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Massachusetts judge rules Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

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Reader comments

  1. This is very good news indeed – The US of A is moving out of the dark ages slowly but surely.

  2. Dragged kicking screaming by Massachusetts as usual

  3. I suspect you’re right, P O’G lol. Same-sex marriage should be a no-brainer but not in the US–probably because of all the Talibangelical types running around. Still I think that one day marriage equality across the US will be a reality.

    Now, if there can just be same-sex marriage in the UK I would be even happier.

  4. The churches and right-wing nutters complain bitterly about this, but as one judge genuinely and honestly asked, “How does same-sex marriage actually affect you?” – they had no answer because there wasn’t one. It may offend them, but it doesn’t directly affect them. It is as simple and plain as that.

    Even God cannot defend against simple logic such as this.

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 5:25pm

    The ruling is long overdue!

    Repeal both DOMA and DADT now and fully implement ENDA now!!!!!!

    No more lame, outdated and silly excuses Obama!!!!!

  6. As for the religious ultra conservatives, I don’t see Jesus’ name written on the Bible anywhere! It’s just Paul, Mathew, Mark Luke, or John!

  7. Bill Perdue 10 Jul 2010, 8:02am


    A big win for decency and rationality and a poke in the eye for bigots like Clinton, Bush and Obama.

    At one point in this career as a ‘paid for by the highest bidder’ political hustler Obama supported same sex marriage but soon changed his position to pander to christian bigots. In 2008 his campaign was centered on stealing the bigot vote from the Republicans and he succeeded to a large extent.

    His director of bigot outreach, Josh Dubois, utilized tent meetings featuring bigoted christer scum like MaryMary and Donnie McClurkin and the bigotfest at the California megachurch of megabigot Rick Warren. There, and on MTV Obama deliberately and consciously did everything he could to sabotage same sex marriage by repeatedly trumpeting this opposition to it because ‘gawd’s in the mix.’

    The question of the day is will Obama, true to his bigoted opposition to same sex marriage continue, as he did in this case, to defend Bill Clintons bigoted DOMA as it works its way through the courts.

    My guess is that he will and that his DoJ will continue to use vile bigoted language to defend it, because really there are no rational defenses for bigotry except more bigotry. That’s mostly what we’ve seen from Obama.

    Republican politicians look you in the eye and call you a faggot, dyke or tranny. Democrat politicians wait till you leave the room, smirk, and then call you a faggot, dyke or tranny.

  8. This article is another example of the low quality of journalism on Pink News.

    “A judge in Boston, Massachusetts, has ruled that America’s federal ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional”

    The US doesn’t have a ban on “gay marriage” (whatever that is), it has a law banning the Federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages and giving states an exemption to the requirement to recognize marriages from other states in the case of SS marriages. The judge only addressed the Federal recognition as the case explicitly addressed only that portion of the law.

    The article acts like there’s a real question whether the Dept. of Justice will appeal. There is no question. An appeal to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals is inevitable. The only real question is whether the US Supreme Court will hear an appeal to the Circuit Court’s ruling.

    A news outlet which claims to be representing GLBT people should know that “gay marriage” isn’t the same thing as “marriage equality for same sex couples” and use the correct term.

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