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Gay-friendly Christian church to carry out gay weddings in Spain

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  1. Even though I am not a religious person (to put it mildly), I have a huge amount of respect for the Metropolitan Community Church. Every church should be like this. Alas, its the religions that need to victimise others to survive, like the Catholic Church and Islam, that seem to appeal to the masses to keep their self esteem levels up. Sad really.

  2. Even though the MCC sounds likes a kind and reasonable church, I still have zero respect for them.

    I do not respect any organisation which uses a several thousand year old, badly written work of fiction as basis for how people are supposed to live their lives in the 21st century. It’s utterly absurd.

    Best of luck with their endeavours in Spain but I don’t think Spain really needs it.

    Thanks to marriage equality in Spain, the predominant cult there – the catholic cult – has been given a good kicking.

    Why bother replacing the catholic cult with the kinder and nicer but just as loony metropolitcan community cult?

  3. Stephen, you’re missing the point. While some reasonable people like ourselves may not need a church, some people do. And that’s okay. Its when faith and spirituality becomes the “do-what-I-say” nonsense and an excuse to persecute, it becomes a problem.

    I am not religious, but I am not a bigot either, I will more than tolerate and accept peoples right to be religious, once it does not detract from my own civil liberties.

    I have huge respect for this church for one reason, its central message and philosophy is not to discriminate and accept all – and that is a rare thing in a church, regardless of my person belief. Its wrong to tar this church for the failings of churches like the catholic church. I do not see the rationale of fighting extremists when we ourselves let our own prejudices turn us into the same.

  4. People need to believe in something. Whether it is belief in themselves or in a church system or in God or gods or drugs or athiesim, Buddasim or whatever. People must have this otherwise they become directionless, aimless, self centred and other negatives. Not all churches or religious organisations namely the Roman Catholics, Christian fundamentalists and Islamists, to name a few fit into acceptable social behaviour. However, there are one or two churches that do and that can fulfill the need for people to believe in something. You may call it what you like. You can call the Bible what you like and belittle it but it holds meaning for some people. It has been fought over, misinterpreted used for good and evil purposes but through all of this it has had a huge influence on world history.
    Religion or faith if you like, is a very private thing. Even though the RCC and the Christian Fundamentalists and other crazy religious people and organisations have given Christianity and the Bible a bad name because of the way they have twisted and warped the message of Christ, there are LGBT people who need to have the comfort and the reassurance that the Bible gives. The New Testament does not condemn gays or the LGBT Community in anyway whatsosever if fact it says it is ok.
    Please see this link
    If the MCC can fill a gap then good for them and I think it is great.

  5. All very true but the world’s biggest cults- the catholic cult with over 1,100,000,999; the islamic cults with over 1,200.000,000 the baptist cults with over 200,000,000 ALL hate us with a passion.

    The Metropolitan Community Cult exists solely because of twisted, vicious bigotry of ‘mainstream’ religion.

    And it is not catholicism or orthodox judaism or islam which gives religion a bad name.

    Their belief in badly-written, thousand year old, works of fiction being the word of an all-powerful ‘god’ is what gives religion a band name.

    In my view religious belief is akin to mental illness.

    It is 1 step away from ‘hearing voices’.

    Just because the Metropolitan Community Cult is not viciously bigotted does not make their beliefs any less bizarre and ludicrous.

  6. “Just because the Metropolitan Community Cult is not viciously bigotted does not make their beliefs any less bizarre and ludicrous.”

    To you perhaps, but not to others. Accepting that you and I do not believe in god, is also about accepting that others *do* believe in god, as neither party can prove, even slightly, the existence or non-existence of one, who is rigth and who is wrong? And if the MCC offers gay people some comfort in their spirituality, then good for them. I am averts to extremism of all kind, and extreme religion hating, albeit for good reason, is just the same as homophobia or racism.

  7. I don’t get WHY on earth gay people would want to be married by ANY religious institution??? I know I wouldn’t…but hey I am an Atheist.

  8. religion – some of them – operate by giving people induced obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Its a mental problem born of fear and anxiety that spills over into other parts of the mind. And comes out in the strangest and contradictory ways. Eg some people end up with a cleanliness fetish. they’ll wash their hands 10 times a day, while not taking a bath for a year. They’ll save 20 year old newspapers because of the job advertisements – of companies long out of business.

    And that is how brainwashing works, especially religious brainwashing. Do as your told,a nd death wont be death. Dont do as your told, and death is eternal buring to death. And confess your sins – so we have the guilt on you to drive even further into your mind your fears.

    Adn the victims don’t realize these fears, but they act on them.

    And another part of these fears is prayer – BAsically a repetitive learning scene, required or you will not live past death. Its really a hypnosis scam, also anchored by “everyone else is doing it, why aren’t you.

    All in all, while I agree there are many good churches, for the bad ones, they create mental illness to drive their message of hatred and fear. NO wonder all the talking in the world won’t change the mind of a fundamentalist – he doesn’t have a mind any more.

    Remember how the church sai gays are intrinsically disorderd? Well guess who is the greatest contributor to that disorder / mental illness – the homophobic churches.

    Cut their damned tongues out.

  9. Thank the MCC for what they want to do, and help them. there are good christian people who need to see gay marriages done in some kind of a christian church.

    Which will compete with the mad mindset and brainwashed beliefs of the Catholic church, and the Anglican church which is struggling and needs a real kick in the ass to get on the bandwagon of supporting marriage equality for all

  10. There are many people out there who are LGBT and Christian and for whom their Faith comes before all else, and it’s important to realize that, and to rejoice that they at least will be able to have the same rights and opportunity as straight couples to get married in church. It’s really important to them.

    I’m part of an organization for such people who are LGBT and Christian, we have some 16000 members worldwide, and they want the right to marry in church.

    Now I totally agree that the Church has done SO much damage to people who are LGBT, and it breaks my heart. But it’s important not to paint all the people who are part of those churches with the same brush.

    I’m a straight woman who is also Roman Catholic. I totally disagree with the RC beliefs on homosexuality, and the way they have treated some LGBT people. So I have devoted my life to actively supporting people who are LGBT, and ost of all those who are also Christian, so somehow heal some of the damage done by the Church.

    And recently I have created a website for LGBT Christians in Europe ( specifically to bring help to LGBT Christians all over Europe in their mother tongues.

    The heart of the website is the church LGBT friendly churches directory that I have been building over the past two years, precisely to help LGBT people find a church where they will be embraced. Of course the MCC churches feature on there, but there are also churches of other denominations (even Roman Catholic ! though not in Spain). But there are other churches in Spain that are LGBT friendly, not many yet… but that is why I can’t wait for this MCC church to come along !

    I can’t wait to know that Soanish same sex couples can finlly get married in church. Whether anyone disputes whether people should be believers or not, Faith is important to these people, and they need to be able to get married in church.

    For anyone in Europe who is LGBT and Christian and who needs support, please feel free to visit the above mentioned website.

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