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Gay cleric Jeffrey John rejected from Bishop of Southwark post

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Reader comments

  1. Shame on the so called christians- they have such a limited outlook.Where is Jesus’ compassion?

  2. The Church of England is a morally bankrupt institution.
    As a church it is beyond pathetic.

    They refused to condemn the ‘Kill the gays’ bill in Uganda until they had no other choice. And they refused to even instruct the Anglicans in Uganda to oppose the bill.

    Yet in the interests of ‘church unity’ they refuse to appoint a gay bishop.

    At least we can console ourselves in the knowledge that the Church of England is dying a rapid death and is almost entirely irrelevant these days.

  3. Maybe if he stressed he and is civil partner enjoyed a ‘full’ life, rather than a “celibate” life he may get more respect.

    Can you ever imagine a straight man ever ‘stressing’ the fact he and his wife have a celibate life together.


  4. Hopefully this cleric will now leave the Cult of England.

    It is so disppointing to see seemingly intelligent gay people, wasting their lives in fake cults which hate them.

  5. Ian Gordon 8 Jul 2010, 11:03am

    Biblical sources banning homosexual behaviour (mainly in Leviticus) also ban sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman. Men enquiring of prospective sexual partners as to the stage of their menstrual cycle are likely to receive a very forceful answer! Can we not temper these primitive laws with our modern understanding of humanity’s physical and psychological development? Dr Jeffery John is a greatly gifted pastor who is yet again being penalized for being true to his nature.

  6. Inclusiviity – Inclusiviity – Inclusiviity ??? . . .

    The C of E has lost its way, rejected and refused to follow the teachings of Jesus . . . who above lived a life full of acts of inclusivity.

    The fact that the C of E rejects once again a Gay bishop, highlights is Moral and spiritual bankruptcy . . .

  7. What a nasty bunch. They claim that just being gay is OK provided one is celibate – this guy (poor thing) is celibate and still they won’t accept him. This only confirms what a horrible crowd of bigots they are. All this `love the sinner hate the sin’ is a smokescreen for their general hatred of gay people. Shame!

  8. silly billy 8 Jul 2010, 1:02pm

    …and which reports suggest that David Cameron was minded to back his appointment?

  9. The Americans should do the opposite what the Africans have been doing in the US,, and start up Episcopal congregations over here that accept gay clergy.

  10. If I didn’t believe in the resurrection I’d say Jesus would be spinning in his grave. How can a Christian organisation so consistently demonstrate the most unchristian of attitudes?

    Perhaps by sitting on the fence (although he’s never noticeably been on the gay side)with a fence post sticking up him, Rowan Williams thinks he can share gays’ pain. He definitely is practised in the art of being passive.

    It would be interesting to know where he had his brain removed. They certainly do a good job. I’d go there for brain surgery any day.

  11. Appointing Jeffrey Jones might cause splitting the Church of England but it would force them to step out in the modern world. The level of bigotry they are showing the outside world has nothing to do with christianity. It’s a bunch of homophobic, stuck-in-the-middle-age and scared nitwits. They are representing themselves and their patethetic fears.

  12. I would agree with Stephen C that Church of England in terms of the local Parishes is dying off – literally the elderley congregations are filling up the graveyards.However the Evangelicals are gaining ever more in strength especially since they are siphoning off the younger members of the CofE.These youngsters are naturally being fed with varying doses of anti-gay propaganda.

    It is very sad but we all need to be aware that there is a powerful anti-gay movement that is not restricted just to religious bodies but then no-one there has to seek gay votes – the politicians do and there are millions of them.At the end of the day it is the gay vote that matters and for the churches they will suffer from spurning the Pink Pound.Believe me money matters to the churches and at the end of the day this is what may just bring about a change.

  13. As to Cica’s comments – he is right inthe sense that the Church of England as is the Roman Church is riddled with suppressed homosexuals and these are the men (and women) who,as ever,are the most vitriolic and aggressive homophobes.

  14. Do heterosexual clergy adhere to celibacy with their wives?Thought not.So there’s your real division,right there!Forget all the guff about homosexulaity being accepted in the cult so long as you don’t get your knob out!Yup,yet another example of mixed signals and inequality!While I sympathise with Jeffrey John,why should he wish to be part of a cult which clearly doesn’t want him or his gay colleagues?Time to wake up and smell the bigotry Mr John!

  15. Religion is a form of mental illness. Isn’t it great that the number of people like Mr John, who will suppress their sexuality for the sake of some imaginary sky-god and his alleged son with the silly and derivative resurrection myth (in reality a long dead Palestinian hippy of no interest to modern life whatsoever) continues, in civilised countries, to fall annually!

    LGBT people and these delusions just shouldn’t mix :-)

  16. @#10 “Rowan Williams thinks he can share gays’ pain.” The only pain Williams is likely to suffer is from too many splinters in his ass from all his fence-sitting!!

  17. D Lambert 8 Jul 2010, 2:45pm

    wow, it’s 2010. Are people still going to church?

  18. “wow, it’s 2010. Are people still going to church? ”

    I can safely predict record numbers of people of the non-heterosexual persuasion will be out in force when Josef Ratzinger comes to Britain and decides to celebrate mass.

  19. The Church of England have really shot ehemselves in the foot, here; what an opportunity to show the world that they are really trying to make headway with inclusiveness! John is an excellent priest, a great people person and one who is greatly loved by those with whom he comes into contact. What better person to begin the long journey to Gay acceptance in the established church.
    This is, unfortunately for our C of E yet another indication that “they” do not want inclusiveness and “they” are still entrenched in their Medieval ways.
    Rowan Williams should have really come down hard on the selection committee this time. Instead, as has been shown in the past, this kind, benevolent man has bent to the Cries Of The Just and let them have their own way.
    Its not just, it’s not fair – indeed it is truly heartbreaking news. There are many times – such as now – when the Church comes between people and their God. Little wonder the church is on its knees.

  20. I has been commented in another forum I get notification from, where many who engage sees things differently to most of us in this one, that regarding this topic: “It is vital that the Church holds firm to Biblical teaching regarding sexual ethics and marriage as between one man and one woman. If the Church endorses or is seen to endorse anything other than this truth then there will be still more confusion and disillusion. Society is crying out for strong and courageous moral leadership. We must not shirk back from speaking the truth on these issues and proclaiming the gospel, whilst always affirming God’s love for every human being. We wish to thank all of those who joined with us in resisting this appointment.”

    I don’t want to antagonise for I suspect that many who engage in this forum will not be too sympathetic with this particular view but for the sake of balance I feel it should be stated. There are some who think that while in many ways the church has in many instances indeed lost its way that the way it could and should be proclaiming is the right way and our only hope!

  21. Gendy and barry I agree with you both. It is indeed a tragic day for the CoE and especially Rev Jeffery John. I really wanted him to become a bishop and I am so sorry he was rejected – I think it would have made all the difference to so many people – so it is boycott time for CoE. (Rev Jeff it is ok to live a full and happy gay life with your husband – you will be doing nothing wrong)

  22. Rotten to the core, like it’s big Roman sister.

  23. No 19: Barry: you say:

    “Rowan Williams … this kind, benevolent man has bent to the Cries Of The Just and let them have their own way.”

    I would not call Rowan Williams ‘kind and benevolent’. I would describe him as pathetic and cowardly.

    His disgraceful delay in condemning the ‘kill the gays’ bill in Uganda for fear of splitting his cult shows his true colours.

  24. darkmoonman 8 Jul 2010, 5:37pm

    ::sarcasm:: Ah, another example of Xtian “compassion” and “tolerance” at its best.

  25. Julian SW11 8 Jul 2010, 6:26pm

    Rowan Williams describes himself as a friend to/of this man. How can he be so cowardly? I’ve not much time for religion and religious types, but Jeffry John seems a decent man, I hope this makes his mind up to leave the C of E. There are many churches in America who would be delighted to have him.

  26. My partner was a CoE clergyperson for 10 years and has never been happier since walking away from it all 5 years ago.
    Jeffrey John should not listen to the naysayers and consider what wonderful options he might have on “the outside”.
    The only thing that keeps a lot of clergy inside is fear of how they might/not cope outside of the CoE.

  27. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jul 2010, 6:54pm

    the CoE bent over backwards to find a way to bless the adulterous marriage of Charles Windsor, and guess what, they found a way.

    The CoE has bent over backwards to appease misogynist women-priest haters, and homophobic African barbarians: they have succeeded.

    The CoE kicks the liberal wings of the Anglican community in the teeth, while expecting appreciable sums of money to support the Ugandan etc churches.

    The CoE has nothing to offer in courage, charity, nor love to any gay person.

  28. We constantly hear these Fundamentalist Christians cry . . .

    “Love the sinner but hate the Sin”

    The C of E seems to be saying . . .

    “Hate the sinner as well as the sin”

    . . . even though Jeffrey John claims to be celibate, this is very telling and highlights the Evangelical Fundamentalists not so thinly disguied hatred . . . Hate Hate Hate is clear for all to see.

    When are they goign to repent of their heart of stone

  29. The people who say money is the key are dead right. Another nice little campaign like the atheist bus one – but, say, this time to help the National Secular Society or British Humanist Association keep religion out of schools. I’m not entirely opposed to faith schools on principle – but I am when the religion concerned is so clearly lost in the dark ages, and hates us. A big pile of money in that direction might make them pause for thought.

  30. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Jul 2010, 8:39pm

    Rowan Williams. What a pathetic shell of a man.

  31. There. I’ve written to the British Humanist association and invited them to start a justgiving page. Let’s see if that works.

  32. John writes: ‘and our only hope!’

    For the sake of clarity, John, what bad thing do you think will happen if:
    – Jeffrey John was bishop of Southwark and
    – he made love to his partner?

    Tidal waves? Earthquakes? A liberal society? I’m eager to know what horrors await.

  33. Of course, we haven’t really seen or heard of John on the telly. He could be, well, lets just say, “flamboyant”. Kicks his legs his height crossing the road, for example, or minces down the aisle. Who knows he could say he’s “celibate” but straight into the nearest public convenience at the drop of a mitre. I mean to say, I have even heard the Church of England being described as Hampstead Heath with a roof.

  34. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Jul 2010, 11:46pm

    Oh, and don’t forget that 26 bishops of the Church of England sit, by right, by law, without so much as a by your leave, in the upper chamber of our parliament voting on, or most usually against, legislation that governs our rights and freedoms.

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  35. Why in hell does he (John) keep his partnership celibate?

    The only reason I can imagine is that he actually believes the Levitical prohibition is truth. If so, he is as ridiculous and as foolish and as useless to our struggles as any other opponent.

    I’d say he’s a jackass himself. Set me right, please.

    (Written as a lapsed American Episcopalian.)

  36. Sorry to post this here, but there’s no HIV/AIDS news topic up on Pink News at the moment, yet the following is really important information for all those in the UK who, in the interests of making money out of gay men, are denying that catching HIV is any longer a problem:

    “Roughly 5 percent to 10 percent of the general population becomes depressed, but up to 60 PERCENT OF PEOPLE WITH HIV EXPERIENCE DEPRESSION, according to the New Mexico AIDS Education and Training Center at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Centre”.

  37. Perhaps they should have cameras with night vision installed in every room at the vicarage and available online to allow people to keep a check on their celibacy claims. Its only fair.

  38. Wah wah waaaaaaaahhhhh! Where’s your Messiah now idiot? Any homo who’s involved with the church really deserves to be shafted, and not in a good way.

  39. If you really want to support Jeffrey, then write to him at St Alban’s, thanking him for the extraordinary ministry he has provided, despite brickbats that would break most of us, and saying how sorry we are that he is, once again, being dragged through the mire by the Church of England, which he has served so faithfully, all because of Rowan’s insane desire to be ‘Pope’ of this thing, which, until he assumed power, was known as ‘The Anglican Communion’, but now seems, at least in his mind, mysteriously to have transmogrified into ‘The Church’.

    Has anyone told the Bishop of Rome about this, I wonder? I always thought he considered himself in charge of ‘The Church’

    Someone should take The Primate of All England and Metropolitan to one side (perhaps HM the Supreme Governor of the CofE?) and tell Rowan that the English Church is his prime duty. If other churches in the world want to be in communion with us, they’re very welcome. Why, he could even invite them, in a spirit of communion (NOT unity), to see him here, or go and visit them, from time to time.

    He should do the job he’s paid for, not the one he aspires to.

    Here endeth the rant from sunny Brighton.

    For today, at least. The sea breezes are having their effect!

    God bless, Jeffrey.

  40. Mark Greenstreet 14 Jul 2010, 3:56pm

    The argument about Jeffrey John and his appointment aside, several people have posted comments here about the church of England being in a state of terminal decline – whilst that MIGHT be true in some parts of the church it is ABSOLUTELY NOT in others. Many evangelical churches are growing steadily and it is from these large congregations that the greatest opposition to Jeffrey John’s appointment will have come.

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