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Ireland’s upper house passes civil partnerships bill

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Reader comments

  1. Fed up with bigots 9 Jul 2010, 4:09pm

    Finally Ireland is getting on board on same sex unions!

    However when I looked at the 122 page “Civil Partnership Bill” it does not include adoption, surrogacy, IVF and parentage rights – which the UK does include fully!!!!!

    I am very sure the law will be signed and will become effective from 1 January 2011!!!

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 4:11pm

    Long overdue!

    Goodness sake what took them soooooo long?????

  3. Discrimination against Irish children is now legal in Ireland’s laws.

    Under this civil partnership bill children will have zero right to financial or custodial support from their non-biological parent.

    Therefore if a lesbian couple in Ireland gets a civil partnership and then have 2 children through artificial insemination from a sperm bank, and the biological mother dies, then the children have no automatic right to support from the non-biological parent.

    Even if the non-biological parent wants to fully suppport her children, she may not be allowedt to do so.

    With this civil partnership law the non-biological parents and the children have zero rights and responsibilities towards each other.

    This differs from the stepchildren in a heterosexual union who do enjoy the right to financial and custodial support from their step-parent.

    Ireland’s civil partnership law therefore legalises discrimination against children, simply because the government has a problem with the parents’ sexual orientation. That is both shameful and disgusting.

    The 2nd annual March for Marriage takes place in Dublin on August 22nd this year.

    Last year saw 5,000 people take to the streets to demand marriage equality.

    This year I’m hoping it will be even bigger.

    The government cannot be allowed to think that we are happy with out 2nd class apartheid, civil partnership system.

    Shame on the Green Party (the junior coalition party) for not insisting that marriage equality (which they claim they support) be a non-negotiable pre-condition for entering the coalition.

    To the streets on August 22nd

  4. In defence of the Green Party, it has pushed for lgbt rights and is certianly responsivle for the passing of this bill. The bill is a great step but pressure needs to be put on the Irish Government to legalise marriage equality and full adoption and parenting rights for loving and commited gay couples.

  5. The Green Party did not try hard enough.

    They claimed that they support marriage equality but they did not insist on marriage equality being a non-negotiable pre-condition for entering a coalition with Fianna Fail.

    The Greens STILL claim to support marriage equality, but when I mailed them to ask how they intended to achieve marriage equality after the passing of the Civil Partnership Apartheid Bill they had no reply.

    It would seem that as far as the Greens are concerned this issue is now closed.

    The Labour Party is the party most in favour of equality for gay people in Ireland. They are riding high in the opinion polls at the moment. We need to start getting some commitments in favour of marriage equality from them, as they look like they will be part of the next government.

  6. Ironically, unlike its British counterpart, the Irish model permits straight couples who don’t want to get married to form a CP. Its good to see at least Ireland has a vocal, active movement to demand marriage equality. We in the UK don’t which is proof positive that they are definitely NOT equal to marriage if straights are allowed access while they can still marry while we can’t in Ireland and the UK. We’re the only western country with some form of legal union other than marriage that doesn’t allow its straight citizens to opt out of marriage for a CP and vice versa. At least Ireland has gone one step further than we have. Proof yet again that there is no full equality for gay or straight people in our own country.

  7. The original bill had a very strict clause which did not allow registrars to opt out for religious reasons; a fine of 6,5000 euros and six months in jail could be imposed.

    I am wondering if this clause went through, or was amended?

  8. why did the Irishman wear two condoms? To be sure, to be sure.

  9. Civil partnerships will only be available to gay couples. Gay and straight couples who live together for at least five years will have some recognition meaning that upon the ending of a relationship in which one cohabitant was a dependant provision can be made by a court for the dependant. Neither pro-gay nor anti-gay amendments were mad eto the bill. There was, however, a very good debate in Seanad Éireann (the upper house) including fantastic rebuttal by Irish gay senator and human rights activist (one of two gay irish senators) of an ugly proposed amendment.

    The Green Party of course still supports marriage equality as does Labour, Sinn Féin, the Socialist Party and Fianna Fáils youth section, Ógra Fianna Fáil. 62% of Irish people support it too. When a party negotiates a programme for government it doesn’t get verything it wants. Labour does have some very good social polices but what about its economic ones? I mean pragmatic policies, not ones which makes Jack O’Connor happy.

  10. Another step in the right direction. And now for full rights for the LGBT Community

  11. Paschal – CPs in Ireland/UK are between people of the same sex!

    Good to see it go thru and provide rights to both same sex and different sex oouples, not sure the UK has any such arrangement for different sex couples…. Interesting it is lumped into the same bill.

    Also good that GLEN is still seeking full equality ie gay marriage, unlike Stonewall and also good to hear from Paschal that other parties are pusing for it, including their labour party. No such luck here with the lab party, they are dead set against it!!!!. Why didn’t pinknews mention this! Also good that they will recognise the British CP and class it as its equivalent, seems it will also class gay marriages the same as it as well – a bit of a check I guess but the UK does it!

  12. This is a very complex bill. The main reason it has so many loop-holes is because our constitution defines ‘the family’ as a married couple with children and the governemnt wanted to get as much legislation through as possible without having to have a contentious referendum where the damned catholic church would scare monger the people who still believe into a fear based decision that would prevent any type of civil unions from taking place. It is a major step forward but with many flaws that hve to be tidied up asap – thats where we need to pile the pressure on, to make sure they do sort out the problems with adoption rights etc.

    And, in the article above it was stated that President McAlees may send the bill to the Supreme court to see if its unconstitutional, thats somewhat incorrect, as if she does send it – and I hope she does – and its deemed constitutional, it may NEVER be challanged again in an Irish court, so it stops haters from trying to undermine us.

  13. The bill is progress but not enough. Only be having marriage equalirt for gay couples and allowing them to adopt jointly can Ireland hope to treat its gay citizens and their families with the dignity and respect they deserve. The Irish people support both marriage equality and adoption by gay couples. It’s time that the law also recognised the unfair way in whicg gay couples are treated.

  14. Even if the large public support for marriage equality and allowing gay couples to adopt in Ireland didn’t exist, rights should not be witheld based on whether one loves someone of the same sex or opposite sex.

  15. I can’t believe that so many people are falling for the barefaced lie which says that a referendum is required to grant same sex couples marriage equality in Irelamd.

    While the constitution refers to a married couple as ‘he’ and ‘she’ it also explicitly states that all Irish citizens have equal rights under the law.

    The same sex marriage ban is therefore unconsitutional, and legislation to grant equality to same sex couples is required.

    The CP Bill is good as same sex couples are now OFFICIALLY 2nd class citizens (previously we didn’t even exist so I suppose it’s progress of sorts).

    The Irish government knows full well that determining the rights of a minority group via popular vote cannot be done. It goes against every principle of democracy to tell gay people (or black people, or women) that their rights are decided by popular vote.

    I want to see same sex marriage legislation introduced.

    The Irish Labour Party is the best option to get this (after the betrayal by the Greens they cannot be trusted) and they are doing very well in the opinion polls.

    Roll on the next election. Perhaps this CP legislation will merely be a blip on the road to equality.

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