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Google to compensate gay US workers for unfair tax laws

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Reader comments

  1. Its good Google cares, the American government needs to end its discrimination

  2. Well Done Google!

  3. It’s reasonable to question heteronormativity, but why exactly do we want to pay people extra for being married? It’s a private choice and really none of the employer’s business. The government shouldn’t be doing this, and it doesn’t help for a private company to join in. As a Google customer I’m a bit appalled that they’re using their funding in this way.

    My interactions with insurers are my business and I’d prefer to negotiate them without some social-value-of-marriage argument interfering. And yes, I am married – just not in the kind of “traditional” relationship where one partner is expected to be nonworking and dependent on the largesse of the other, or their agency with the government.

  4. nn, I see it not as ‘rewarding marriage’ but as balancing an unfairness which exists because of the law. It reminds me of when they allowed parental leave (not sure it’s quite called that, but hopefully you know what I mean) for adoptive parents aswell as birth parents – that just made things fairer, it didn’t imply that having children was the way to go for everyone or anything.

    As for why we want to pay people extra for being married, well that’s a question that I’d need much more space to answer :D But I would point out that being married also has DISadvantages financially, so it’s not like married couples are being showered with riches and benefits all the time to the detriment of the unmarried.

    I welcome Google’s action because it rights an unfairness.

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