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Australia delays plans to block ‘inappropriate’ websites

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  1. It’s the thin end of the wedge again. it’s like those that demand the BNP be shut down. You may disapprove, but that is at the heart of a democratic society. The moment others begin to dictate what you should and should not see, is the moment when civilisation begins to take a turn for the worst. What next? Block parliamentary candidates you disapprove of? People that act against government? Anti-church? McDonalds?

    It’s either all or nothing, but one things for sure, the Internet is way bigger than anyone, even a country, and the truth always gets out, however one may try to block it.

  2. Ian Bower 9 Jul 2010, 5:30pm

    Australia is nearer to North Korea than we are. maybe there is some ‘culture blur’ going on.
    Or maybe the U.S. evangelical ‘christians’ have been doing their thing in Australia.
    Or maybe its just the creeping conservatism that is engulfing our planet.
    Any way – it’s a deeply disturbing trend.

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 5:40pm

    Oh yes Communist bigoted PM Julia Gillard knows she has to call an election any day now [August I am guessing]!!!!

    Must be on a Saturday by law.

    She is a bitch in charge of the WORST Government we have had in history!!!!!

    No ETS, no reform to the federal anti-discrimination laws, no inquiry into the batts and insulation scheme, wasting taxpayers money on overseas trips, etc, etc, etc!!!!!

    Labor and Liberal can go to hell!!!!

    No support for our privacy and No support for gay marriage – means no support for you Labor and Liberal!!!!

    Quote from Seinfeld: “no soup for you – next”

    This is a blatant disregard to our privacy. Filtering does not work – even Americans have been sinical and suspect of us Australian’s with this proposal by grubby Senator Communist Steven Conray.

    The reason why I use the term comunist sooo much is because Cuba, China, Iran and Vietnam has manatory filtering in their countries!!!!

    Now I can relax, sit-back and enjoy “sean cody” now!!!!!

  4. Christina Engela 9 Jul 2010, 8:27pm

    “Inappropriate” for whom? Funny, South Africa is considering the very same move currently, with religious right wing fanatics pushing to get this sort of idiocy into Parliament via the religious fundamentalist sympathizer masquerading as a Home Affairs minister.

    Seems the Ozzies have the same problem – fundamentalist busybodies who don’t have anything better to do with their time than to interfere in the lives of others – and to block off access to anything they don’t like, never mind what anyone else likes – and using the “child pornography” angle as a pretty poor excuse to do so.

    Guess which country I won’t consider moving to?

  5. Vo Dong Cung 9 Jul 2010, 8:59pm

    The webs need to be blocked is Roman Catholic webs, they are preaching the hate everyone’s heart. They are distroying the human hearts

  6. Peter Baird 10 Jul 2010, 12:01am

    Fed-Up listening to Julia Gillard and conniving Christians repeating, ‘The children, The children, The children’. How many times did she repeat, ‘the children’, when informing us about the asylum seekers, [Australia seekers] policy. Her head was bobbing up and down in the Psychologists yes motion as she spoke.
    Fed-up also watching these little ankle biters constantly darting across my TV screen 24 hours a day.
    There is no one worth voting for in this country!
    Internet filtering by Labor who really fears the power and influence of the net, we can challenge them, you see.
    The only thing we will get from Tony Abbott, liberal leader is, Catholic morality and the destruction of Gay culture.
    Australia is a backward country and will remain so for another ten years, especially Hillbilly Queensland and The Northern Territory. If you take your shirt or nikkers off on the beaches here you will be arrested. Don’t be fooled by Tourism Australia. Nudes and Gays are not welcome here.
    No wonder University Graduates flee Australia for a better quality of life overseas.
    Meanwhile, the quiet invasion of Australia continues. Good people, some of shady backgrounds, Eastern Europeans, viewing life through stain glass windows, and don’t they despise and harass gay people.

  7. Paul Mitchell and Peter Baird, you both write honestly and openly about life in Australia at the moment. Your thoughts are like so many around the country. I am sure that you have the same conversations with your friends as I do with mine. At 53, I have never been more depressed about my country. Our leaders are appalling. The large political parties fall over themselves to impress the conservatives forces! Yet public opinion is far more progressive when surveys are taken on social issues. We are not being represented in the Parliaments. I agree, if one is educated and young , get out while you can! Tourists from overseas, just dont bother to come to Australia, it is little more than a conservative backwater!
    PS Great to see Spain vs the Netherlands in the World Cup Final, two progressive countries both with same-sex Marriage! I thought that was an interesting fact in 2010.

  8. Yes, Australia is going backwards. Welcome to the new age of Australia. COMMUNIST and DICTATORIAL AUSTRALIA. Won’t be long before we overtake China or North Korea in repression and oppression. Australia lost it’s identity as a country years ago. It has become too Americanised. Pity help Australia when it becomes a republic.

  9. It is up to the Australian people to change their government. Get rid of the rot at the top. Australians are great people but you need to be wise about the choice of the next government. Maybe you should start or form a gay/straight political party to context the next elections with liberal views and a gay prime minister and fair laws for all

  10. I dunno, put a Welsh Sheila in charge and the Ozzies go right down the pan.

  11. There’s no way that I’m voting for this woman in the next election. The labour govt in Australia is a crap as the labour govt in the UK, totally against gay marriage, crap economic policie and a horrible tendancy towards the nanny state. I’m not keen on Abbott but at least the guy doesn’t have such ridiculous policies as labour. Yes, Austrlia is agreat country , that’s why labour has to go.. Like the UK, neither of the major parties are particulary wonderful with progressive LGBT policies.. we won’t have gay marriage in Australia under either party , just like the UK won’t have it under theirs.. at least the UK has the slight chance under their coalition govt, we have no chance at all! By the way when it the British govt going to bring pressure on the Aussie to recognise the CP, at the momemt it doesn’t and it’s a nightmware trying to get visas for partners to go back there!

  12. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 10 Jul 2010, 12:52pm

    John four states of NSW, VIC, TAS and the ACT all have registered partnerships or civil partnerships. TAS, NSW and VIC are debating adoption laws this year to include same sex couples. The ACT already has adoption equality. Only the federal Government can change the marriage laws that were written way back in 1961 (called the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961) and the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) are the very corrupt groups that hold so-much influence in Government policy – even when the Australian Constitution (just like the American Constitution) prohibits this because there is meant to a complete separation between church and state!!!!

    The UK also has a civil marriage ban for same sex couples since 1971 (called the Nullity of Marriage Act 1971). At an Australian Commonwealth (federal) level and in all jurisdiction of Australia same sex couples are recognised since 1 July 2009 as de facto couples in the same exact way as opposite sex couples. The UK and the US does not give de facto couples the same rights as married couples.

    Tony Abbott (from the Liberal Party is anything but liberal) is so back-ward 1920’s thinking that he believes women should not have the choice to abortion, women should stay at home, do some ironing and stop this feminism, stay virgins, get access to pills (RU486 for e.g.).

    On 60 minutes he [Tony Abbott] said and I quote “I am threatened by homosexuality” – unquote. You are correct John that Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland (especially QLD) are “hillbilly”, “redneck” and “conservative states” – these are the jurisdictions that got this stupid and corrupt Government in the first place that ruined this country! No wonder why these four places do not have “registered partnerships”!!!!

    However WA does have full equality in adoption laws since 2002 (the first in state in Australia to do this) – WA does not provide a registered partnership/civil partnership law, but Queensland is proposing a registered partnership law since 2008 and is yet to introduce a bill to the unicameral parliament (QLD is the only state in Australia with a unicameral parliament). All jurisdictions in Australia (except for SA) recognise parentage rights for lesbian co-mothers. SA is currently conducting an inquiry into parentage laws for lesbian co-mothers and a PMB (Private Members Bill) has been introduced to the SA Upper House (Legislative Council) to correct the injustice placed on lesbian co-mothers. SA is the only place in Australia to also have a ban on IVF access to single women and lesbians since 1989. Surprisingly, SA is the only place is Australia to also ban altruistic surrogacy for singles and same sex couples since 2009.

  13. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 10 Jul 2010, 1:00pm

    Also this fact I will through in:

    Tony Abott under the former Liberal Government was the Health Minister and he voted with the rest of the Liberal MPs voted back in 2004 to ban women safe access to the RU486 pill.

    Last time I checked abortion, it was a state issue and both QLD and NSW still have it listed (that right) – still in 2010 as a crime under the QLD Criminal Code and NSW Crimes Act 1900. Why have politicans been so slow to repeal these old and “arhatic” laws??????

  14. Australia – what a vile and backward bigoted country. It’s a disgrace when politicians fall over each other to pander to redneck bigots, racists and homophobes.

    I think a very, very angry and protest themed Mardi Gras this year is well in order.

  15. Yes, I from VIC, and was told by one of the lab senators that I could register my partnership but after 2 yrs I got the same rights anyway. There was also a debate that neighbour could register a partnership ie carers. I think our partnership is a bit is a bit different to that, don’t you think. Reg partnerships , they can stick that one! Both lab and lib have failry naff LGBT agendas, there is no choice, like the UK. Vote for the best economic policies. Lab’s are not! And that visa issue still annoys me, why doesn’t Aus and UK get together some time and sort out some kind of recognition of it!!!!

  16. “And that visa issue still annoys me, why doesn’t Aus and UK get together some time and sort out some kind of recognition of it!!!! ”

    Maybe because then they’d have to recognise Canadian MARRIAGES? (I’m thinking Commonwealth here) The UK government seem to be terrified of legitimising any kind of marriage whatsoever. They’re obviously terrified about recognising anything in other countries because then the pressure might be on them to have equal marriage rights in the UK (eg if they recognised a country’s Civil Unions and that country then went on to have same sex marriage) – and they simply don’t have an answer to why that shouldn’t be allowed, so they’d be pretty stuck.

    It was really interesting to read more about the situation in Australia. Thanks to the posters above.

  17. Yes, interesting to find out lots about Australia that I didnt know. Thanks to the above!

    Regarding censorship. Its EVIL, plain and simple.

    “The public needs to have confidence that the URLs on the list, and the process by which they get there, is independent, rigorous, free from interference or influence and enables content and site owners access to appropriate review mechanisms.”

    What complete and utter cr-p! There is only ONE regulatory body that filters the content I want to see…..ME!

    Child pornography is terrible and everything should be done to track and prosecute the offenders. Laws already exist to do that. Technology already exists to do that. It is impossible for someone with a website, (posting child pornography) to stay ´hidden´. Impossible. That makes me wonder what is the REAL agenda behind this?

    The real agenda is the one of whoever is drawing up the list! Obviously. That is why countries should NOT be involved in the wholesale blocking of internet websites.

    Yes, there are bad things on the internet. As I said, there are already mechanisms in place to deal with that. The internet though should belong to no-one, not be subject to anyones individual whims likes or dislikes. The net should be a true global medium for the sharing of information, be that serious or entertaining.

    The problem with this wholesale blocking by ISP´s of websites is that it stops the everyday person having access to a free range of news, views and opinions.. It does NOT stop anyone with even a modicum of the most very basic of computer knowledge from accessing what they want.

    For example, my brother who lives in China and teaches English there, a country with incredible strict internet censorship, simply logs into my mothers computer in the UK, then surfs the net through that. There are plenty of free ´proxy server´ services out there now. If someone wants to access the FULL range of websites available on the main GOOGLE service, there are lots of ways to do this without it being blocked in your own country.

    Internet censorship is futile and the reserve of desperate and politically-dead ideals and ideologies.

  18. Peter Baird 11 Jul 2010, 3:36am

    We hope that Gay Australians take an interest in the upcoming Federal Elections and support the GREENS.
    The Greens support Gay Marriage. Consider Giving them the balance of power.
    Now that will liven up our country! Watch how China, Minerals Labor and Papal Suckhole, Tony Abbott start quivering into an apoplexy, They will show us what Rats they really are.

    On the issue of Internet filtering. Governments and the religious are very afraid of us, we can use the Net to challenge their B/S.
    Churches can Bless and Sanctify all the ignorance they want. It still remains ignornance!

    Pollies should stop using Body Language, Psychologists to try and fool us. Fish, our ancestors, didn’t need Psychologists to tell us what is what.

    China is buying up our land at a vast rate to feed their billions. They are plundering our Minerals and resources, only in the end, to swallow us up as they will with Tiewan.
    It reminds us of ‘Pig Iron Bob’, Prime Minister Robert Menzies, who sold Japan loads of Australian Pig Iron. The Japanese returned it to us as Bombs.

    If you wish to know the level of homophobia we suffer in Queensland.
    Kopp this.. I am a 72 yr old Carer. My Client is Mentally disabled, we live in Public housing. We had Muslim, Eastern European Migrants living in the building, who perceived that we were Gay. They harassed and lied about us, and used the resources of our Police to harass and ridicule. The Police here are homophobic and were on the side of the migrants as usual. We were forced by housing to move to another location where discrimination raised its ugly head again.

    Still not over that and suffering from anxiety and depression, My Client, becomes agitated and has an argument with another patient who is threatening him at the Fortitude Valley Mental Health clinic. What does his Case manager do? Has him arrested under our thuggish, Criminal act, Qld. 2000. It’s a convenient Act that requires little money/funds, and Criminalises our most vunerable in society.
    My client who is also physically disabled, is brutally hand cuffed until they are squeezed and painful. The police try to force him into a Paddy wagon. He is unable too and screams in pain.
    So what did our UNTRAINED Police do? They jumped up onto the Van and pull him up into the interior. The Case managers procedure was to call an Ambulance and acommpany him to the Hospital. No, they used the short cut, quick fix that Queensland Health is notorious for. Much later that afternoon, this Case manager informed me what she had done. I got up this Floral frocked, Mental Health thug and told her, what for.
    She later arrives at RBWH with rellevent admittance paperwork and and lets the staff know that I am coming. They lie in wait for me the next day. On arrival I am surrounded by staff of Asian appearance, without a word of warning, they put on white gloves, my bag is grabbed from me and searched. Contents were scattered over the floor, and I was quizzed as to it’s contents. My Heart medication was confiscated also.
    I demanded to know why I was being searched. Three times I repeated this request with no reply. Suddenly a female Nurse pushed a bunch of keys in my face and said, “This my authority”.
    A complaint to The QLD. Mental Health Tribunal was met with the usual silence. Some ‘Bogan’ fellow there called Paul, said “NAH” to me. Complaints to a Liaison officer at the Hospital met with the same usual silence, a silence that our Health minister, Paul lucas will not respont to.

    Our Australian Government keeps telling us, with glossy Phamplets, “How important Carers are to society and that we should be treated with dignity and respect. We just celebrated, or heterosexuals celebrated the event with great fanfare and free dinners. Well those at the top/seat warmers did anyway. I must add, that a complaint to Queensland Carers was also met with ridicule. They have chosen to stick their heads in the sand. Funny thing, their CEO said recently, “We realy are listening”. Most of this CEO’S story was taken up with, “How they had attended a free dinner, and how they were able to stay for free at a Motel”.

    All of these Ivy League, University, and that goes for Politicians, “we know what is good for you”, Should listen to what we are saying or bugger off. We are starting to GAG at their Hifalutten babble.We won’t go away.

  19. DaddyWayne 11 Jul 2010, 7:09am

    Sometimes I wish I could leave this country and work and live overseas somewhere more progressive than Australia. Thankfully I am in Sydney – probably the most progressive city of any; but this internet censorship legislation proposed by Senator Conroy makes me worry. it is the begginning of a very slippery slope. Next the government will censor anything political it doesn’t like – maybe I should move to North Korea – I’d have more freedom.

  20. Peter Baird 11 Jul 2010, 7:26am

    An urgent and important step in the right direction, is to rid ourselves of the Rupert Murdock, C O N T R O L EMPIRE!

    What is the use of our Good Queen when she speaks to the People through the Parliament? She and our Politicians are forced to tout his manipulative and Right Wing agenda???

    He, also want’s to control the Internet, and charge us hard earned yakka for his RUBBERY WORDS and half truths.

    Are people still glued to the page 3 girl? Tits, TV and Tips.
    Well that’s all workers want to read on the bus after a hard days work anyway.

    The Brisbane Sunday Mail is noted for it’s Heterosexual, Wedding agenda, alleging that masses of people are still getting married. Therein, page after page of Drip-Dry wedding frocks and recycled virgins.
    I’m not complaining about Drip Dry Wedding Frocks, I have outgrown mine! It’s his and his Fundy friends agenda for Right Wing Marriage, at the exclusion of all others.

    He and our Politicians through his Media empire have become, Liar, Liar, Pants On fire!!
    Emperor Constantine would be proud of him.
    Rupert and his American friends will tell us “what we need to know” you know.
    ‘Australia must stay the course in Afganistan’, he says. We need their vast mineral reserves and Irak’s oil.
    Maybe America or George bush can tell us where billions of barrels of oil have disappeared to without a trace.

    They need to tell the real truth why our Australian Diggers are sacrificing their lives there. Is it the vast Mineral reserves/oil?

    It’s the same lie as, “Save the children from the naughty Internet”.
    We are in Afganistan to fight terrorism! Well part of that true.

    There are many reasons why they are there.

    Give us a break Rupert and Pope Pullyapud! You cannot fool the most intelligent of the species.

  21. Everyone in the UK thinks Australia is a land of sunshine, surf, and freedom. It’s not. I lived there for many years. Although there’s been a big influx of non-white immigrants in recent years, there’s a narrow-mindedness amongst many Australians which is truly frightening. They may not all be god-bothers but, by hell, they think they know what’s decent and acceptable and what is not. Australia is heaving with fascists.

  22. I use to live in Sydney and have many very dear friends from there. It is real worry what is happening. Heart goes out to you guys. I hope things change.

  23. What one human has the right to decide for others what is ‘inappropriate’? This is why I am glad I live in the UK. As a tax paying adult, I do not want to be told what I can and cannot look at or read on the internet. These bigots try to control the net because its the only thing they cannot control. They hate the thought of the repressed people communicating and expressing themselves in ways they can like never before. People uniting against these bigoted controlling leaders is their biggest threat. Up rise, Australia! Don’t take it.

  24. Quite right Peter Baird. There have been cases of mentally disabled people effectively murdered by powerful psychiatrists and health services in Australia. The perpetrators are protected by powerful allies and the most vulnerable receive no protection or justice. I am not having a go at Australia , I love the country , the people are lovely , just a pity the government is held to ransom by the christain lobby who only represent about 12 % of the religous people. While the majority of aussies support gay marriage and the overwhelming majority of Aussies support equality of gays. Just a pity there is still many human rights abuses in that country.

  25. Peter Baird 13 Jul 2010, 12:08am

    What horrifies me is that, stories of “RAPE and BASHINGS” of Mentally Disabled inmates, both male and female, mainly female, continually leak from our Queensland Institutions. Finger pointing to Wolston Park, one of Queenslands biggest Psychiatry, Prison Hospitals. It wouldn’t be the first time a Rape victim from our QLD. Prisons and N.S.W Prisons has cried on my shoulder. It’s heart breaking to listen to their tears of guilt and distress.
    Their distress and guilt never goes away.
    One alleged staffer was confronted about his involvement in Rape and bashings. His reply was, “They imagined it”. Other offenders in the Prison system also get away with it. Too hard to handle!
    Parents of these victims duck for cover and abandon. their siblings on the scrap heap of society.

    Interesting to note. Ostentatious, a noted Australian comedian
    of The Australian Sex party, is to stand against opposition leader, Tony Abbott a fortress of Catholic morality at the next federal Election. He will campaign for same sex marriage and a freer Australia, with changes to… well, a Bill of Rights for all Australians etc. He says, “That he will door nock in his Budgy Smugglers, Speedos”. I and seriously thinking of standing against one our most conservative/extreme seats in Queensland.
    Theres nothing like an old Poof standing up to be counted in one of our many Black Bible Seats. I will tell them the good news that, there are other Libraries that are not plundered by the Catholic Church, and there are many others that have more than one book in them.
    Another startling event has come to light since I tackled head on, the Queensland Health minister. More of that later.

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