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Jeremy Clarkson offends gays with ‘I demand the right not to be bummed’ joke

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Reader comments

  1. Black Hawk Down 6 Jul 2010, 3:19pm

    Now there’s a surprise … not!

  2. Oh get over it. I find Alistair Campbell considerably more offensive that anything Clarkson might say.

    It’s a shame a few more people weren’t as forthright and outspoken as Jeremy, and stopped being so fcuking politically correct. All Campbell ever did as a spin-doctor was bullsh!t and create euphemisms and excuses to avoid actually saying what Labour were actually doing. You may not like Clarkson, but at least you know where you stand with him.

    It’s about time people developed a thicker skin, rather than the typical knee-jerk over-reaction – “Mummy, Mummy! The nasty man just called me a rude word!”

    “Oh grow up you little poof.”

  3. Please get a sense of humour, mr Clarksons comments are always said Tongue in cheek and donnot in anyway represent his personal beliefs. He has made this plain in the past and did so again during the program to Mr Campbell. This is just mud throwing for mud throwing sake.

  4. Jeremey Clarkson is a global warming-denier. I don’t have high expectations of him.

  5. Perhaps we ought to produce a list of things one is allowed to be flippant about so that people like Clarkson won’t inadvertently upset the sensitive? Alternatively, we could just accept that a joke is a joke and concentrate on real discrimination/violence, how about that?

  6. Patrick James 6 Jul 2010, 3:36pm

    I do like Ben Summerskill’s comment:

    “Surely the reason Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t want to get bummed is that he needs somewhere to speak out of.”

  7. I didn’t find it offensive, it was quick-witted. But it does reveal that he only sees gay rights in terms of how they may relate to him, in other words, he’s a bit of a narcissist.

  8. vulpus_rex 6 Jul 2010, 3:37pm

    Ben Summerskill showing a rare demonstration of wit.

    The only thing Jeremy Clarkson has to be ashamed of is that he may have shaken the hand and then addressed as a normal person the walking, talking piece of excrement in human form that is Alistair Campbell.

    He typifies all that was wrong with the rotten, stinking, putrid corpse that was new liebour and since they were booted out of government he should have the good grace to crawl under his stone and stay there.

  9. Chuckster 6 Jul 2010, 3:38pm

    In fact, Ben Summerskill’s response is by far the best. Don’t complain, don’t chuck a hissy fit, give back as good as you get.

    Everyone sensible knows Clarkson has no problem with gays, look how he positively fawned over Stephen Fry that time he was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and flirted with Will Young on another occasion.

  10. Patrick James 6 Jul 2010, 3:40pm


    Perhaps we ought to produce a list of things one is allowed to be flippant about

    Personally I don’t get very excited about comments by Jeremy Clarkson. I think the best way to deal with them is simply to say that they are naff.

    However I wonder though why LGBT identities remain in the list of things to be flippant about?

    Other identities are not in the list such as ethnic origin.

  11. Chuckster 6 Jul 2010, 3:42pm

    You didn’t see the programme did you? The German and Belgian jokes?

  12. And there he was claiming to David Walliams he would help him come out. No wonder he got married …

  13. Patrick James 6 Jul 2010, 4:00pm

    Spanner writes:

    Oh get over it. I find Alistair Campbell considerably more offensive that anything Clarkson might say.

    It’s funny the really strange impression some have of Alistair Campbell.

    Its not based on any personal experience they have of him but rather that during the Labour governments time the Murdoch press chose Campbell to be a key victim for their assault on Labour.

    Campbell is a very principled man. He has for example always supported LGBT rights.

    Campbell was not from the journalist school of Andy Coulson, the Director of Communications & Planning for the Conservative Party.

    You will not see any criticism at all of Andy Coulson in the Murdoch press of course. In fact coverage of his activities is almost zero.

    There is one huge difference between Campbell and Coulson. Whereas Campbell was subject to the Labour government, in other words he could be sacked at any time and replaced, I doubt very much that David Cameron is could sack Andy Coulson. This is because Andy Coulson is Murdoch’s man. I think Cameron has to keep Coulson because if he sacks Coulson he will lose Murdoch’s support in the press.

    I know of course that my posting will bring derision from Conservative party supporters who are fed on the outpourings of the Murdoch press.

    I would like those people to start trying to think for themselves and not simply believe all they read in the Murdoch press.

  14. he doesn’t need to demand that right, what gay man would want to bum that ugly fukciwt anyway?
    and what kind of morons go to a tv show to watch pre recorded videos of the three stooges taking cars out for test drives?

  15. Patrick James 6 Jul 2010, 4:20pm

    My complaint about Jeremy Clarkson is that he is just not funny at all.

    His response to Campbell’s question on LGBT issues:

    I demand the right not to be bummed

    I mean, it is hardly a witty riposte is it?

    Does anyone think that is actually funny?

    Clarkson we are told in the article is paid one million a year and that is the best he can do.

  16. Patrick James 6 Jul 2010, 4:27pm

    Chuckster writes:

    You didn’t see the programme did you? The German and Belgian jokes?

    No, I didn’t watch the programme :)

    There were German and Belgian jokes as well.

    I have to tell you that I don’t think I’ve missed very much.

    Were the German or Belgian jokes in any way shape or form demonstrative of any wit on behalf of Clarkson?

    If they were I bet they were scripted by the programme’s script-writer.

    In my experience, when candid Clarkson is totally incapable of any wit at all.

  17. Patrick James: Jeremy Clarkson IS the scriptwriter. He was, (and still is), the motoring columnist for a number of papers and magazines, and was doing that long before Top Gear.

    It’s obvious they all play up to their characterised stereotypes, the whole show is played very tongue-in-cheek. He actively plays on the fact he is obnoxious and block-headed. The fact that Top gear is still the number one factual show on any channel is testament that they have a winning formula. Blokes and cars is a very macho environment. If you disapprove for fear of chipping a nail, that’s not mine or any other TG viewer’s problem.

  18. Chuckster 6 Jul 2010, 4:57pm

    Actually, in that photo Clarkson is quite a hot older man. Flatters him of course!

  19. Anony Mouse 6 Jul 2010, 5:18pm

    Clarkson said in that very same interview that he doesn’t believe everything he says… I expect the reason it got cut it because it simply wasn’t very funny, unlike a lot of the other material in the interview.

    Anyway, we as a community need to grow up and accept that some people (myself included) will joke about stuff like this. If the same joke had been made by a gay person, we’d all just accept it. It’s only because of his reputation that we’re all up in arms.

    How about we all get over it and move on?

  20. And this is news to whom exactly?………

  21. As has been said before. Clarkson has in the past out right flirted with guests such as Will Young on the show. He’s no homophobe. He just has a habit of not thinking before he opens his mouth. Besides which, the Jeremy Clarkson that he portrays is merely a caricature. The public rarely see the real Clarkson.

    Were his comments insensitive? yes. Were they clever? No. were they offensive? Not really… they were just an ill thought out off the cuff remark. We’ve all done it, perhaps not on TV, but that’s what editing is for.

  22. I’m not offended in the slightest, it’s a typical Clarkson retort and taken in the round of all the things he has said does not deserve a load of carp thrown at him. Just because someone is blunt, direct and non PC does not make them a homophobe. I think Ben Summerskill’s response was fine too, Jeremy probably would take it as banter.

  23. Jeremy Clarkson is an odious little oik who revels in controversy and inariably acts like a pathetic school-boy! Would he stand in a busy gay venue and use such terminology?I very much doubt it!Arse-holes like him chose to spew his homophobia from the safety of a tv studio where it’s unlikely he’s gonna be ‘chinned’.And,Spanner,it’s that sort of relaxed attitude of yours which keeps setting back any positive steps the gay community makes!If Clarkson had made a derogatory comment about say,Muslims or Asians he’d have been given short shrift.Why should it be any different for gays?!

  24. Jeremy Clarkson is one of these people who thinks being ‘non-PC’ is a passport to edgy, cool and down with the kids. Ironically these people are as big a load of sycophantic sheep as the so called political correctness brigade. I guess he has to maintain his interminable bloky bloke persona to the exclusion of actually being funny.

    Its a bit like watching your grandad dancing; pretty harmless and very cringy. lol

  25. Aaron Smith 6 Jul 2010, 6:56pm

    “very ginger beer”

    Really? Cockney rhyming slang? How very 1950s. Why even worry about this f^cking dinosaur? Soon, he’ll melt back into the tarpit where he belongs.

  26. Lol, always the mingers who are worried about being “bummed”. In the straight community it’s often, if not always the less attractive who feel they may be being “looked at” or harrased.

  27. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Jul 2010, 8:23pm

    Who cares.

    I enjoy his show and his arrogant ebullient attitude.

    All he does is show himself up as a bumptious middle aged twat with cash.

  28. Paul; “Jeremy Clarkson is an odious little oik who revels in controversy.”
    If you are going to insult the man, at least get your research right. Jeremy Clarkson is 6’4″. Oik?, yes, odious?, to some. Little? Not a prayer.

    “Would he stand in a busy gay venue and use such terminology?
    I very much doubt it!… Spanner,it’s that sort of relaxed attitude of yours which keeps setting back any positive steps the gay community makes!”

    Well he and me are often compared, and I’ve met him on a couple of occasions and we got on well. As for doing that, I’m sure he would, as would I. Considering they did a show where they had “WE LIKE MAN LOVE” in pink paint down the side of their cars in the middle of Alabama, I would say he was always game for a laugh.
    Personally, I reckon he’s very accepting of gay people, which is more than can be said for me. So please give it a rest with all the “gay community” bollocks. The only time you’re a community is when your are standing around a darkroom with your dicks in your hands.

    I would also say either of us would make comments about Muslims and Asians, it’s just the BBC wouldn’t let him, but I sure as hell would, (and do).

  29. Mihangel apYrs 6 Jul 2010, 10:21pm

    of course Spanner

    and perhaps the niggers, wops, and yids should grow a sense of humour!

    Sorry people, for using those terms for demonstration.

    However offensive terms are offensive, and even flippant use demonstrates a contemot for the people they’re aimed at

  30. It’s a joke !! Get over yourselves

  31. Spanner – you’re a tool.

  32. Actually Clarkson’s answer fine. If that is all he is claiming, well what is the problem? Unlike the people Campbell advised, he makes no claim about the nature of gay people’s relationships (i.e. denying marriage), or defending the ban on gays in the armed forces until the European Cpourt of Human Rights overruled them….

  33. Rob – jokes aren’t always harmless and can hit people or get people killed

  34. Someone please shoot these PC freaks!

  35. ChutneyBear 7 Jul 2010, 10:20am

    Advice to S. Lippy quit bein a <unt and back up your arguments you fu<kwit. What Clarkson said was very tongue in cheek and thats the context of the programme, I for one was laughing reading the article. Spanner has the right idea, dont get too hot under the collar about a joke..while your at it Slippy are you going to protest outside comedians playing gigs if they tell a gay joke?

  36. here’s some jokes about black people.

    “How do you get 12 niggas in a volkswagon beatle? throw in a welfare check….how do you get them out….throw in a job application”

    “why is stevey wonder always smiling? because he doesn’t know he’s black”

    “Why do black people smell so bad? So blind people can hate them too”

    offensive? – but they’re only jokes.

  37. Carol Thatcher got sackwed from the BBC for an off-air remark about golliwogs which was not meant in a racist way.

    I’m not offended by Clarkson’s remarks.

    I am offended by the double standard which exists between making racist and homophobic comments

  38. I wrote an email as follows:

    “Dear BBC Trust

    I was reading where they have a story about how Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson made a statement, that on the subject of LGBT rights he ‘demands the right not to be bummed’.

    I realise that this comment was not broadcast. And I was not personally offended by it

    However considering that Carol Thatcher was sacked from the BBC for making off-air remarks about ‘golliwogs’ (which she insists were not made in a racist manner) I expect Jeremy Clarkson to be treated in the same manner by the BBC.

    Or does the BBC officially allow homophobic double standards?

    Is it the official policy of the BBC that ridiculing somebody because of their race is completely unacceptable but ridiculing someone becaus of their sexual orientation is completely acceptable.

    Please confirm what disciplinary action wiill be taken against Clarkson by the BBC.

    I had thought that the institutional homophobia of the BBC would have been addressed after the ‘Should gay people face execution?’ fiasco some months ago.

    Here is the test. What is the BBC’s response to Clarkson’s homophobia?

    Yours sincerely”

  39. I can’t imagine anyone being tasteless enough to want to bum him anyway – unless it was someone pathologically masochistic. And especially not with the whiff of Alistair Campbell still hanging in the air.

  40. Oh the cheek of it! I mean was that a wise crack?

  41. I think people need to get a grip – I’m not offended and neither is my partner…. We’re off to see Top Gear be recorded on Wednesday.

    It was Tongue-in-cheek…. And mildly amusing!

    Chill out people.

  42. Being ‘Bummed’ is a slang for anal penetration – how is that offensive to gay men – Hetros bumm each other too you know – it’s just an expression – like ‘Clarkson is a twat’ that’s just an expression of fact – I thought Gays had evolved and we were no longer whinging queens?

  43. It’s not funny. It’s a reflection of the fact that male sexuality (gay or straight) is all about being a predator in our culture. Oh, men will throw their arms up in horror at this – but it’s how they talk about it themselves. Look at the fear in sport etc, about being gay- can’t have P**fs in the team, they’d be trying to “bum” you all the time – ha ha ha.

    Not funny, but massively bigotted.

  44. Jeremy Clarkson makes me so angry every time I see his face that I want to tie him up and give him a good smacking!

    I pity the gay guys on here who refuse to acknowledge the homophobia behind Clarkson’s words and probably because they, like him, are air-heads whose lives are satisfied by fast cars and polluting the planet.

    Clarkson completely denies the reality of climate-change, you know! He thinks we can go on polluting this planet non-stop, pumping our rubbish into the sea, and everything will remain as a fresh as a daisy. But as long as there are air-heads who will pay to hear the nonsense he talks, he’ll keep talking nonsense.

  45. ChutneyBear 7 Jul 2010, 3:05pm

    Homophobia is all a matter of perception, remember its not what was intended but how its percieved….I dont give a flying fu<k for example

  46. I don’t give a toss about what he said.

    Then again it is massively hypocritical of the BBC to sack Carol Thatcher for ‘racism’ for using the word ‘golliwog’ when the cameras were turned off (and Thatcher insisted she had no racist intention).

    Yet Jeremy Clarkson faces no consequence for his comments.

    Why is casual racism so unacceptable in the BBC, but casual homophobia so acceptable?

  47. vulpus_rex 7 Jul 2010, 4:13pm

    “Why is casual racism so unacceptable in the BBC, but casual homophobia so acceptable?”

    It isn’t, but every employee of the BBC, from the General Director down to the tea lady, hates Margaret Thatcher with every fibre of their being and they cannot resist any opportunity to have a go at her. Carol was unfortunately just another way of them sticking the knife into Maggie.

  48. No 47: you say: “It isn’t, but every employee of the BBC, from the General Director down to the tea lady, hates Margaret Thatcher with every fibre of their being and they cannot resist any opportunity to have a go at her. Carol was unfortunately just another way of them sticking the knife into Maggie.”

    Well this reasoning is blatantly wrong.

    If your assertion was true, then Carol Thatcher would never have been hired in the 1st place.

    Hwer comments were more innocent than Clarkson’s.

    The most logical conclusion that can be drawn is that the slightest whiff of racism will lead to instant dismissal, whereas casual homophobia is a good laugh, and those stupid queens should grow a sense of humour.

    It’s a clear double standard.

  49. vulpus_rex 7 Jul 2010, 5:30pm

    They were clearly playing the long game Simon by hiring her so they could set her up, anyway, it was an opportunity for me to have a small rant about the horrendous left wing bias at the BBC, which always puts me in a good mood.

  50. Galadriel1010 7 Jul 2010, 5:58pm

    Carol Thatcher doesn’t earn them nearly as much as Clarkson does – Top Gear is the BBC’s number 1 show for overseas sales.
    As for the joke, it wasn’t one of his best – most of his best jokes are just set-ups for someone else, actually. Clarkson was probably just hoping that Cambell would make a comment about him being safe anyway because no one would want to. We do have a culture where taking the piss is a means of bonding, and Clarkson never means it maliciously. If we want to be part of British society, we’re going to have to accept that we’re going to be the butt of some jokes – along with footballers, cricketers, morris dancers, the Welsh, the Scottish, the Irish, the French, Americans, fat people, thin people, middle class people, upper class people and lower class people, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, and, of course, the English. I’m sure I’ve missed some, as well, but you get the idea.
    And I will continue to laugh at jokes about my sexuality, hair colour and gap between my teeth, and strongly object to anyone who actually means it.

  51. Galadriel: You forgot the worst of them all: Gingers.

  52. It’s funny the way hideous men assume gay men want to bum them.

  53. This is strange I was more irritated by the title of this piece than anything that was spewed out of Jeremy Clarksons mouth.

    Does anybody else have problems with how gay people are being reffered to now? I hate it when on TV gay people are reffered to as “The Gays” or “Gays”, I cringe hugely somehow it feels like I’ve been put into one homogenous group, reduced summed up and put into a nice objectified little box.

    Please say something like gay folk, or gay people, gay men or gay women or lesbians

    I’m probably going to get jumped on by everyone for this, but just felt I should say something

  54. Galadriel1010 8 Jul 2010, 12:37am

    @Spanner Must not forget the gingers! And bankers, of course. And politicians.

  55. ChutneyBear 8 Jul 2010, 11:55am

    Exactly Stephen One pint can kill you but one shot of heroin and you are in la la land all safe and cosy…fu<k sakes….get your head out of your hole. I see the fu<kin eejits taking it on the scene, if they do cause harm to themselves thats fine by me, Im not caring for them…..I dont have a problem with people doing them as long as it doesnt affect me!

  56. AndyC: More to the point, “Jeremy Clarkson offends gays with ‘I demand the right not to be bummed’ joke” – Can anyone state which gays *were* “offended”? Alistair Campbell commented, but doesn’t appear to be too worried by the comment, and he’s not gay anyway, and Ben ‘I-take-it-up-the-arse-at-every-opportunity’ Summerskill just made some bitchy queenie retort.

    I don’t see any gays being offended and everyone took it in the light the comment was intended – a bit of light-hearted banter.
    It’s about time this sh!tty little rag of a website stopped playing to the gallery and actually started reporting real opinion, and not hearsay. If I want to read fictitious crap, I can always buy The Sun.

  57. Galadriel1010 10 Jul 2010, 12:25am

    @Spanner: Oh, give Summerskill some credit, that was a brilliant retort.
    Of course, it leaves him open to comments that he’s clearly not had any for as long as any of us has heard of him…

  58. jonnielondon 20 Jul 2011, 5:33pm

    The BBC should fire this little prick!

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