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London 2012 Olympics to sell special ‘gay’ pin badges

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Reader comments

  1. What a load of exploitative CRAP!
    They are going to have to sell a hell of a lot of badges to claw back the £12bn they are spending on this farce.

  2. Why are they always determined to highlight the differences between people, in an event that has NOTHING TO DO with the struggles of minorities? I thought the Olympics was about bringing people together, instead, all this will do is reinforce that we’re different. Thanks, London 2012.

  3. gareth just came out and now he’s a spokesman? he was giving advice on tv he should just calm down his story isn’t a great one.

  4. Seven strands of diversity now because finally it includes the T.

  5. abi are transgender people straight ie a mtf is a straight woman in a mans body? forgive my ignorance

  6. Abi: Good one and truly the dilema most straight people find it difficult to understand .. if a MtF who considers herself a straight woman and before her surgery is sexually active then she is probably in a gay relationship … I am a MtF in transition and I love women … I won’t be gay until I have had my surgery ??? Then I’ll be a lesbian ??? Now you see why it’s so confusing … lol, gawd wouldn’t it be easier if we just considered each other as people !!!!

  7. I think it is a good idea !!! yes it will help to reach the “budget” of £ 12 M – but it is still a great idea

  8. zazou:”I think it is a good idea !!! yes it will help to reach the “budget” of £ 12 M – but it is still a great idea”

    I didn’t say £12 million, I said TWELVE BILLION POUNDS.
    All this for two weeks of amateurs playing fcuking games.
    The amount of money is beyond comprehension, right in the middle of the worst recession since the war. That money would buy a couple of hospitals, and have a few more schools thrown in. On top of that, as a Londoner, I have to pay for the damn thing out of my council tax.

  9. let me guess spaner you hate art and music and find it impossible to feel joy. and you’ve got a tiny knob.

  10. Dean: Quite the contrary. I worked in the music business for 20 years, but now work as a graphic designer, and I am always up for a good laugh. Oh, and I am hung like pony for good measure.
    How wrong can someone be? You are an illiterate, bitchy little turd that cannot hold a good position in an argument, so has to resort to personal insults. Pitiful.

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