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Feature: Football’s last taboo

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think football is the last taboo. It simply illustrates that, while a lot a progress has been made on the legal front, the mentality of the population in general does not match those ‘gay right’ advances. Suffice to look at what happened in Bradford or at any abuse (light or heavy) most of us had to endure at least a couple of time times our lives. While progress had been made, it will take time for the ‘general population’ to catch up.

    Why does Pink news keep speaking about 10% of gay people. This is not proven at all. A more conservative estimate of 3 to 4% would be more realistic and more credible as ell.

  2. The government official figures based on the research they carried out for the civil partnership legislation in 2005 is 6% or 3.6 Million people. These were people who identified as homosexual and does not, obviously, include people in the closet and/or married to partners of the opposite sex.

  3. One really shameful issue here is the lip service the FA and clubs pay to tackling homophobia but when it comes to real action – nothing! Witness the dropping of the planned media campaign. I too regularly hear homophobic insults from a premiership terrace, within yards of stewards – action? again – zilch! They simply do not have the guts to proactively tackle the issue.

  4. This article doesn’t mention the instiutional racism and homophobia of the FA.

    The FA is the problem not the football fans.

    The FA has a culture where in order to success you’d best be white, straight and preferrably hate women as well.

    I don’t believe that football fans are any more homophobic than rugby or hurling fans. But football fans know that the FA will do nothing to address homophobia in the game, seeing as homophobia is part and parcel of the FA

  5. An Cat Dubh 6 Jul 2010, 9:43am

    I wonder if there are Scandinavian out gay players…

  6. The FA reflect the attitude of most men – let in the “gays” and everyone is in danger of being “bummed”. Exhibit A , Jeremy Clarkson’s recent bigotted comments. That’s why they won’t deal with it because it would involve men having to rethink their whole concept of sex and sexuality.

  7. Scott Of Sydney 22 Jul 2010, 2:16pm

    Just thought I would point out some good news in another code and country. Jasan Akermanis has been sacked from his Club for his media comments. The most infamous one being that gays should stay in the closet.
    If Premier League and other Football clubs do the same type of thing this attitude will disappear.

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