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Entertainment launches free iPhone app

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps an Android app should follow this, since Android is going to overtake iOS sales this year. There is perhaps less need since flash works on androids and we can just use the browser, but even so.

  2. oh please sod android. if it wasn’t for apple phones would still just make calls. always back the innovater to ensure progress. google are bastards with that streetview crap for stalkers.

  3. Cool. Just downloaded the app to my iPhone (3GS). Very quick to navigate too, which is a good thing when you just want to quickly read an article on the bus etc.

  4. Thanks for the app. Any chance of having a paid app option so wee don’t have to have ads?


  5. Just downloaded it on my iPhone. I already have an RSS app (Feeddler Pro) that I use to keep up with pink news and other things online. Great to see that it uses push notifications. It would be good if there was some way to read the comments on articles through the app as well, the this one would take precedence over the other one for staying in the loop on the go. Sometimes the comments can be more interesting than the articles themselves!

  6. At last!

  7. Dean: “if it wasn’t for apple phones would still just make calls.”

    That’s all mine still does. I have a 8 year old mobile, and it does me fine. No cameras, no internet, not even a colour screen. It makes clear, loud calls from anywhere, which is more than that pile of dog-poo. iPhones don’t even work as a phone, let alone anything else.

    On top of that, if I want a computer / mp3 player / camera / device for picking stones out of horse’s hooves – I will buy the appropriate tool for the job, instead of some overhyped, expensive, piss-poor gadget for poseurs.

  8. Yay, finally. The previous enabled iphone-formatted website loads as slow as if you access the full html version on your hand-held device

  9. spanner I guess you’d know about tools you’ve ne’er had an iPhone and you rubbish it I bet things were better in your time you muppet

  10. Dean: quite a few of my mates have them, and I always know because they sound like they are in the back of a box and the signal drops constantly. I have plenty of high tech gear, but I still expect it all to be fit for purpose, not just some pose value that label queens like you mince about with.

  11. ahh spanner can’t get the guys he fancies so he attacks em god help you partner who you don’t fancy.

  12. Well I sure as hell wouldn’t fancy you, fcukwit.

  13. such wit

  14. Now now ladies. Play nice!

  15. Can we have reading and writing comments too please

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