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Scientists discover mice can be turned lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. Dr Robin Guthrie 8 Jul 2010, 5:04pm

    “The study, published in the BMC Genetics journal, found that when the FucM gene”

    Oh dear, what an unfortunate name for this gene…..

  2. The fact they are looking for a ‘gay’ gene is worrying, what do they plan to do with this knowledge?

    Do the plan to eradicate our sexualities in our mothers wombs!

  3. Yes, I did read that as the ‘F^ck Me’ gene. lol

    One thing that I find mildly weird in these type of studies is that they invariably state that ‘lesbians have similar brain structures to males and gay males have similar brain structures to females.’ Surely it should specify *heterosexual* males/females and not simply males/females? Hmmm.

  4. David North 8 Jul 2010, 7:05pm

    Anyone for Gattaca…

  5. Bishop of Wick. Wales. 8 Jul 2010, 7:14pm

    Interesting story.

    On the one hand if sexuality was proven as genetic it would show up these God botherers royally, as clearly being genetic it must be in their God’s plan therefore no reasonable basis for their

    On the other hand you could imagine the designer baby scenario in which the parents are asked if they want a gay child or not, using genetics to “fix the problem”.

    However on the other hand you might have 3 hands…

  6. How do they know they’ve turned the mice ‘lesbian’ rather than made them transgender?
    “In mice, this masculinises the brain” if all they’re going on is the fact that the female mice are acting like ‘straight’ male mice, then I don’t see how they can tell whether the mice are ‘lesbian’ or ‘trans’.

  7. Oh dear. This sounds like the start of X-Men: The Last Stand…

  8. I want to say something intelligent, but I just keep coming back to the thought that this would make a great plotline to a Mickey mouse cartoon… the one where Minnie volunteers for genetic research

  9. Flapjack, don’t worry, you sounded intelligent enough for me. What child wouldn’t want to see a cartoon where Minnie has sex with Daisy Duck ? I know I would.

  10. D Lambert 8 Jul 2010, 9:20pm

    Speaking on radio 5 live, a research spokesman indicated that they were supportive of the fact that human sexuality is caused by genetics.

  11. Apprentice Messiah 8 Jul 2010, 10:02pm

    Hurray for FucM mouse! Saving the Planet from hungry mouse plagues, ensuring food for future generations.
    FucM Man to the rescue! Saving the Planet from overpopulation.

    Gays to save the Planet.

  12. David Griff 8 Jul 2010, 11:04pm

    To Taran: I think for a mouse to be Trans it would first require a concept of Self. It would have to be able to define itself as a gender. As far as science is aware Mice do not have a concept of Gender they merely do what they’re genetic code and limited experience tells them is the best way to survive. In reality the Mice are really only Lesbian to the extent that they are sexually attracted to Mice that the majority of the male mouse population consider to be sexually viable mates. I doubt these mice ever put any thought into their own Gender and therefore cannot be Transgendered or Lesbian.

  13. This is the begining of homosexual eradication. No longer will parents tell children they need psycho therapy when they come out of the closet, like mine did, they will instead give them gene therapy before they even come out of the womb.

  14. Just whatever you do, don’t alter the FucYou Gene!

  15. How do they know? What exactly did the mice do to prove this?

  16. #15 Eh..???

  17. “How do they know? What exactly did the mice do to prove this?”

    Well, if Disney Films are anything to go by, all mice have the capability of human speech and advanced cognitive abilities :)


  19. @ Taran

    Interesting point which raises the question as to whether ‘trans’ can exist in the animal kingdom and, if so, how the distinction is to be made.

  20. @David & Dave
    One theory of the cause of transgenderism is having a biologically (in some way) male brain in a female body (and vice versa); if that’s correct, I don’t see why animals couldn’t be transgender, but I agree that they probably wouldn’t be aware of it, certainly not the way that humans are, because the animal would just ‘know’ what it is. It seems that what these scientist have done is given these female mice male brains.
    ” As far as science is aware Mice do not have a concept of Gender they merely do what they’re genetic code….” it would seem from this research that it does what it’s brain is programmed to do.
    I’m not impressed with Pink News’ comment system, it doesn’t seem set out very well for actual discussions

  21. This really disturbs me…

  22. Re: Danny: “This really disturbs me…”. You won’t be saying that when boffins are able to breed guys with 12″ knobs!

  23. What would I do with 12 knobs? I haven’t got nearly enough orrifices and hands…

  24. we’re still on Imperial measurements here Danny, 12 inches not millimetres.

  25. Clearly, well I wouldn’t say no to genetic splicing in THAT area.

  26. A recent study has shown that exposing gay men to the long term effects of Kylie Minogue records can turn them into mice.

    Have these people nothing better to do?

  27. How did they know they were lesbians? Did they buy tickets to see P!nk? :D

    I think the real conclusion to be drawn here is that scientists have nothing better to do all day. Time for some cutbacks methinks.

  28. The research shows how to turn straight to gay. Presumably they are looking for volunteers who want to become Lesbian?

    If it goes the other way, maybe the people behind Exodus should be forced to volunteer.

  29. circlesky73 9 Jul 2010, 8:08pm

    Wow- and suddenly Christians will support abortion.

  30. Any research being done into reversing the process. I.e. Turning lesbians into mice?

  31. Taran said: “It seems that what these scientist have done is given these female mice male brains.”

    So what is your definition of a male brain? Is it a brain that is attracted to females? And is a female brain defined by the fact that it is attracted to males?

  32. Wonderful – pour the stuff in the water supply. All the women will be lesbian.

    And the men – so many self hating gay people, will find their release in another guys buttocks.

    And the world will be free. And we’ll have a solution to the population problem .

    Two real problems solved. Isnt med science wonderful.

    It’ll be better when we get the same gene fix for str8 males. think of a society where eg 25-50% of the people are gay.

    Homophobes wouldn’t last a day

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