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Archbishop of Canterbury accused of ‘betraying’ gay cleric again

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  1. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jul 2010, 11:48am

    once more and he’ll equal Peter.

    Whose cock will crow thereafter?

  2. Rowan Williams is a spineless traitor.

    Thankfully within 30 years his worthless church will be officially dead.

  3. I don’t think the CofE knows what it is doing. I really think that it has lost all sense of direction and purpose. So what if it splts! Let the tradionalists go their way and let the progressive forward thinkers go their way and lead the CofE out of the mire they have got themselves into. The rot at the top is seeping all the way down to the bottom – it is time for change. It is obvious that the CofE could not organise a piss-up in a brewery. What a bloody awful mess.

  4. The church of England is pretty much a meeting place for geriatrics.

    The age profile of its congergation is very elderly.

    Within a generation it will be gone.

    Which is marvellous news.

  5. What do you expect from an out-of-date group of haters who can’t think for themselves?!

  6. with friends like him who needs enemies? Rowan is putting the bigots of the church ahead of his friends and all to keep the church from tearing itself apart when it finally has to deal with the fact that homophobes are holding it back, Rowan is pathetic like the pope and many others

  7. and just look at those eyebrows girlfriend…..

  8. Its the queen, her majesty, not Jeffrey John, who I feel sorry for in all this. She and the prime minister should override the decision and appoint John as Bishop of Southwark. He in turn could promise the queen and the prime minister he will never raise his legs more than knee high.

  9. Canon John should take his case to the employment tribunal. In every other organisation in the UK this sort of discrimination is completely illegal.

    Agree entirely with one posters comment about letting the traditionalists go their own way. Who wants them? They’re just a nasty bigoted hateful bunch who will all be dead within 20 years anyway.

  10. It’s become obvious that in any situation where the traditionalists might get upset, Williams will end up kowtowing to them.

    Agreed, the CofE needs to cut the traditionalists loose. Oh and they need to get a new Archbishop of Canterbury–one with a spine this time.

  11. It’s only when the conservatives are offended that whatever they don’t like is depicted as being at risk of “splitting the church”. It’s never THEIR actions that are seen as “splitting the church”. Of course, the gutless, spineless Williams falls for it every time. The conservatives are anything but “traditionalists”, the tradition of the CofE is one of being a national church, an inclusive one, the tradition of the church would actually lead to the welcoming and inclusion of minorities. An example of this tradition is in the Episcopal Church of USA (the Anglican communion church in USA) which has women bishops and gay and lesbian bishops. The CofE has, under Williams, instead gone for effectively rejecting minorities and licking the boots of the bigots. Utterly shameful.

  12. We are supposed to be in the middle of a listening process with Williams at the centre. I’ve emailed him four times and received a response only from a press officer. Inclusive Church has also reported he is ignoring their letters. Williams has either died or been taken over by the conservative wing of the church (is there a difference?) and is being completely manipulated by them. Sometimes you can even see the strings attached to his jaw as they put words into his mouth.
    (I’m no relation by the way to the Peter, with the noisy cock, who liked to say no).

  13. douglas in canada 10 Jul 2010, 1:20am

    Whenever I hear about the actions of the conservative wing of the church, I am reminded of the parent who goes out shopping with the 2yr old. At some point, this child will break into a screaming fit, demanding something be done, usually the purchase of some little candy. To avoid embarrassment, the parent is forced to give in, in the hopes that someday, this child will GROW UP.

    Whenever there is a difference of opinion between conservatives and non-conservatives, the non-conservatives are always forced to give in.

    Re: the death of either branch. Yes, I can see the non-conservative branch dying in 20 years. But the conservative wing is good at recruiting new, young members, with promises that if you follow their rules, you will be successful in life, and at the same time, you can book your ticket for the afterlife.

    It’s all based on black-and-white, over-simplified decision-making in life. It never allows for the many grey areas, where “following the rules” is really not that simple.

    I do think that they will ALL die out. The unfortunate thing is that the conservatives will make such a mess of the world on their way out.

  14. The coward Williams is doing nothing more than kow-towing to the right wing religious bigots within his cult particular those neanderthals (Akinola et al of Nigeria) in the African church. The C of E’s days are numbered. Time to disestablish it once and for all, nothing more than a bunch of parasites who never did a decent day’s work in their lives, including the royals, sponging off the tax payers. To think that our taxes contribute to this hateful cult, among others. We should demand a tax refund.

  15. StephenC: “The church of England is pretty much a meeting place for geriatrics. The age profile of its congergation is very elderly.”

    That’s also a good description of the gay scene. The websites and magazines might be full of photos of young fit men but pop down to Soho and all you see is greying, old fat men trying to squeeze into trendy clothes.

    Will the gay world be gone in a generation too?

  16. Roger Pym (Rev) 11 Jul 2010, 9:22pm

    I think it is time for all GLBT people and their friends/families to exit disgraceful denominations like the Anglicans. Come on vote with your feet – let them sink in their hatred and total misrepresentation of Christianity. If we all walked out of the Roman Catholic Church it would also be dead in 30 years. I think gay people and their friends have turned the other cheek for far too long. Like capitalist corporates the church might listen if punished in the offertory plate.

  17. It truly worries me that there appear to be posters on here that actually want to remain with some connection to this ludicrous organisation. presumably they are backward enough to believe in those silly fairy tales about virgin births and resurrections? Gay Anglicans need to decide whether they are gay or Anglican. If they try to be both they will end up hating themselves.

  18. Jess Conrad 25 Jul 2010, 8:59am


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