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Gay couple attacked by 15-strong mob in Bradford

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Reader comments

  1. And we have “gay equality” in this country? The repeated reports we have of incidents of this type throughout Britain are sickening.

    Peter Tatchell wrote in The Guardian on Saturday that he wonders what there will be to do once the final barriers to gay equality are removed. Peter, my dear, you live in a bit of a gay ghetto in London. There’s so obviously a world of work still to be done!

    Britain is still “full” of dangerous and violent homophobes in spite of all the “rights” we have been given.

  2. Ian Bower 5 Jul 2010, 3:02pm

    Another reason why we should carry tools of self defence.

  3. Peter T was talking about legal status equality, and the fact that this might mean the need for labels “gay” “straight” etc might be nullified… And perhaps, in that world he imagines, you’d have fewer homophobic attacks because people would be less defined as different, as other.

  4. Interesting that there were up to fifteen attackers, but they haven’t got any descriptions. Being Bradford, they wouldn’t happen to be Muslim Asian, would they?

  5. Bring back hanging for hate crimes!

  6. @Spanner – Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. The majority of Bradford’s population is still white, you know. Jumping to conclusions isn’t going to help matters.

  7. Why no descriptions? 5 Jul 2010, 3:53pm

    Totally agree there Spanner. The police ask for help with the inquiry but never give descriptions when it’s also a race attack. I’m sure the two men knew the colour of the people involved. If they were white the police would have said so in the news to stop us from thinking this. They do it to prevent race hate friction, but surely detailed descriptions would help us to catch them. A few photofits would do that. It seems gay hate crime doesn’t really matter to the police as they’ve deliberately hampered the wider investigation. If a gay man went on a rampage of their own, they would be condemned by the national media and there would be photofits in every paper, depending on their enthnicity of course.

  8. Shame on them. 15 armed vs. 2 unarmed. I hope they get justice!

  9. Good god,when are the cops gonna get their fricking act together? Whoopee-bloody-do,so they are treating as a hate crime,about sodding time!And,FIFTEEN against TWO!Hmm,real brave of the scum who carried out this attack,real brave!I absolutely despair at how in the 21st century we are still seen as some kind of threat or like 2nd class citizens or worse.Publicy frog-march these twots thru their home-town with signs around their scrawny necks reading,”We are vile,cowardly homophobes” Better yet,just string the bastards up!

  10. I work in Bradford and am aware of what goes on here around hate crimes as I work both with the gay community and the police. I object strongly to any insinuation that the attackers are likely to be Asian without any evidence to support this, what utter bigotry; did you not notice that the report said ‘men and women’? How many ‘gangs’ of Asian men and women do you see walking the streets of Bradford, that’s assuming you’re familiar with the streets of Bradford? This type of ignorance doesn’t help anyone and is uneducated, dangerous and inflammatory. It also detracts from the main issue which is that gay men and women are still subject to unprovoked attacks on the streets of 21st century Britain. We all must condemn this state of affairs and do everything we can, as a community, of black, white, brown, gay and straight people, to tackle it.

  11. Why no descriptions? 5 Jul 2010, 4:57pm

    The fact that they didn’t say, when the two victims obviously know what the gang looked like, has to lean towards that Robin. Why else would the police not say? For your information I’m not attacking race here, I’m attacking the way the police and the media handle these situations. This is not something they should just sweep away as nothing by blanking descriptions, as the gang will do it again if they get away with it. Gay hate crime or race hate crime should be treated the same, they aren’t. It’s as if the police are saying ‘Well what do you expect? Don’t be gay then’ That Gay is a choice and we should expect this reaction, and that race isn’t. Neither is a choice.

    You have to strike while the iron is hot in these cases, catch them early while they’re running scared and panicking, not starve an investigation with a media blackout. A few accurate descriptions in the paper could easily be spotted by people who may know them. But no, nothing at all. ‘Go home boys we’re doing everything we can’ No you’re not!

    I guarantee if it was a gang of white men and women in either a gay or race attack, we’d have descriptions in the media.

  12. Maybe we should be issued tear-gas and water-cannon at the tax-payers’ expense, but, I suppose, in these straitened times…

  13. Or Maybe we should grow spins and fight back –

  14. Spines!

  15. It took 15 of them??? How very brave and heroic for an attack of 15 to 2.

  16. You can bet your arse if had been two Asian men attacked by 15 white guys, that certainly would have been mentioned.

    Th ommission is so glaringly obvious, it really is about time the police and media actually stated these things instead of trying to manipulate and nanny the situation. I think their worry is that all the stereotypes might actually prove to be true.

  17. As a northerner I concur it is possible, but more unlikely ‘gangs’ of Asian males would be out with Asian females. It’s more likely either white youths, or a mixture of white and Asian males and white girls, chewing chewing gum. A bunch of Vicky Pollards. Whatever the racial breakdown it’s just another sad example of hatred and bored/frustrated inbred kids ruling our streets way out of all parental control. Then people dare to moan and wail when gays want to adopt children, but that’s another story.

    To be fair, as horrid as it is and as homophbic as it might be, if these kids hadn’t have seen these two men they might easily have hit a young het couple walking down a street or an old man out on his own. Thug behaviour knows no bounds, it’s just anyone or everyone who is convinient at the time; gay, straight, ginger, old, young, you name it. Nothing will get done about it and nobody will come forward or grass. I’ll get logged and left in the filing cabinet along with all the other hate crimes nothing gets done about.

  18. This sort of thing is inevitable I’m afraid when the intolerant are tolerated. I’s all well and good being “liberal” about other cultures but you will find your liberality isn’t reciprocated. Some religions/cultures are just a cover for cowards and bullies.

  19. UnfetteredGaul 6 Jul 2010, 3:19am

    Ignorance knows no race. So far (talking decades) we gays have always taken the high road and let violence against us speak for itself. But maybe its time to change all that? Maybe a little well thought out retaliation against hetero-lifestyles is in order? Maybe its still too early for dissension. And just exactly what Ivory-Tower (heterosexuality) are they protecting anyway? EVERYTHING thats wrong with everything can be linked to straight people. Time to take off their mask and show them for what they (yes, not all) really are!

  20. @Spanner and others – you seem to be assuming that the victims were white? Why? Gay men come in all colours.

  21. spanner is a tool.

  22. musclelad23 6 Jul 2010, 7:22am


    Please wait for more facts before jumping to conclusions.

  23. Just googled this story & it seems that NO-ONE is reporting descriptions of these cowards. WHY?
    Maybe the Police know who they are? Am I being naive?

    I don’t give a toss what colour these vile human beings are but we should be shouting about the lack of details that could lead to a identification/conviction!!! Makes me wonder if ‘hate’ is really a crime after all?

  24. If 15 homos went on a rampage and smashed 2 heteros heads in, maybe then the heteros would understand why this is so disgusting – I am sure there would be a vivid and full discription of all the homos involved. However, we can be certain of one thing, as there is one similarity to all homophobes, they are all heterosexual.

  25. Why doesn’t the BBC or other major news sites cover stories like these? Are they all homophobic? And what ever happened with the Ian Baynham trial???

  26. This incident is absolutely horrific and considering the size of the group, I can see why no descriptions have been released – it’s very likely that the couple in this situation were running for their lives and I wouldn’t blame them for not stopping to take a mental photograph to help describe their attackers.

    I strongly disagree with the idea that the group were automatically Asian just because no descriptions were mentioned – I’ve found that news reports tend to be more likely to report the race of a suspect if they are of a minority ethnicity, simply because it tends to be a description that stands out.

    The problem I have with Spanner et al’s comments is the racist undertone which they cannot deny is not there – just because someone is Asian or Black does not a homophobe make. All the homophobes I’ve encountered have been white, uneducated and lower-class.

  27. In the meantime the anti-gay genocide has begun in Uganda, without them waiting for the repulsive death penalty law to pass. A younger worker for gay counselling organisation has been decapitated, his head found in a latrine – literally “in da poo poo” (© Pastor Martin Ssempa), and a young priest who dared to speak out for gays in his sermon has gone missing, believed dead.

    We have to do something about this violence, whether in Bradford or Uganda. We should have a rally in Bradford and reclaim the streets for all law-abiding citizens. Sanctions should be imposed on Uganda.

  28. corporal punishment 6 Jul 2010, 2:15pm

    Should we bring back corporal punishment for crimes of violence, and reduce the prison population? It’s horrific, but might it work? This is what it looks like:

  29. Why no descriptions? 7 Jul 2010, 10:47pm

    I’m sure none of us would condone corporal punishment like that. We do however need our prisons to be tougher. No Sky TV, pool tables and gyms. Hard labour for violent crimes. In fact all prisons should be self sufficient, the inmates should pay for their own keep by working. Lazing away the days is hardly punishment and certainly not a deterrent. They leave prison without a work ethic. This way they would not, and in more ways than ‘none’ they would pay for their crime.

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