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Hollyoaks to introduce transgender storyline

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Reader comments

  1. About time 1 Jul 2010, 5:14pm

    Excellent news. I haven’t watched for a while, but will be watching this. Female to male transsexual, transgenered and genderqueer individuals are seriously underrepresented on British television. It always seems to be more about male to females and the sensationalism they can cause with it. Hopefully they will do a good job with the storyline and give people a further insight into a large proportion of the trans community. Especially the confusion between butch lesbians and transmen. As one of the advisers said, transmen are often seen as gay women, they are not women and don’t want to be seen as such by anyone.

  2. decent portrayels of trans characters are few and far between. i hope this is one of the few.

  3. Looks like the media have worked out trans men exist!

    How long before the Daily Mail get the outrage bus out?

  4. Great idea, but Hollyoaks track-record isn’t promising, and they have obviously given themselves some big problems right from the start. Clearly this will not be a trans guy who ever transitions physically (no testo, no surgery, nothing that’s going to ruin her voice) since its an actress in the role. So we’re only going to see a transgender guy. That’s still an advance.

    In following the model of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ in casting an actress as a trans guy we must hope the writers don’t get tempted to copy much of that film’s storyline; like no rape please.

    Hollyoaks being set in a real city (Chester), it will be difficult not stepping on sensitive professional toes if the guy is given a hard time by the local mental health team. And, if Hollyoaks were to have their character reach and face the untold trials of an NHS gender clinic (and there is much about that to make for drama) we all know how sensitive Charing Cross and Leeds gender clinics, to which patients from Chester who pass local screening would be referred, are.

    Given that every butch lesbian I know has now decided they must have always been trans (and, as a lesbian/bisexual who is more femme I’m really, really hoping the soft butches don’t start following them), I’ll be fascinated to see how Hollyoaks fulfill their stated intention of not mixing up trans and butch lesbian. It might get a bit repetitive to constantly repeat “I’m really a man”. Will they have a femme lesbian character for him to reject, or a butch lesbian for contrast?

    Odd how people find female-to-male so much more acceptable, ain’t it.

    Hmmm, Julie Bindell is really going to hate it though. It will really press her buttons. I can virtually read her Guardian columns already, demanding the character be “cured” by reparative psychotherapy…

  5. About time 4 Jul 2010, 6:25am

    Ah the hateful Julie Bindel, the one that knows everything about trans of course. Measures the whole world by her own experiences, that they are either the same as her or terribly misled. If you aren’t like Julie then there’s something wrong with you. Wouldn’t she be better suited for the Daily Mail? Come on Guardian, drop that gender fascist hiding behind her own propaganda, it’s about time.

  6. Wowsies, looking forward to the new butch/femme storyline, i loved the film too :)))

  7. Please may I ask, what are people thinking about this storyline so far? I’ve been watching on and off as I’m not really a Hollyoaks fan, but each time I’ve watched it, the young girl just speaks and sulks like my 3 year old toddler after having been given the wrong Christmas present. I do, to a degree, understand the difficulty with transgender issues – my Dad lived as a woman for most of her life, she had her op when I was around 11, I was bullied a lot throughout school, so I understand the secretivity, but I don’t think Hollyoaks – from what I’ve seen – are doing much for this cause.

  8. i never knew she was 23 she doesent look it

  9. I am the mother of a very vulnerable girl (16) who was bullied all through high school because she was ‘different’. She had Asperger’s Syndrome. This condition makes her vulnerable, suggestable and socially awkward. Since seeing this programme she revealed to me that she is thinking about being a man. There had been no signs of this previously at all, and I worry that she thinks that this is a way out for people to accept her. After all, being over 6 foot tall and having been traumatised by her experiences at school maybe she thinks this will make things right. I would say to the writers, be careful who you influence in the name of entertainment. You have a responsibility to handle such a topic with kid gloves. I am afraid for her.

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