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X Factor’s Joe McElderry ‘not gay’ after Twitter hack

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Reader comments

  1. We all still know he’s gay, right? :P

  2. Ian Bower 8 Jul 2010, 5:41pm

    I’d just like everyone to know I’m gay.
    Any rumours that say I am straight are a lie and a slur on my good character!

  3. The thing is now, if he is then he missed his opportunity! I’ve liked him up till now but if he’s lying he’s a terrible role model to young gay people!

  4. leave the guy alone to get on with his music if thats what he wants to do.
    sad bunch of pathetic twats just think hes’s gay because hes young and good looking…these people ought to get a life and leave others alone.

  5. Erm… who cares?!

  6. People think he’s gay because he’s off the chart on any person’s properly functioning gaydar. It has nothing to do with with his age or how good looking he is or isn’t. People care because it highlights how much pressure there still is to stay in the closet. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility he’s straight, but on common sense alone it’s highly unlikely.

  7. Come on. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”
    If it get’s him back in the spotlight, it’s all news.

    Now stop dribbling on Gaydar, and get some work done!

  8. Bless you sugarlump. Always sad when you’re the last one to know things.

  9. As long as I didn’t have to sleep with them I could have had plenty of girlfriends too! Lets cuddle in bed tonight and watch episodes of Glee together sweetie hahaha

  10. I remember when I used to say what he said, before I came out of the closet. He’ll get caught in some toilets in LA in twenty years. It’s like a stuck Geroge Michael record. Who cares anyway?

  11. Joe McElderry 9 Jul 2010, 2:59am

    Gay? Me? As if!

    (dictated by Max Clifford)

  12. Just because you want someone to be gay does not mean they are. There is no evidence that he is except a malicous hacker.

    Alan “It’s not beyond the realms of possibility he’s straight, but on common sense alone it’s highly unlikely.”

    Pity you have neither common sense or intelligence

  13. Now now ICC256. There’s nothing like a good old ad hominem attack to make you look silly. Thank you for making your criticism defunct for me. :) Wanting Jo to be gay doesn’t enter into it. There’s plenty of evidence that Jo is gay. A seminal study on ‘gaydar’ showed it takes a fraction of a second for most people to determine if another person is gay. You ought to read it. It seems you’re in the in the minority that doesn’t possess that common ability. For me, like many, it didn’t even enter my head that Jo wasn’t Jo. It wasn’t a negative thing in the slightest; it was simply an intuitive understand. The only thing that then made it worthy of comment were Jo’s strenuous and painfully contrived denials. Coming out is a difficult thing to do for many people so I’m quite happy for him to do that whenever it suits him. I just think it’s a great shame it has to be that way.

  14. ‘Jo wasn’t Jo’, was meant to read ‘Jo wasn’t gay’. Freudian slip. :P

  15. *understanding (bloody typos!)

  16. Nigel Holland-Williams 9 Jul 2010, 1:42pm

    Joe Who?????????

  17. Joe is so gay. Mark our words, in 1-2 months when he gets dropped by his record label he’ll be on the front cover of the Sun newspaper saying Simon made me stay in the closet.

  18. I just had to laugh when this came about. I think it’s a shame he went to the Sun firstly to delcare he’s straight and single. I don’t fancy him but by god, anyone can see from a mile off he’s gay.
    I do care because the fact that he’s clearly being forced to shut up about his sexuality means that younger gay men and women will follow suit and shut up about theirs – and they should be very proud of it.

    He still irritates the hell out of me though.

  19. He’s clearly not gay.. No matter how much you lot say it. His twitter was HACKED, so just get over it. Because if he was gay, it would have been all over the news by now. So just get over it. Just because he hasnt got a girlfriend atm, that’s because he wants to concentrate on his music, what’s so wrong with that?

  20. Oops Amy, don’t you just wish you could delete your post. Doh!

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