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Chinese gay man has blood donation lawsuit rejected

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Reader comments

  1. Well its obvious why. Gay Blood can cause someone to become gay.

  2. I don’t understand how they can justify banning lesbians on the grounds of HIV risk. I wonder if the result would be the same if a lesbian tried to sue?

  3. There are certainly more meaningful fights to be fought than the “right” for us as gay men to donate blood, especially in a developing country. After all, blood donation is all about the rights of the patients, and men who have sex with men are vastly overrepresented among HIV positive people.

    Rather than trying to change these rules, I would be relieved that the Chinese regime has now implemented any kind of sanitary standards for blood donation, given the mass HIV spread caused by donated blood in China only a few years ago. That sort of lethal imcompetence must be dealt with using strict and simple rules and procedures.

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