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Sark will equalise age of consent for gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 8 Jul 2010, 3:53pm

    So I should bloody well think so.

  2. Twenty-one??!!

  3. Well done Sark

  4. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 8:50am

    Hang on a minute I thought that Sark was part of Gunersey – and Gunersey just this year back in March 2010 made the age of consent equal at 16 [I am confused]!!!!!

  5. “I thought that Sark was part of Guernsey …”

    Yes and no! Sark has its own laws and parliament whilst still being a part of the Channel Islands. Mad …

  6. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 9:06am

    Alderney still has an unequal age of consent for just gay men set at 21. Are they going to fix there laws also???????

  7. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 9:27am

    I have just done my research and found out the cause –

    In 1983 Guernsey legalised sex between gay men for the first time and applied to “all the Brunswick of Guernsey” [as quoted], (in other words every single island of Guernsey). See the law on this website –

    In 2000, the age of consent got lowered to 18 for gay men just for Guernsey, Herm and Jethou. See the law on this website –

    So that FULLY explains why the age of consent for gay men is still 21 in both Sark and Alderney and has not been lowered to 18 in Sark and Alderney.

  8. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 9:41am

    So now that we all know Alderney’s age of consent is still 21 for gay men (which by the way is way higher than Gibraltar’s age of consent set at 18)!!!!!!

    A higher age of consent for any group of people is always in breach of discrimination laws, bills of rights, human rights council of Europe, the EU protocols and international human rights frameworks.

    So now Gibraltar does not seem so bad now!!!!!

    Looking back on pink-news articles I have found this from 2006:

  9. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 9:44am

    The age of consent being set at 21 for gay men reminds me of the old 1967 UK law!!!!

  10. Are there any gay people there? What is Sark?

  11. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 11:51am

    Sark is an island, just east of Gunsersey. I am sure there are maybe about 30 same sex couples on the island – since there are about 600 people who live on that island.

    I always use the 5 percent figure (5 percent of the population is homosexual)!!!!

  12. Fed up with bigots 9 Jul 2010, 12:43pm

    The age of consent is equally set at 16 for all individuals (regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation) in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland (Ireland is not part of the UK since 1923), Isle of Man and Jersey.

    Just this year both Guernsey and now Sark fixed the age of consent recently to make it equally set at 16 for everyone.

    Just 3 UK territories of Alderney, Bermuda and Gibraltar still have an unequal/unfair age of consent. On both Bermuda and Gibraltar the age of consent is 18 for gay men – 16 for heterosexuals and lesbians. On Alderney the age of consent is 21 for gay men – 16 for heterosexuals and lesbians.

  13. I, as a str8 guy, was quite shy with girls,and didn’t get laid for the first time until I was 23 or 24 and in the army.

    And for my susperstud friend, who always had two girls for his one penis, and tried to help me to have the confidence to get a girl, I sent him the full rubber in a small pill bottle.

    We had a hell of a laugh.

    Well, get a hundred thousand rubbes and fill them with sperm or somehting that looks like it.

    And throw them at the Chruchfuhrer of the vatican, when he comes to visit merry old england. Maybe he’ll think its a white creamshake, drink it , and have triplets.

    And let him survey the wreckage of his policies in the rights being granted to gay people there.

  14. Aerial Bender 10 Jul 2010, 11:41am

    I look forwards to enjoying a rough passage in Sark!

  15. Gay activist Paul Mitchell: Small correction in relation to your mathematics – based on the 5% notion – there may be 30 gay people on the Island, but that would mean that there can only be (at most) 15 same-sex couples – probably fewer as some of these people will not be in a relationship, and others may be in heterosexual relationships despite their sexuality.

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