a school, throw them out of the class. Either way, the kid thinks they’ve won, so they can just carry on on their Playstation, or bunk off school.

    This liberal attitude achieves NOTHING.
    You call it abuse, I call it discipline.

    I am a firm believer of carrot and stick. Wherever possible, the ‘carrot’ should be used as an incentive to entice, interest and involve youngsters. Hopefully that prevents most problems even occurring. However, the ‘stick’ should not be forgotten and put aside, and it is only the threat of physical punishment that deters some. Society seems to have fallen down one side of the process, without implementing the other, and it requires both to operate a civilised and hopefully educational environment.

  35. He just keep spouting on the same tired nonsense over and over again, doesn’t he? Its like the misguided belief that repetition leads to correctness. A typical fallacy of the inerudite.

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