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Homophobic Polish politician Jaroslaw Kaczynski loses presidential election

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick James 5 Jul 2010, 6:40pm

    What has been left out of this article I think is that the Conservative party was actively supporting and promoting Jaroslaw Kacznyski for the presidential election.

    While Nick Herbert and co were parading themselves at the Pride event in London David Cameron was meeting Jaroslaw Kaczynski and in so doing demonstrating his support for Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the Polish presidential election.

    This was kept astonishingly quiet in the British press of course but widely reported in Poland.

    At last there has been some press coverage in the UK, but the Daily Telegraph, you can read about it here.

    A quote from the article:

    For reasons best known to himself, David Cameron decided to receive Kaczynski in London last week, during the last week of the Polish campaign. For Kaczynski, this was a major coup: it allowed him to claim “support” from the Tory party for his campaign, and helped underline his “new” friendly attitude to foreigners.

    So who is Jaroslaw Kacznyski?

    He is chair of the Polish Law and Justice party.

    Jaroslaw Kacznyski is just about as “nasty” as you can get with regard to LGBT issues.

    He makes Ian Paisley look like an LGBT loving liberal!

    This was the man that Cameron was using unprecedented diplomatic efforts to get elected as President of Poland. Giving Kacznyski this “major coup” of the meeting, which of course Kacznyski made great use of with a press conference immediately after it.

    This illustrates the extent of this alliance with the Polish Law and Justice party.

    Now back to Nick Herbert. When Nick Herbert was parading at LGBT pride he knew fine will that David Cameron was intervening in Polish national politics to assist Kacznyski in this election.

    As it happens Kacznyski did not get elected (ho ho ho).

  2. Well I thought the Kaczynski klone getting the vote was a forgone conclusion, but it seems not to be. Maybe the Poles have some sense after all. The Law & Justice Party are a devious and underhand organisation that are determined to keep Poland in the dark ages.
    Check out this video of them trying to prevent gay pride marches:

  3. It’s not like Komorowski is that different. He’s not as openly homophobic as Kaczynski, but he’s equally dangerous because he tends to disregard LGBT issues.

    In a recent presidential debate Komorowski said a bill introducing civil partnerships is simply unnnecessary and he believes that gay adoption will never be legal in Poland.

  4. Matt’s right; though Komorowski is more liberal than Kaczynski (not like that’s hard), he’s still only centre-right as opposed to extreme right. Still, for Poland this is progress.

  5. Poles need to shake off the hideous Roman Catholic Church and get on with reality! Give all the saints a big shove!

  6. George Broadhead, PTT 6 Jul 2010, 12:38pm

    David Cameron said: “And yes, some countries, particularly some of the Catholic countries, do have very conservative social views. They are on a journey in respect of that and it is a journey we can help them with.”

    It is good that Cameron recognises the part Catholicism plays (I would say the major part)in fostering homophobia in Poland and other countries. However, he is due to give a warm welcome to the main proponent of such homophobia, Pope Benedict, when he visits the UK later this year. Perhaps he will be persuaded by our gay-friendly prime minister to to a volte face on this.

  7. Patrick James, Spanner, Matt, Kapsker, Brenton you are all so absolutely right – at least Komorowski is more liberal but the Roman Cathlic Church has also been defeated because they actively supported Kaczynski.
    Shame on David Cameron for being two faced by ‘supporting’ the LBGT Community in England and Europe but yet supporting the anti-gay and Polish homophobic Law and Justice (sic) party and Kaczynski. The Polish parliamentary elections are coming up next year and the homophobic Law and Justice party are already preparing their mind warping propaganda in an effort to win the elections. More education about the GLBT Community is needed. The evil has been subdued for the moment but not for long.

  8. Unfortunately, whilst Komorowski won the presidential election, the close run means that there’s a good chance that Kaczynski’s Law and Justice party will do well in the upcoming regional and local elections. I fear that Poland will not see a more LGBT-friendly environment for many years to come.

  9. Agnieszka 6 Jul 2010, 9:07pm

    whatever you write here ALMOST 50% of the voters were behind Kaczynski. you see him only through this views on homosexuality. no wander you can see anything else!

    Poles need to shake off the hideous Roman Catholic Church and get on with reality! Give all the saints a big shove!

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    Comment by Brenton — July 6, 2010 @ 9:25

    Brenton, no need to tell Polish people what they should do. Nobody will listen to you anyway.

  10. Here is a positive angle, although not that positive, it also what the French gay press are reporting, the supporters of Napierlski (13.6) in first round have probably voted fo Komorowski, Napeierlski is also promoting a Polish civil partnership for gay people!

    “Sociologist Ireneusz Krzeminski said it is hard to imagine that the majority of Napieralski’s voters could vote for anyone other than Komorowski. Napieralski’s electorate tends to be liberal on social issues — supporting women’s rights, gay rights and opposing the strong role played by the church in society. That puts it closer to Komorowski’s Civic Platform, which appeals to secular and urban voters with its pro-business ethos, even though it pays little attention to ideological social issues.”

  11. If Kaczynski asked me for help, then I couild make him a winner.

    I za jednym zachodem chciełbym zwrócić się z prośbą do zwolenników Kaczyńskiego. Proszę przekazać moi słowa kierownikowi oddziału partii w miaście Pana lub osobiście panu Przewodniczącemu (J.K.), żeby ten z
    kolei przekazałby liderowi PiS przy spotkanie (internetu i telefonom ufać nie radzię).
    Pan Jarosław! Gdyby ludzie Pana zwrócili się do mnie o pomoc jako do bardzo niezwykłym wąskim specjalistą-wynalazcą super-technologii przedwyborczych, to Pan mógłby zwyciężyć i zostać Prezydentem. (Bez żartów! Miałem bardzo ważną informację, i ja mogłem wpłynąć na wybory więcej, niż wszysce inne specjalisty, wszysce razem wzięte.). A to znaczy, co sztab Pana pracował nieidealnie. (Dzwoniłem przez telefon sztaba kandydata. Wysłełem wiele listów elektronyczną pocztą. Ani znaku żucia. Oni nie umieją pracować dla dobra sprawy, dla najlepszego rezultatu kandydata?) Niech Panowie innym razem nie zahamują. Moja ostatna odezwa do Panow była opublikowana na forum „ Prawo…” sajtu „”, 30 czrwieca. 08.07.2010, 14:50 GT. Europeanintellectual. P.S: I have sent my proposals to both Kaczynski and Komorowski but there was no reply. One of the kandidats was to win. You bacame the second. Next time you will win if you will be more clever. Contakt with me beforehand.

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