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Breaking: Boris Johnson kicks off Gay Pride with call for gay marriage

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  1. dave wainwright 3 Jul 2010, 1:33pm

    Please email BBCNEWS24 and ask where the coverage of LONDON GAY PRIDE is,
    1 million people partying in London and not a mention on the news, Notting Hill Carnival gets coverage , GAY PRIDE always gets ignored it is HOMOPHOBIA by the BBC, they give extensive coverage from Notting Hill carnival but nary a mention of gay pride it is so important to older , disabled , isolated gay people to be able to see the event on tv and feel a part of it :) its totally outrageous a complete news blackout as usual

  2. Well done, Boris, the only Tory to come out in favour of legalising same-sex civil marriage, a first for any Tory. Cameron needs to take a deep breath and summon the courage to enjoin Boris and Clegg on this issue, the last major obstacle to 100% full equality which Featherstone says she and her party are committed to. Lets see just how committed they are by delivering the goods to backup her statement.

  3. Peter & Michael 3 Jul 2010, 2:01pm

    As the BBC supposedly thinks that Pride is a political march, it is about time the BBC got it’s head out of the sand and start to realise that they are denying the so-called 10% plus of Gay people of the population proper coverage of of this event. After all, we all pay a TV licence fee and being a public service, the BBC must be seen to be transparent in giving the same publicity as Notting Hill Carnival, Sport, Marathon, etc, and which are all ways of people enjoying their individuality.

  4. Good on you

    It’s a shame she isn’t saying a step closer to gay marriage, Nick’s Clegg message today was's_message_ahead_of_London_Pride_2010&pPK=f364d0ad-6aa9-40af-9516-2ed999d1035f

    Sat, 03 Jul 2010

    The Leader of the Liberal Democrats celebrates London Pride’s 40th anniversary.

    Pride London is a special event with a proud tradition of 40 years – fighting, working and protesting for change, for recognition, for equality.

    The Liberal Democrats are passionate supporters of equality for the LGBT community and strong supporters of Pride London. That’s why we have been clear on opposing Section 28, supporting equal adoption rights, promoting civil partnerships, PUSHING FOR GAY MARRIAGE, working against homophobic bullying and banning discrimination in the workplace.

    I’m especially proud that the in the new Government it is Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone who is the new Minister for Equalities. In Lynne you have an effective champion who will work for equality for all.

  5. Coverage of Nottinghill Carnival is done by BBC multicultural features, not news. BBC News has resisted all equality changes but the on screen presenters, who are just that, with no say in coverage of stories. The BBC is so determined not to change its prejudiced journalistic ethos that it demanded exception from the Public Sector Equality Duty of the Equality Act, and Labour announced it would get it, although the list of exempted bodies has not yet been produced.

    A good idea would be to ask the equality ministers to not allow the BBC that exemption. I can think of no organisation in the UK more in need of a duty to promote equality.

  6. dave wainwright: “Gay pride [it] is so important to older , disabled , isolated gay people to be able to see the event on tv and feel a part of it :)”

    I am older, but also wiser. It would take me 20 mins to get there, but I really can’t be arsed to hang around with a bunch of skimpily dressed, whistle-blowing queens, as I really would not wish to be associated with those people. No wonder gays get such a bad reputation when everyone thinks we are all like that.

  7. Spanner, you certainly aren’t wiser! If you did bother to go along you would find people participating from every section of the LGBT community. Perhaps there are a few “skimpily dressed, whistle-blowing queens” but there are also old and young, parents and children, LGBT people and LGBT-supporting straights, able-bodied and disabled, black, asian, white, religious, nonreligious.

    Watching the march it is really inspiring to see what a diverse and politicised community we belong to. It’s a shame you do not feel a part of that.

  8. Dromio: The gay “community” is a myth. They just a bunch of single-minded, selfish, vain, egotistical wankers that all just happen to be going in the same direction.

    I’m very glad I am not a part of that.

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