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09 July 2010

  • 9th July 2010

    Australia delays plans to block ‘inappropriate’ websites 25

    Australia will delay the new law for 12 months

    4:57 PM — Australia will delay plans to block "inappropriate" websites, including gay porn sites, the government's communications minister has said. Stephen Conroy said the public needed to have more confidence about which websites would be on the blacklist.

  • Lesbian star Jane Lynch feared coming out 4

    Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

    4:28 PM — Glee actress Jane Lynch says she used to worry about becoming famous and coming out. The star, who recently married her longterm girlfriend Lara Embry, joined this year's Outfest in Los Angeles.

  • Ireland’s upper house passes civil partnerships bill 15

    The Irish parliament approved the bill

    3:55 PM — A civil partnerships bill has now passed both houses of the Irish parliament and will go to the president to be signed into law. The bill, which grants almost all of the rights of marriage, passed in the Dail last week and was approved in the Seanad last night after two days of debate.

  • Gay cruisers targeted by ‘violent robber’ 5

    Tudeley Woods are a popular cruising spot

    3:15 PM — Gay men meeting for sex in a Kent woodland are apparently being targeted by a robber armed with a crowbar. The RSPB carpark at Tudeley Woods near Tonbridge is a popular meeting spot for outdoor sex and several people have reportedly been a victim of the man.

  • Artist’s award-winning floral tribute to homophobia victims 9

    A close-up of Paul and Tom Harfleet's installation

    2:35 PM — An artist who plants pansies at the site of homophobic attacks has won a Royal Horticultural Society gold medal and was awarded best conceptual garden at Hampton Court this week.

  • Teacher who called pupil ‘fat gay boy’ suspended for a year 35

    The teacher was accused of making fun of children (Photo: ttarasiu)

    2:11 PM — A Liverpool maths teacher who called a pupil a "fat gay boy" and used his school laptop to browse the web for sex toys has been suspended for one year.

  • Killer who murdered London gay man must serve full sentence 63

    David Kilcullen failed to have his sentence reduced

    1:07 PM — A man who attacked a south London gay couple, leaving one dead, has failed to get his jail sentence reduced. David Kilcullen, 47, of Bickley, was jailed for a minimum of 32 years in prison last December for the murder of Gerry Edwards, 59, and the attempted murder of Chris Bevan, 57.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury accused of ‘betraying’ gay cleric again 18

    The Archbishop of Canterbury was said to be furious the shortlist was leaked

    11:25 AM — Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams was accused last night of "betraying" a gay cleric for the second time. This week, Dr Williams refused to support his old friend, the Rev Jeffrey John, for the post of Bishop of Southwark.

  • Massachusetts judge rules Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional 9

    The ruling means gay couples in the state have access to federal benefits

    10:42 AM — A judge in Boston, Massachusetts, has ruled that America's federal ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional as it interferes with the individual rights of states. The ruling means the estimated 16,000 married gay couples in Massachusetts have the right to the same federal benefits enjoyed by married straight couples.

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