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07 July 2010

  • 7th July 2010

    Interview: Labour leadership frontrunner David Miliband speaks to PinkNews.co.uk 21

    David Miliband spoke to PinkNews.co.uk

    5:41 PM — David Miliband is tipped to win the Labour leadership this year. His brother Ed is in second place, while the other contenders trail behind. We interviewed him this afternoon to find out why he believes the gay community should back his leadership bid, if he agrees with full marriage equality and why he enthusiastically supports the Pope's UK visit.

  • Legal club drug NRG-1 ‘should be banned’ 13

    The drug may be banned

    5:22 PM — A drug used on the gay clubbing scene should be banned, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has said. NRG-1, which is made from the chemical naphyrone and is similar to mephedrone, is a legal high but should be made a class-B drug, the body advised.

  • Comment: What exactly is the coalition government’s stance on gay marriage? 42

    The UK allows civil partnership but not full marriage equality

    4:53 PM — To some, the difference is negligible. To others, the word 'marriage' is the only way they want to see their relationships recognised in law. Civil partnerships were a fantastic milestone for gays and lesbians but it is clear now they are not good enough.

  • David Hyde Pierce speaks of Prop 8 pain 5

    David Hyde Pierce quietly married his partner two years ago

    2:03 PM — Former Frasier actor David Hyde Pierce has spoken of his anger at Proposition 8, the initiative which banned gay marriage in California.

  • North Wales to get first Mardi Gras festival 8

    A Mardi Gras will be held in north Wales

    1:49 PM — North Wales will get its first LGBT Mardi Gras festival next April. The two-day carnival is being organised by gay group Mesmac and will be held at the Mona showground on Anglesey.

  • Hawaii governor rejects gay civil unions bill 17

    Linda Lingle vetoed the civil unions bill

    11:26 AM — Hawaii's governor Linda Lingle has rejected a bill which would have allowed civil unions for gay couples in the state. The bill would have given both straight and gay couples the right to have their partnerships recognised with all the rights of marriage.

  • Supreme Court rules gay asylum seekers have right to stay in UK 76

    The Supreme Court ruled the pair could stay

    10:40 AM — The Supreme Court has ruled that two gay men from Iran and Cameroon have the right to asylum in the UK. The pair took their cases to the court after being told by the Home Office they could safely return home if they were "discreet" about their sexual orientation.

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