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‘Serious concerns’ about staff homophobia at Dartmoor prison

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Reader comments

  1. Ignacio_N 1 Jul 2010, 5:15pm

    So having cock and ass on tap has left prison staff homophobic? How strange.

  2. “Gay prisoners told inspectors that staff referred to them as “girls” or “ladies””

    Oh poor loves. It’s tough doing porridge.
    Well I’m sure inmates get called and treated a lot worse than than that, and frankly, TOUGH!

    If you don’t like being treated like that, you shouldn’t have done the crime in the first place. In my opinion prisoners should have NO rights. I have zero sympathy.

  3. PumpkinPie 1 Jul 2010, 11:44pm

    If a state gives itself the right to forcibly incarcerate people, it then has a very serious responsibility to look after the well-being of those in its custody. I wonder if Spanner knows that Dartmoor’s inmates are mostly there for non-violent crimes?

    Personally, I think kidnapping and imprisonment is a far worse offence than fraud. But, (a) it’s kind of hard to punish a state for that sort of thing and (b) white-collar criminals need to be punished somehow. So, seeing as how it’s a sort of necessary evil, how about we don’t jump off of the deep end, and let them keep their human rights while the incarceration itself serves as their punishment? I know, I come up with the craziest ideas! :D

  4. Sister Mary Clarance 2 Jul 2010, 9:04am

    I wonder also if Spanner knows that a large part of the prison population is made up of people who were unable to pay small fines for minor offences, or suffering from mental health problems that really should have been addressed through the health system.

    Those with mental health problems left to care for themselves and self-medicate, who do self-identify as having mental health problems, or refuse to engage with mental health services (often as a result of their mental health problems) can very often find themselves incarcerated. To them suffer systematic abuse at the hands of their guards isn’t really something I, living in a civilised society, am not at all comfortable with, and I certainly don’t believe that it constitutes rehabilitation.

    As for the other category C offends in the prison, I still not sure if causing bitterness and resentment of authority figures, brought about by the aforementioned abuse at the hands of their guards, will again see them leaving prison rehabilitated and ready to return to society.

  5. Pumpkin / SMC – You both give the impression that these people shouldn’t be there. We supposedly live in a “civilised” society, but some choose not to be part of that society. It is their choice they break the law. It doesn’t matter a hoot if their crime was violent, white collar or non-payment of fines, they chose to do the crime, so must consequently do the time.

    Rights come with responsibilities, if these people choose to be irresponsible, then they should also forgo any rights that the rest of society expects.

    Let us not forget that exclusion and rehabilitation are only part of the deal. They are also there to be punished. Knowing you bunch of socialists you would rather have just sent them to bed without any supper.

  6. spanner you a d•ckhead sod of back to the daily mail.

  7. Dean: Any chance we could have that in English please?
    You illiterate cretin.

  8. Spanner(cos that obviously what you are!) Being sent to prison is “the punishment!” Once there officers then rehabilitate the prisoners. Granted, some may not wish to take the help that is offered, but IT IS OFFERED! You seem to know nothing of the prison system, therefore, either get an education of it first or SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!

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