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Gay Lib Dem MP David Laws may face police investigation

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Reader comments

  1. It really is contemptible that an extremely wealthy, middle aged man like David Laws chose to remain in the closet when there was no reason in the entire world other than his own cowardice and self-interest to remain so.

    I hope he does not make a comeback – he stole from taxpayers to keep his dirty little secret quiet.

    I cannot trust someone who is too cowardly to come out of their own free will, when there is no reason to remain closeted.

  2. Sister Mary Clarance 5 Jul 2010, 4:55pm

    StephenC, he actually claimed less than he was entitled to if he has declared the other guy as his partner in point of fact.

    Its all a bit knee-jerk on here today. Is it the heat maybe, or two many mind-bending love drugs at Pride over the weekend causing a bit of a come down today?

  3. Are we sure he was a multi millionaire and the best thing since sliced bread in his brilliant but short career both in the city and the cabinet – I guess he sums himself up – “stupid” – why do lib dems have to so often hide in the closet, aren’t they supposed to be ever so pro gay , pushing for gay marriage etc….

  4. Patrick James 5 Jul 2010, 6:59pm

    For me there are two issues with David Laws.

    1 He was a closeted gay man.

    2 He was fiddling his expenses.

    There is no connection between these issues.

    Personally I don’t think people should be “outed” as David Laws was unless it is absolutely necessary.

    My main complaint about David Laws is that before the election he was very aggressively pursing the expenses issue in parliament. He cut a high profile in attacking others who had expenses issues.

    I think David Laws has been using his formerly closeted relationship with another man to try and muddy this expenses issue.

    I think this becomes clearer when we look at David Laws’ Travelling Expenses.

    You might want to have a look at this News of the World article.

    Here are the first couple of sentences

    A News of the World investigation can today reveal the ex-Chief Secretary to the Treasury claimed £9,192 for mileage in just 15 months.

    That means Mr Laws must have driven a staggering 28,525 miles in 15 months from May 2008 to June 2009.

    On top of that he claimed a total of £2769 in rail fares.

    So, I would like to know how was it that David Laws’ closet relationship required all this travelling?

  5. Oh, it has to be thoroughly investigated, other (former) MPs are to be tried in court for goodness sake.

    I believe you are allowed to rent out a room up to a certain amount per year without declaring it to HMRC. But Laws was sharing another man’s farter and paying the guy for the privilege.

    No, no, it’s just not kosher.

  6. Well, if only the same rules will apply to the same cases… At least he has not denied stealing from the tax payer. As for his closeted life, its upto an adult whether they have the confidence to stand up and be themselves or not. But he lacks my respect for such stupidity.

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