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Anti-Pope protesters urged to show tolerance

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  1. The pope can expect the same tolerance for his visit as he and his church shows to gay people and women.

    There will be no restraint to the protests that his presence here will generate.

    He is evil scum.

    If my tax money is being spent on allowing a genocidal maniac like Ratzinger into the country then I am going to do my damnedest to show him that neither he nor his paedophile-protecting henchmen are welcome.

    Is everyone planning to disrupt his masses by bringing their same sex partner and kissing them at the mass?

    I know I am.

  2. We will show him the same level of tolerance he has been showing. Do not worry.

  3. “In an end-of year address in 2008, the Pope said that the existence of gay people threatens humanity as much as the destruction of the rainforests does and that “blurring” genders through acceptance of transgender people would kill off the human race.

    the pope is an evil maniac.

    How Chris Patten can even ask for tolerance towards such an hateful bigot is incredible.

  4. Tolerance? One tolerates an annoying relative. You don’t tolerate the homophobic leader of a religious organisation who’s visit is being paid for out of our taxes. I think we have the right to “protest” as loudly as we wish, thanks Mr Patten.

  5. We have to show tolerance, but what about the pope? exempt as usual!
    I really do not see why the tax payer should foot the bill for this either plus I really woud like to know what hold the church has on the Goverment?

  6. Let’s take some more out of the budget for building schools and use it to pay for the pope’s security, shall we!!!!!

  7. Hmmmm people in this country are losing their jobs yet we have to fork out 10 million for this person to visit the country? Yep that makes sense!

    As for restraint, tell that to the person visiting. If he does than maybe he’ll get it in return!

  8. If the pope didn’t have such a dramatic negative effect on people’s lives, would he need so much security? Why should he be protected from the trouble he has caused himself? He’s made his bed, he should have to lie in it.

    Even if that means he has to take a shoe to the head when I go to the protest :)

  9. Why can’t you all stop picking on this saintly man? After all, its not as though he can answer back for himself, now, is it? He has so much on his plate, with all that boning up for his feldwebel promotion exam with the Hitler Youth.

  10. Galadriel1010 6 Jul 2010, 2:58pm

    We will if he does.

  11. Will the government be ensuring in advance that he will not be making speeches that incite hatred against others, such as in other European countries that were introducing gay marriage? If he does, will Mr Tatchell be making a citizen’s arrest?

  12. Camp Crusader 6 Jul 2010, 3:08pm

    I have no real issue with the Pope visiting the UK, but I do not see why the UK tax payer should have to help foot the bill. With all the cuts that we’re facing, and the fact that Roman Catholics make up such a small percentage of the population, there is no reason why the UK should be paying for it. If the Catholic Church want the Pope to visit Catholics in the UK, then let the Catholic Church pay for it.

  13. Chuck E. Jesus 6 Jul 2010, 3:19pm

    This is like asking normal, sane people to show tolerance for the KKK when it comes to town…

  14. I don’t see why the Pope should be tolerated given his and his Church’s on going anti-diluvian views on gays (also their anti-women and the non use of contrceptives to fight HIV etc ‘pontifications’). That the UK taxpayer is likely to fork out £12 mill and more for this useless ‘jolly’ is disgusting especially at the moment. He’s also coming over to start the road to sainthood for Cardinal Newman who we all know was gay anyway despite the desparate denials from Rome.

  15. I wonder whether those traitors to our cause, the tiny groups of gay catholics, one of which I understand was seen marching in London Pride last weekend, will be demonstrating with those of us who want to protest this evil bigot, or grovelling to him inside the churches as the Vicar of Christ :)

  16. What a joke. Does anyone know of any planned protests? Chris Patterns comments make me want to go to one.

  17. The only way I will show tolerance to the Pope is if you imprison and sedate me Mr Patten!

    All forms of protest are legitimate in this instance.

  18. I wonder what Christ, the Christ who extolled the virtues of the meek and the poor, would say about ten to 100 MILLION pounds being spent so that a gold and jeweled adorned, silk, velvet and laced bedecked man, claiming to represent HIM, prances around the world while EVERY day millions of children, not to mention adults, starve and die of treatable diseases. How many of these children could 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 pounds save?

    How dare this ass hat admonish US to be tolerant and “act Christian”! He needs to direct his self-righteous instruction toward the Devil in Prada Oppressor and not at the Oppressed.

  19. Peter & Michael 6 Jul 2010, 4:27pm

    He hasn’t been tolerant with LGBT people, and if he spouts offensive derisory remarks against us, he should be sent home with an ASBO!!

  20. doesn’t the bible say something about doing unto others as they would do unto you? why should people always be expected or asked to tolerate the intolerance of others like the pope and bigots etc?

  21. I understand the BBC – the BBC mind – are planning a mock trial, presumably for crimes against humanity, although his ridiculous wardrobe also leaves lot to be desired, on the run up to his visit. I am sure he will receive fair and unbiased trial before the British licence payers. Hopefully, Gok Won will also have a say.

    Of course, the BBC cannot deliver a reality TV phone-in result or else the whole telecommunication system would collapse, including the BT tower off Tottenham Court Road. Some satellite would even explode!

    My God, what an ‘orrible old man he is.

  22. Dear mr patten I don’t criticise the pope for lack of tolerance I criticise his bigoted and outmoded views of humanity. I do not seek to be tolerated by any one the mere word itself screams inequality! I want retraction acceptance and acknowledgement. The pope is the most despicable of people using the name of God in such and abusive and all power wielding way. That is not holy that is ungodly!

  23. the pope is shocking, how can he expect us to respect him when he’s religion makes him hate us?

  24. We need some nice passive-aggressive ‘hate the Catholicism, love the Catholic’ tshirts I think.

    (Some of my best friends etc. but their loveliness tends to be in inverse proportion to their support of the nastier bits of church dogma.)

  25. TOLERANCE?! So,we opponents to this inhuman,homophobic,paedophile defending disgrace are asked to show tolerance!If I wasn’t so damned angry at this request I would crap myself with laughter!I mean,do these people actually listen to what they’re asking?Do they seriously expect us to simply shrug and mutter,’Yeah,ok,then,we’ll be tolerant’? NO FRICKING CHANCE! I am seriously disabled but if I can find a way to be present to show that evil tyrant just how vehemently I oppose his visit then you can bet I will be there!Incidently,if this is meant to be a ‘state visit’ then why are we expected to shell out for it?It’s not like Vatican City can’t fund it themselves.Hell,they’re wealthy enough!EVERYONE,SHOW YOUR DISAPPROVAL!

  26. When I read the headline I thought this was a terrible joke.

    He is ‘tolerant’ enough to accuse me of killing off the human race, though as far as I remember I haven’t fuelled an AIDs crisis so I’ve got one up on him.

  27. The Pope can kiss MY ring.
    Any flak he gets on his all expenses payed junket subsidised to the tune of £12 million in the thick of a recession by the taxpayer is flak he’s earned.
    His policies on contraception helping spread AIDS through Africa, his preaching of sexism and homophobia to the masses and let’s not forget his policy of hushing up the biggest child abuse scandal in living memory.
    So no, I’m not going to get back in my box and “play nice” Mr Patten. I hope you get thoroughly egged as well for defending the bigoted old bastard.

  28. Mumbo Jumbo 6 Jul 2010, 7:38pm

    Get mad by all means. But, above all, get even:

    See you all there.

  29. So we should show tolerance to the most Intolerant eh?

    Notice he doesn’t warn the religious nuts coming to see him to be ‘Tolerant’ of the protesters. It’s their choose to follow such male ego driven religions but it is also Our choice to protest against such criminally hatred speaking homophobes such as the Pope.

  30. I want to follow him around wrapped in a rainbow flag, holding a sign saying “Catholicism kills. And covers up child abuse.”
    I think that’s fairly restrained.

    Seriously, though, telling us to be tolerant of an intolerant bigot and expecting us to just go along with that? It’s not going to happen.

  31. Show him tolerance? An individual who believes in supernatural beings without any evidence to back it up and who encourages millions all over the world that supernatural beings exist and that they have issued us with orders on how we MUST live our lives? Chris Patten, you are a damned fool!

    Anger felt against the Pope and all religious-believers is fully justified and a good thing. Only ANGER against such ridiculous beliefs will help rid the world such nonsense.

    No, we must NOT show the Pope, nor any other believer in nonsense, ANY tolerance OR respect. People must EARN respect by demonstrating that they are rational and do not possess ridiculous delusions.

  32. Oh my god, it’s one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse!

    I agree with something Squidgy said!

    Get your affairs in order! The end of the world is nigh!

  33. Does anyone know where I can get details of any protests?
    As I would like to participate to show this nasty little man what we think

  34. us show tolerance to those who show us none? no thank you. showing tolerance when your offered none doesnt make you the better person it makes you stupid.

  35. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Jul 2010, 9:16pm

    The pope SHOULD be shown respect.

    The exact same respect that his dogma has allowed 22 million in the African subcontinent to have HIV.

    The same respect that tells me that I am “intrinsically disorded”.

    The same respect that he has allowed Child abuse in his organization.

    The same respect shown to the millions that this junket steals
    billions from it’s illegal money making activities.

    Respect is it, Herr Ratzinger.

    How dare your church of filth even dare expect respect.

    And how dare our own Government even offer you it.

  36. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Jul 2010, 9:20pm

    PS: I do like very big pipe church organ noises.

  37. I am not gay, but like thousands of uk people I am taking every available opportunity to express my anger at this visit of this fascist repressive dictator; the pope. WHY WHY WHY is this visit being allowed, and even welcomed by our government? How out of touch can they be with the feelings of the mass of the uk? We have fought long and hard in the uk for gay rights, womens rights, for enlightened education and in one fell swoop the government is laying all this aside and allowing this man who did nothing to alleviate the sufferings of hundreds of sexually abused children when he was a cardinal, to visit our country. And Patten asks us for RESTRAINT???!!!

  38. …I do like very big pipe church organ noises…

    That sounds very, very, naughty Dr Robin Guthrie.

  39. David North 6 Jul 2010, 9:42pm

    I see Emperor Palpatine still has a job, however now it would appear dressing up as Santa.

    Probably allows him to get that wee bit closer to some children.

    This institutions mindset is so deranged that they actually think they do good, in this planet.

    It’s not so unbelievable that Chris Patten, the Thatcher man who handed Hong Kong over to communist China is asking for this tolerance.

    Anything for a buck I suppose.

    Unthinking, out of touch tosh is only to be expected from a life long politician such as Patten.

    How dare this coalition allow this twat a voice.

  40. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Jul 2010, 9:44pm

    “…I do like very big pipe church organ noises…

    That sounds very, very, naughty Dr Robin Guthrie. ”

    They parp deeply and succinctly.

    Naughty indeed.

  41. I think we should drop all the nasty protests and greet him with a song in our hearts… preferably this one

  42. Har Davids 6 Jul 2010, 10:05pm

    Tolerance? How about some respect, something the Pope and most of his predecessors have never shown ‘their’ flock. I’m sure the world would have been a better place if there had been some people who really cared about mankind in the vatican.

  43. to hell with child rape enabler Patten

  44. How is intolerance towards intolerance an “extraordinary Irony”? I really dont understand how that is ironical in the slightest……If anything the churches extreme intolerance towards many levels of humanity should definitely be met with reactionary intolerance and protest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. What an extraordinary waste of 12 million pounds!

  46. Vo Dong Cung 7 Jul 2010, 4:50am

    Pope and his fellowers try to show he is the man of God, but about 7 billion people around the work don’t acept that. I’am surprise why the freedom and equally goverment like UK invite the one who denied freedom and equalities, but preaching the hate to human heart.

  47. Homophobic rappers, christians who ‘Hate Fags” are denied entry into GB. And the Pope is different how? Oh, yes. Money and power.

  48. Karl Rosenqvist 7 Jul 2010, 6:56am

    I AM showing tolerance, he’s alive ain’t he?

  49. I vote for country wide civil unrest when this parasite arrives.

  50. The Halcyon 7 Jul 2010, 10:40am

    “It would be an extraordinary irony if those who polemicise past intolerance by churches are to become themselves the proponents of intolerance towards churches.”

    Not the churches, just their corrupt leaders who are moving more and more like Palpatine every day. I half expect him to zap protesters with lightning from his fingers whilst maniacally chuckling.

  51. Those religious nuts who feel the need to constantly quote from the bible do so because they actually fear thinking for themselves. Sadly that speaks for itself.

    How many LGBT people have been murdered just because of who they are by Christians and other religions, who always convienently use their religious scripts to kid themselves their right in doing so.

    Christian’s and the like are the only ones who feel they have justification in, not only discriminating against people but killing them as well. How is this right? How is this a loving peaceful religion? Their all hypocrites. They stop humanity progressing in any way so the very people like the LGBT community and it’s supports have to battle to try and get the best humanity can offer.

    These religious nuts need to take a deep look at themselves, see the damage they do, the hatred they spread. The difference between them and the LGBT community?

    The difference religion is a choose, you are not born into it. You are taught to hate, to discriminate, to accept your scripts from over ego’d men as facts.

    The Day religious nuts finally agree that religion should be a thing of the past and left to read in the history books as evidence of the nastiness they’ve caused, the better the world and humanity will become and finally will start to grow.

  52. I agree with the idea that there be massive civil unrest when this evil bigot shows up.

    That vile, bigotted homophobic, sexist, child0-hating, paedophile protecing, Aids-promoting monster is NOT welcome in this country.

    He deserves the same respect as he he shows others ie NONE!!!!

    I wonder does Chris Patten realise that his request for tolerance for this monster is so incredibly offensive!

  53. I’m guessing Patten doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t the Pope and who is disgusted by the evil monster

  54. I’ve been quietly (ish) fuming about this since yesterday and I’m still thoroughly enraged. This vile creature should not be allowed into the country, they should use the same laws that they used to ban Fred Phelps and his merry band of misfits from the country. And for Chris Bloody Patten to tell us to be tolerant of him has just made me angrier, I’m now going to find the nearest protest and throw stylish yet affordable shoes at the Pope.

  55. Isn’t it odd how bigots like Ratzinger (no-one could have invented the presence of “rats” in his name) always ask for tolerance from those they are abusing?

  56. There could be riots in the streets and a lot of very unhappy people if the pope visits England. I wonder why the Conservative government wants that to happen. It would be better for all concerned if he did not visit Britain but rather encourage the Roman Catholics of the UK (or those who would like to) to go and visit him at the Vatican like a special audience etc. It would cost a lot less in all respects. Guided tours of the Vatican, people making money and all that instead of spending vast sums encouraging social disorder and hate on the streets of Britain. It does not make sense.

  57. The goal of the pope and most religious training is to intellectually castrate children, only to brain wash them into accepting their illusions and lies.

    “Faith schools should be banned outright, on the grounds that grooming children to place their faith in a nonevidential supernatural world is unethical and educationally counterproductive towards raising normal well-adjusted people, and teaching children that fiction is fact, amounts to fraud.

    Here’s an example of religious child grooming, please view this link:” –

    Please sign the petition to stop this form of child abuse.

  58. Dr Boycock 7 Jul 2010, 12:26pm

    Incredible (and heartening) that on this thread, so far, EVERYONE is together and of the same opinion. It just goes to show that sometimes, common sense will prevail. How can it possibly be right to spend this kind of money when the government has just announced it´s ´austerity budget´? We are all being asked (and expected) to make sacrifices to get this country back on a better footing and get people back to work.. How can this be right then?

    However, I want to be the only person on here to actually THANK Chris Patten! I want to thank him for pouring PETROL on the bonfire and managing to enrage the ENTIRE gay community with his call for ´restraint´. Well done Chris!

    “I wonder what Christ, the Christ who extolled the virtues of the meek and the poor, would say about ten to 100 MILLION pounds being spent so that a gold and jeweled adorned, silk, velvet and laced bedecked man, claiming to represent HIM, prances around the world while EVERY day millions of children, not to mention adults, starve and die of treatable diseases. How many of these children could 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 pounds save?”

    This comment is SO true! It has long been my argument that if the catholic church was serious about being a force for good in the world, then they would start by giving up their billions and billions of wealth and investments to help to poor. They would turn their obscene church buildings into places of refuge for the poor and homeless. Charity begins at home.. Yet their homes show very little charity to others.

    This makes me so mad reading this article. It just gets worse. I urge everyone to get mad also. If millions of our taxpayer money is going to be spent throwing a free party for the catholic church and it´s evil head, then we have every right to get mad, and to express it.

    Lets use every chance to make this pope as welcome here, as WE would be in the vatican!

  59. So we’re asked to “tolerate the intolerant”? This is ridiculous.

  60. He should not be allowed to come this country full stop. The government would be likely to ban a muslim cleric of hatred as well as numerous hip-hop artists but this guy get’s treated to a £10m spending spree?
    I will be attending the protest, this man is vile, evil and hideous. I hope that someone has the courage to assassinate him while he’s here.

  61. How utterly refreshing and inspiring to see that EVERY ONE of the 60 posts above are all VERY STRONGLY against showing “respect” and “tolerance” towards the frightful leader of a frightful religion.

    Yes, let’s hope there ARE “riots on the streets” come September. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world, if not millions, would rejoice on hearing news of it. It would be a world-first: the first rising up of the people against the self-perpetuated and self-aggrandising nonsense that is the church, and ANY church.

    Let’s start making those placards now! Start getting those costumes together. Let’s fill the streets with hundreds of over-the-top popes in lavish and pompous Vatican get-up. Add at least another foot to the mitre! Slap on lashings of glitter. But most of all give the TV cameras and photographers some strong blunt and clearly readable messages to focus on!

  62. No Tolerance Here 7 Jul 2010, 2:57pm

    We sent Geert Wilders back to the Netherlands because he was here to spread hate towards Muslims, yet we let the Pope in? They are the same, both spread hate, but for different minorities. The Pope is also directly responsible for many HIV deaths in Africa for telling the Christians there not to use protection. I object to paying £10 million for the state visit of a fascist so he can preach hate towards me. However the ignorant asshole tries to disguise his words. He is about as tolerant as Adolf Hitler. I hope we show him exactly how intolerant we are of him and ruin his stay to the extent that he leaves early and swears never to return.

  63. I live in Geneva Switzerland, but I will be in the UK just for my right to shout at the little bastard what I think of him and his paedochurch. If I am going to catch a plane to say what I believe, I hope people in England won’t be cowards. There is freedom of speech. He has the right to say all that crap about everything? I have the same equal right to offend his nasty religion. I hope his plane crashes on a squalid church. Homophobe-raping-children-evil-corporation. That’s what they are.

  64. Andy Armitage 7 Jul 2010, 3:49pm

    How nice to see the first comment I came across on here, saying the pope is scum! How I agree! I suspect few people among the gay community will welcome him. And Patten asks for tolerance? Hah!. Only lunatics really want this evil fascist to come to these shores. Tell Patten where to get off! Prat! Why the hell should anyone be nice to Ratzo? The more protests, the better. Let’s show him that he’s not welcome here.

  65. “Past intolerance by churches” ?? What about ‘present’ intolerance by the church ?

  66. Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark 8 Jul 2010, 12:54am

    Her Popeness can osculate my superannuated homosexual posterior. It’s only a matter of time before the Regensburg scandal involves his brother George (the former choirmaster) and spills over onto Herself’s immaculate white dresss.

  67. douglas in canada 8 Jul 2010, 5:32am

    The cost is a sign of extreme perversion. The fact that he needs so much security is proof that he is NOT approved of.

    “In an end-of year address in 2008, the Pope said that the existence of gay people threatens humanity as much as the destruction of the rainforests does…” So, what is he doing about the destruction of the rainforests? Just think of what all the money could have done to make some positive changes to rainforest deforestation. But no, that would be productive. All he wants is to incite hatred among his own followers, hatred toward gays and other groups, because it is the use of this hatred that is the only thing that keeps them going.

    Assassination? Not too fast; only the living can be tried, convicted, and sentenced.

    It’s almost as if he’s inciting more hatred on purpose, so that he can get his own followers to feel sorry for him, then use that to increase support for his hateful actions toward those who have a different opinion than he does.

    In any case, the church is on death’s door. It’s just too bad that it will take so many innocent casualties with it when it goes.

  68. douglas in canada 8 Jul 2010, 6:01am

    How to PROTEST? Along with the angry yelling, chanting, and placard waving, I think there should be quieter, longer lasting protests, too.

    T-shirts – with a line drawing of his holiness from behind, with the text “Kneel and Kiss My Ring!”

    OR “Quick, his holiness his coming! Hide the children!!”

    OR a line drawing of a human-sized cat, with it’s tongue taking a swipe up the side of the pope, with the text “Nothing beats a good Cat-Lick!”

    OR pointy hats that look phallic.

    I think that making fun of him is one way to strip him of his power. Show him to be the clown that he is. Although it is important to voice our anger at this man and his actions, and to pointedly criticize the negative effects of what he has done, we should also show him to be the idiot that he is. The FOOL, the court JESTER, the village IDIOT.

    Write short skits and comedy sketches that can be performed on street corners and in pubs, by anyone with even a little talent.

    Poetry devoted to this religious nutcase and his evil deeds.

    Pictures of him holding a cross like you would a machine gun, pointed at the victims of his hate crimes.

    Maybe even commemorative beers, “Rat poison” and instead of saying “cheers”, say “up your bum!”

    OR put on those little red Prada shoes with your leather harnesses – go for the ‘world dominatrix’ look. Include a whip attached to the end of a small crucifix.

    The idea of mass kiss-ins along any parade routes is good, too. I’m not sure I’d want to take the trouble to go into a church mass to do it. The only people who are likely to see it are the die-hard catholics, and on seeing it, they will not use any logic to see the error of their ways; they will only see us as crazies.

  69. If it’s a protest we’re talking about…

    …methinks Vuvuzela’s may be just the ticket!

  70. And a big gay kiss in at one of his public performances.

  71. Mumbo Jumbo . . . thanks for the Protest Pope links

    I think we should arrange a kiss-in outside Lambeth Palace when he visits on the 17th September and lectures all on . . .

    ” It is thought he is likely to repeat his criticism that the previous Labour Government “restricted religious freedom in the name of equality” – ie, restrict the employment practices of […]”


    With Roman Catholicism becoming increasingly rigid, dogmatic and extreme with regards homosexuality, gender, HIV/AIDs and child abuse, this is an opportunity to voice your concerns.

    Doctrinal postions of 21st Century Roman Catholicism

    1. Doctrine of Death
    The pope sentences millions of people to HIV infection and an early death in African and developing countries with his refusal to allow the promotion of condom use.

    2. Doctrine of Homophobic hatred
    The pope continues to incite homophobic hatred by refusing to with draw his statement that LGBT people are an intrinsically disordered and moral evil.

    3. Doctrine of Misogyny
    The pope continues to perpetuate sexism and gender a partite by refusing to allow women to ascend to the priesthood.

    4. Doctrine of Child Abuse
    The pope continues to sanction the sexual abuse of children by refusing to challenge organised

  73. Amendment

    4. Doctrine of Child Abuse
    The pope continues to sanction the sexual abuse of children by refusing to challenge organised child rape

  74. unfortunately mate you have linked child abuse to homosexuality, there us nothing more that will enrage us more than that sort of comment, where will you be in september, doing nothing as usual.. bye bye.. not wanted

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