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Hawaii governor rejects gay civil unions bill

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Reader comments

  1. Isn’t that a pic of Dustin Hoffman in Tootsi?

  2. Well she obviously does not want to stay in office for very long so it is bye bye birdy.

  3. Thomas, FloriDuh 7 Jul 2010, 12:24pm

    This vile woman is a Republican (of course).

  4. Isn’t she a male-to-female case? In that case, she should be more gay-friendly.

  5. This bill would have given both straight and gay couples the right to have their partnerships recognized with all the rights of marriage…BUT… again…. another republican with antiquated thinking has imposed their beliefs on others. This woman, along with many other closed-minded republicans, should be voted back into private life. It is time for politicians to start serving the PEOPLE, not their party’s or their own personal beliefs!

  6. “In a statement, Ms Lingle said she thought the bill was “essentially same-sex marriage by another name” ”

    So? Why would that be a reason to disallow it? I’m not surprised she’s a Republican. I hope the Courts over-rule her asap.

  7. marjangles 7 Jul 2010, 3:26pm

    Fortunately she’s term limited so cannot run again in November and with any luck they’ll get a Democrat in there who isn’t quite so mean spirited. I just don’t get it, she says that something so important should be decided by the people, why? Give me one good reason why my rights should be put up to a vote. Good job they didn’t do that with women’s rights or she’d be very unlikely to have a vote, let alone be a governor.

    The problem for a lot of Republicans at the moment (even ones from states like Hawaii) is that if they want any kind of future with their party they have to be right wing loons or at least appear to be. The moderate republicans are almost all gone and those that are left are being hounded out of office by the tea partiers. So I guess by doing this she is reaffirming her conservative credentials at the expense of gay hawaiians who simply want to be treated with the same level of respect as her. Horrible woman.

  8. Lingle is twice-divorced, on her third marriage. No wonder there are no pies left for the rest of us.

  9. What a bitch!

  10. This is quite shocking, and further proof that the Republicans opposition to same-sex marriage is nothing but malicious discrimination. It has nothing to do with being traditional.

    When people go after same-sex marriage, the right-wingers oppose “redefining” an institution and claim that LGBT people should be happy with just civil unions. Yet, when people go after civil unions they veto those too… Whatever second-class rights you settle for, they do whatever is in their power to take them away.

    This is why people should settle for nothing but the whole cake: same-sex marriage and nothing less because opposition to it is only motivated by discrimination. There is no actual belief behind it that civil unions are the way to go, otherwise these people would champion these unions instead of vetoing them at the first chance they get.

    In the long run their groundless policies is what will get same-sex marriage through because people will tire of compromises that nobody actually believes in.

  11. I fully support calling out the bigotry in those who prevent us from attaining our rights. What I dont approve of is how often the gay community resorts to sexist and transphobic to put them down, they’re really putting down our own community. Way to rise to the occasion guys.

  12. George Vye & Ward Stewart 7 Jul 2010, 6:51pm

    Her veto is no surprise, she knew what she would do from day one.
    She said she searched her heart and soul for months about this, what bull—-, she has no heart or soul
    Any republican looking for Michael Steele’s job would not vote for civil unions.
    She also said once that she thought George Bush the second was one of America”s greatest presidents. SHAME!

  13. You need to throw pies in this woman’s face really – at least give us something of a laugh in this vale of ttears and bigotry.

  14. She is clearly a homophobe therefore not fit for office!

    The greedy bitch has been married three times but won’t allow same-sex couples to marry once!

  15. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 8 Jul 2010, 1:58am

    I hope a big life’s learning lesson visits her, as payment in
    kind for her embrace of shameful judgement/actions.
    You are a disgrace,a shameful example of a woman in public office.

  16. Yes, a civil union it is same sex marriage by another name and this frigid-looking woman by another name could be called a homophobic sow.

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