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Equality minister Lynne Featherstone says government is ‘100% committed to gay rights’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s nice to see that we are being the usual afterthought!
    Maybe I’m reading too much into this but that really does read LGB and oh damn them Transgender people..

    I find it funny that she is at an LGBT conference (note! T not separate); yet in her speech we are the and T.

  2. Peter & Michael 2 Jul 2010, 5:22pm

    Same-Sex Marriage would be a start to Full Equality.

  3. I feel sorry for Lynne because she is now forced to tow the party and governments line. The way things are going I can see Lynne walking out of the Lib Dems and sitting on the opposition benches.

    Its LGBT not LGB and T we are not separate and many of us have a sexuality thats LGB too.

  4. Committed to full equality in “culture” only it would seem. The Coalition doesn’t seem to believe in full legal equality. All this talk, too little action.

  5. “Government 100% committed to gay rights”

    Rubbish, they’re committed to the rights of wealthy gay people, if you’ve not got a lot of cash, forget it!

  6. Abi – why would she bother sitting on the oppositio side, I’m assuming you mean labour? Aren’t they all saying the same thing now (and please no more crap and how wonderful the labour party was to us and what they achieved and how awful it was under Thatcher !) … all major parties are advocating inequality – one law for straight people (marriage) and another for gay people (civil partnerships) – that really isn’t 100% equality!

  7. I dont think Lynne would ever sit on the Labour benches too, not after what Labour did with the Equality Act she spent so much time trying to make truly equal.

    The ConDem government has set out it stall that it wants to bring back an unequal society.

    Just look at:

    – The governments attack women and especially single women in the budget.

    – Reintroducing of a unequal pension age.


  8. Theresa May, a homophobic bigot and her superior isn’t even making an empty gesture to pretend she doesn’t loathe us.

    Lynn Featherstone is a desperate attempt to hide – a fig leaf – the simple fact that Theresa May is utterly offensive as equality minister and the Tories are as vile as they ever were.

  9. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 2 Jul 2010, 6:57pm

    In the UK there is only 96 percent equality. There is 4 percent of inequality left to go in 2010 – 3 percent is the discrimination still in marriage legislation (civil partnerships are not marriage remember and someone should tell Stonewall that!) and the other 1 percent is the banning of gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

  10. No mention of marriage equality then.

  11. She said: “The government is 100 per cent committed to completing the journey to full LGB and T equality. We have made clear our determination to tackle discrimination and make this country a more tolerant, equal and fair place for everybody.”

    Well now, Ms. Featherstone is either delusional, in denial, a bare-faced liar or all three. Why isn’t she the first then in her party to support civil marriage equality if she is so committed 100%? There’s NOTHING equal about banning us from marrying, for those of us who want it. She’s an idiot, just like Cameron et al, wouldn’t know what full equality is if it bit her in the arse, ditto Tory and Labour parties combined.

  12. Until I can get married I will not consider myself to have legal equality.


    Well it seems that Nick Glegg is still mentioning “gay marriage” – it would be nice to know that this is more that hype though –

    Here is part of his message prior to pride

    Sat, 03 Jul 2010

    The Leader of the Liberal Democrats celebrates London Pride’s 40th anniversary.

    Pride London is a special event with a proud tradition of 40 years – fighting, working and protesting for change, for recognition, for equality.

    The Liberal Democrats are passionate supporters of equality for the LGBT community and strong supporters of Pride London. That’s why we have been clear on opposing Section 28, supporting equal adoption rights, promoting civil partnerships, pushing for gay marriage, working against homophobic bullying and banning discrimination in the workplace.

    I’m especially proud that the in the new Government it is Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone who is the new Minister for Equalities. In Lynne you have an effective champion who will work for equality for all.


  14. Religious civil partnerships? isn’t this the government trying to get round the problems caused by inequality with giving equality? They should give us full equality and not what they lieing call full equality.

  15. I tried to contact this ConDem government and was completely ignored.

    They say they are 100% behind us, but in the mean time they are de-constructing our methods of engagement with the authorities.

    Same old Tories

  16. Patrick James 3 Jul 2010, 3:57pm

    The press releases and statements from the ConDem government conflict so deeply with its actions.

    Only a few days ago David Cameron met with Polish presidential candidate Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Downing Street.

    Jaroslaw Kaczynski is a very far right wing homophobe who the Conservative party want to win the Polish Presidential Election.

    There were no press releases from the Condem government. Matthew Sephton did not provide a press release, but I’m sure he didn’t know about it anyway.

    The only way we know about this meeting is that it was reported in the Polish press!

  17. Patrick James 3 Jul 2010, 4:04pm

    Abi writes:

    I feel sorry for Lynne because she is now forced to tow the party and governments line.

    Lynn Featherstone is not forced to tow the party and governments line.

    She is free to resign whenever she wants.

  18. I’m going to be a little optimistic, especially since I come from a country that doesn’t have the amount of equality that the UK does.

    First, I’m going to assume that by “LGB and T” she was emphasising the T part as something that is often forgotten and that she wants to assure us that the T is just as much a part of the community that she wants to fight for.

    Second, she is LibDem not Tory, so we are better off than if it were just a Tory in this department. Maybe between her and Nick Clegg we can pressure them enough for marriage equality that they can push for it with the Tories. In all honesty, it would behoove David Cameron to push for marriage equality, since he is cutting money left and right, this is something that will cost the government no money but will be seen as expanding rights for the people.

    That said, everyone should push for equality at

  19. Patrick James 3 Jul 2010, 4:16pm

    Michael writes:

    In all honesty, it would behoove David Cameron to push for marriage equality, since he is cutting money left and right, this is something that will cost the government no money but will be seen as expanding rights for the people.

    Before I comment I do commend anyone who is pushing for LGBT equality so do please follow Michael’s suggestion.

    The first comment I wish to make is that the religious right wing of the Conservative party are in charge as we can see from the makeup of the cabinet. This comes as no surprise because the religious right wing of the party is huge compared with any other grouping. That is why it is very unlikely that marriage equality will be forthcoming.

    The second comment is that in fact the Conservatives are not cutting money “left and right”. They are making huge cuts in public services.

    To give you an idea, the private schools in the UK currently have charitable status. There is absolutely nothing charitable about the schools whatsoever, but they do have this status. If the government removed that charitable status they would then have £100,000,000 per year that they do not have at present.

    The government is only taking money from the poorer sectors of society. It is not taking it from the wealthy.

  20. Patrick James: agreed!

  21. It can’t be easy for Lynne working under Theresa, yet having to be the person out of that pair who will no doubt have to take the lead and keeping pushing Theresa May into the 21st century. Given the prominence of London LGBT pride, I think its pretty bad that Theresa May wasn’t there. Mostly shocking because surely the senior Equality minister should be, of all things, at a march & festival all about equal rights for all.
    She will no doubt have her PR line ready to justify her absence, but actions (or lack thereof in this case) speak louder than words. Lynne being there is great, but it is not a substitute to make Theresa’s absence OK.

  22. borlocks

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